Introduce Yourself : The Other Side of the Camera by Tom Holowach

Tom Holowach

The Other Side of the Camera

Aloha, you guys. I am a theatre person who has been performing other writers' work for 40 years. In the process of researching my actual birth family (I was adopted), not only did I find 11 new half-siblings, but I also stumbled upon the true story of a girl who should have been adopted, but instead, was put in a mental institution and lived her entire life there 81 years. As an adoptee, I sympathize with her, and she led me to an incredible script that only just starts with her, and leads to very complex situations in U.S. History. I have written plenty of non-fiction articles before, but this is the first time I have ever attempted writing dialogue.

When I would direct a play, I'd close my eyes and see the characters performing a movie in my mind, and take notes, which helped me with blocking and interpretation. Now I am watching that same kind of movie, but this time I am listening to them have conversations and just writing them down. It's an amazing thing... I feel like I am channeling what they want to say.

I started writing in December, and discovered Stage 32, and have already learned so much with the Webinars and chats and The Writer's Room. I did my first on-camera Skype pitch this morning, and I am very happy with how I did. It made me feel like I am doing exactly what I am supposed to be doing at this point in my life.

I hope to get to know a bunch of you. I am a bit isolated in Hawaii, but online stuff is the way everything is happening now, and that gives me more of a level playing field.

Mahalo and aloha! Tom Holowach

Jeff Rohrick

Nice to see and meet you in Thursday's pitch practice. Hope to see you there each week!

Tom Holowach

Thanks, Jeff. I just did my first real pitch this morning! I think it went well.

Jeff Rohrick

Awesome! I've yet to do one with a producer, still brushing up.

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