Introduce Yourself : Three Days - British romantic short film! by Vanessa Bailey

Vanessa Bailey

Three Days - British romantic short film!

Hello! This is our NEW VIDEO - we'd be so grateful for your help spreading the word about the crowdfund for our romantic and very British short film! "Falling in love is easy. It's trying not to fall in love that's hard." London, love and an age gap. Awkward moments, dry humour, passion and vulnerability all wrapped up in 20mins of Bafta-winning cinematography. Watch the video and if you like it PLEASE help us spread the word - ten days to go! :D

Aldon Baker

Love it!

Nicole Kim Phillips

Anytime love is involved in some manner, it's a win win and I'm all in, wanting to see what's next already. In the Trailer, getting to the point where they both feel that first spark is very important. Maybe a few brief conversations with friends or maybe a few day dreams on what it could be like, if they (in fact) did make the leap to love each other. That would be a really cool way to implant some ideas in the mind of the audience without giving away the true scene or intention. The music has that romantic feel which is a win and the accents are definitely appropriate, giving a cultural edge. That's something great for the American Audience to see, especially kids who may not be aware of the fact that the British do speak English. Can't wait for more and please keep me informed on the Film Festivals that it will be featured in in the near future. It's really a good story line. I also love the fact that many interactions are taking place in the cafe setting where tea and coffee are served. People need to understand! Love is not a game it's real life.

Charlotte Merritt

I would love to see this in Florida!

Sye Muhammad

Well done!

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