Introduce Yourself : Storyboard artist by Mike Harris

Mike Harris

Storyboard artist

if there's one thing that helps to bring in a project on time and on budget, it's a storyboard. It's the visual transition between a script and what ends up on the screen. Essentially, for a filmmaker, a storyboard is what gets clients, crew and talent in tune with YOUR creative concepts. As a professional storyboard artist with many decades of experience, I love to work with creative people. I've seen how a storyboard - or the lack of one - can make a major difference in whether a project flows smoothly or gets bogged down due to misunderstandings and delays. I'm now based in Nashville, Tenn., but started out in London, England, and work on projects from clients all over America. Time and again, a small investment in a storyboard has paid dividends in saved time and money. I'm always happy to discuss a project, anything from a feature movie to a small local TV commercial. I'm good at working within budgets! I'm looking forward to hearing from some of the great folks here at Stage 32.

Brandon Combs

Hey Mike! I'm from Nashville! I'm booking my ticket home for Xmas right now actually but i waited way too long and it skyrocketed =( Nice to meet you and welcome to the site!

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