Introduce Yourself : Swedish actor looking for new challenges. by Urban Bergsten

Urban Bergsten

Swedish actor looking for new challenges.

Hi there!

I have worked as an actor, director and playwright for 25 years. For a long time I was also part time in the school world, giving classes in writing for film and theatre on a high school level. In 2015 I decided to once again plunge myself out there and dedicate fully to freelancing. First year was a disaster. None of the projects that was in the works came through and none of my best laid plans panned out and I really started doubting if I made the right call. Dark times indeed. But I percivered and then suddenly it all took off. Never had so much work or such big parts. This year I will premiere two Features world wide ("Draug" and "Rune of the Dead", both Viking Horror-themed) and a TV-series (contemporary drama, not yet disclosed)! So now, in waiting for another batch of cool stuff to dig in to, I stand here before you, bare naked under my clothes, shouting: here I am, world! Bring it! I am ready. Ready and willing. I am ripe, for the taking. So there you have it. Looking forward to hearing from all you creatives out there. And then working with you. Let us astonish and bring the house down! Hugs and kisses all around.

Wendy Jones

What a positive mindset. I would love to astonish. Always invisage mild disappointment, myself. Go amaze the world!

Richard "RB" Botto

Absolutely love your energy and passion, Urban. Chasing one's creative pursuits can be challenging, humbling and heartbreaking at times, but the rewards are worth the price. Great to have you here and hopeful you'll get more involved in Lounge discussions - both starting and joining!

Urban Bergsten

Thank you Wendy and RB!! Sky is the limit. Not really. To infinity and beyond!

Richard "RB" Botto

Indeed, my friend.

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