Introduce Yourself : Thanks to a great man and great teacher: TOM LAZARUS by Robert Dan O'Neill

Robert Dan O'Neill

Thanks to a great man and great teacher: TOM LAZARUS

I am very honored to be a member of Stage 32. In particular, the high profile film professionals are like TOM LAZARUS be found here. When I started seven years ago to write screenplays, I had no idea how, and bought me two books. One of them is: SECRETS OF FILM WRITING - by Tom Lazarus. In my eyes, Tom Lazarus is also my teacher I respect Tom very much. I want every screenwriter recommend this book. It´s written brilliantly, leaves no questions unanswered, and teaches students how to write a successful screenplay. The successes that I could win, is a result that I studied his book, successes such as: BEST FIRST TEN PAGES SPOTLIGHT AWARD NOMINATION FROM FRESH VOICES, WINNER AT EDDIE BAUER JR. TOP 20% AT THE ACADEMY NICHOLL FELOWSHIPS (that´s out of 7.251 of entries), RECOMMEND FROM REEL WRITERS, several times TOP FINALIST etc. He also tells of his personal experiences and sometimes I had to laugh when he is already including his humor. For those who know little about him, he is the director and screenwriter of STIGMATA, starring Patricia Arquette. All this shows us that the stage 32, by filmmakers for filmmakers, has been designed to a very high level. I am writing to express my thanks to Tom Lazarus here. Thank you Tom! Robert

Lynn P. H. Adrian

Just ordered -- thank you for the suggestion!

Antonio Ingram

It is always someone you encounter in life that propels you higher. Happy for you Robert and God bless Tom Lazarus for being a positive impact on someone like Robert. Just the little bit you said to me Robert inspired me and got me right back writing again. Thank you for that and I wish you the best.

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