Introduce Yourself : The Persevering Persistent Maltese-r by Diandra Anne Mamo

Diandra Anne Mamo

The Persevering Persistent Maltese-r

I had received email notifications on and off about Introduce Yourself weekends, but wanted to do it in my free time, when I felt ready.

I had first signed in in August last year, and didn't do I.Y. right away so as to get well acquainted slowly with the people I encountered here and there one at a time, gave some comments for those who needed some help, and also encouragement.

This title above here suits me best: I am Maltese, started acting when I was 16 so I've been active in theatre since then for 12 years! From being an actor I was able to branch out in the other various levels in theatre.

You know the old saying "jack of all trades, master of none"? My personal version is "Jack of some trades, mastering 3".

I am an actor, director and writer. . . .Oh man it feels so good to say it! TO keep saying it! In a country where there are those who call theatre a 'hobby' or a waste of time, it takes ALOT of perseverance and strength to keep creating and responding to the artistic spark as JP2 called it.

I'm still hopeful; meantime I theatrically take off my fedora hat - well, cos I like fedoras - and with a humble bow say, "Pleasure to meet you all! :) Pjacir!" (pleasure in Maltese)

The rest of my intro is best seen in my profile info, other than that, Il-Mulej Alla Ibierkek Ikoll!

(The Lord God bless you all!)

Oh - and hi! :) ~

Diandra Anne Mamo

P.S. Any of you find problems with the link just copy and paste to a new tab.

Derek Reid

Nice to meet you Diandra! I enjoyed your "jack of trades..." take. Good luck and God bless!

Wayne Jarman

Hello Diandra. Theatre is NOT a hobby. Stay strong. :-)

Chad Stroman


Sarah Clarke

I see what you mean about the "jack of some trades", I myself am mastering scriptwriting, concept art, and languages :) Welcome :)

Diandra Anne Mamo

Thank you so much for your encouragement and supportive words :) Keep in touch x

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