Introduce Yourself : This place is awesome. by Tim Ramsey

This place is awesome.

So many creative people in one place. Wow. I would like to introduce myself. I'm Tim Ramsey, now retired army officer, author of two fiction novels (Unnecessary Evils and The Deadly Tropic Snow), fisherman, surfer, traveler, Facebook ranter (if there is such a thing, and one of the most sarcastic people on Twitter. Life recently took a turn for me. Instead of going back to the Middle East with a defense contractor, my father passed, so I'm here in Naples caring for my mother...and fishing. Well, and selling boats part time. I know it sounds cliche, retire and go to Florida and become a boat broker, but I promise no Hawaiian shirts or loafers with no socks. I have been half-way though my third novel for about a year now, planning to get back to it soon. Meanwhile, I'm becoming more and more interested in travel writing and writing about fishing. If anyone hears anything about that let me know. Sorry for being so long winded. Hope to connect soon. Tim

Lars Myrvang

Hey Tim, I've also just joined Stage 32. I'm based in Rome, so I check the Wanted in Rome website everyday. Occasionally they have ads looking for people to write copy for tourism websites and companies. Might interest you! Here's the link: Are your books available on iBook?

Rémy Mattiolo

Welcome ! You found the right place !

Stephen Barber

Welcome, Sir!

Desiree Argentina

Check out Salmon Fishing in the Yemin if you haven't already. I am a backpacker and would like to write a screenplay about my backpacking experiences.

Izzibella Beau

Welcome, Tim. I LOVE Florida, can't wait to get back there. I've written ten novels and have several screenplays. let me know if I can be of any assistance to you.

J Medina

Thank you for your service to our country and welcome aboard! God bless. Sorry about your dad. Be well!

Leo Sopicki

Welcome, Tim. I too spent a long time in the Army, though mostly in the reserves. Military experience gives you a perspective (and a bunch of good stories) to bring to your writing. Best of luck.

Lord Graham C Jones

Welcome Tim. Sounds like you have a wealth of experience and knowledge under your belt, it would be a shame not to use it :-) There are lots of creatives here, really nice people :-)

Aray Brown


Kodi Zene

Welcome Tim! And thank you!

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