Introduce Yourself : Trailer for No-Budget sci-fi Feature - COSMOS by Zander Weaver

Zander Weaver

Trailer for No-Budget sci-fi Feature - COSMOS

Hello all!

UPDATE Dec 2019: After it's theatrical run in November, COSMOS is now available Worldwide On Demand on various platforms (see link below) - I'd love to get the thoughts of interested S32 members. Thanks for all the support and interest in this project, what a wonderful community! Where to see Cosmos: ORIGINAL POST:

I've been a member of S32 for many years and am just getting back into it now, thought I'd share the trailer of a no-budget feature film I've just directed and produced called, Cosmos.

If people are interested in seeing how we made this movie, I've also attached a making of featurette below. 

Please feel free to send me any questions. The film is currently seeking distribution. 

Follow our facebook for more info and behind the scenes content: 

Thank you in advance for your time :) Happy Thursday all!

(COSMOS was picked up by Gravitas Ventures in April of this year and on November 8 our humble indie was released in select US Theaters and On Demand Worldwide. To celebrate, we held a US Premiere screening at the Ahrya Fine Arts in Beverly Hills on Nov 7. The event was public and was an opportunity to see the film, talk with the cast and crew as well as network with other professionals. Guests included indie directors, screenwriters, actors and sales agents. It was an amazing evening and delight to meet other like-minded people.

Zander Weaver

Hi Willem, Yep finance is all part of the business and it's a good thought - our goal for this film was to show what we could do as Directors to show we could be trusted with a script, we're in development on new projects at the moment and will be working with an established production company for finance and production support - the next project is a much larger step up. But yeah, I get where you're coming from and thanks for the feedback.

Zander Weaver

Hey Adam - nice to connect with someone local! Please keep in touch! :)

Luke Rufo

Hey Zander, this looks amazing. You and your brother are quite remarkable and i wish you every success with this.

Zander Weaver

Luke, thank you for such an amazing comment, very kind of you indeed. I've just seen the trailer for your no-budget musical, congratulations on it, it's not an easy thing to do at all. We've all got to support each other :) x

Luke Rufo

Thanks Buddy. I couldn't agree more. It's about supporting each other and hopefully the next generation of top British filmmakers may include us... we can dream! Keep in touch

John Ellis

Amazing work!

Shanghai Jack Neal


Shanghai Jack Neal

Let's work together... I'm out of the Los Angeles area of Southern California...

Paul Mormando

very nice work I am confused did you shoot this on the Black Magic pocket camera the older version or were you able to get the new Pocket cinema 4k camera? either way the footage looks amazing!!!!!!

Daniel Caslaw

That looks fantastic, and the acting looks good too! More power to you!

Allen Lynch

Well done Zander!

Zander Weaver

Thanks John Ellis - very kind of you, glad you enjoyed watching it!

Zander Weaver

Paul Mormando we shot it on the original, so HD not 4K - thanks for your kind works matey, means a lot. That little camera is definitely underrated.

Zander Weaver

Daniel Caslaw Thank you very much, we spent a year searching for the right actors and we think it paid off, can't say how lucky we feel to have found them. Thanks again x

Zander Weaver

Thanks for the support Allen Lynch !

Charu Sharma

Zander Weaver seems Very interesting, best wishes :)

Rocio Mendez

Wow! no budget.... doesn't look like it :)

Irv Johnson

woWW!! - looks amazing! Congratulations.

Aubrey Tomlinson

This looks amazing!! You did an excellent job with no budget. Congrats.

Mark Popejoy

Good looking work!

Darren Coates

I likes

Donnalyn Vojta

I'm INTRIGUED! Seriously...I would totally watch this movie. Your trailer is PERFECT!!

Zander Weaver

Cheers! Charu Sharma thanks for your well wishes :)

Zander Weaver

Rocio Mendez Big compliment! Thank you - we worked very hard to make it feel like it had a budget behind it

Zander Weaver

Thanks Irv Johnson - appreciate your support

Zander Weaver

Thank you Aubrey Tomlinson :)

Zander Weaver

Mark Popejoy Thank you sir!

Zander Weaver

Darren Coates he likes! Cheers Darren!

Zander Weaver

Thank you Donnalyn Vojta means a great deal to us. If you're interested in learning more about the production/watching some bts, please feel free to check out our facebook page:

Cie Peterson

What an outstanding achievement! Even if this had been dreck, I can't imagine how you could have shot this with no budget; it's visually arresting, scored really well, and you've made a trailer that completely whets the appetite for the film Excellent work! If I may offer a suggestion - and I'm not sure you are seeking any feedback - but I do think it could be a little tighter/shorter. Some of the detailed speaking sections could work just as well (better?) with less dialogue. Best wishes for success, Zander!

Zander Weaver

Thank you Cie Peterson - incredible to get that kind of feedback, honestly thank you. It's been such a long process. Thank you also for your ideas regarding the length of the trailer, I think all films can benefit from critical trimming here and there - we're not planning to change the trailer but it's definitely something we'll keep in mind for the future. We wanted to go for the somewhat standard 2:30 ish mark, but your feedback is still valuable and relevant.

Jadon Fitzpatrick

Wow, this was definitely a solid production. However when it comes to the storyline and feel of the movie, I definitely thought it was going to be a horror film until the second half of the trailer, with the change of pace and adventure-like soundtrack.

Maybe would have preferred it that way, but nevertheless, I'd love to see it!

Zander Weaver

Jadon Fitzpatrick Oh gosh no - we're terrible with Horror! Haha. I know some people love it, but I have to watch through my fingers XD Definitely more adventure, mystery types. Thanks anyway for the great feedback and for taking the time to check it out :) Z

Zander Weaver

I don't know if people will receive a notification that I've commented here but I thought I'd give an update and some info regarding an upcoming event we're holding:

Back in April COSMOS was picked up by Gravitas Ventures and on November 8 our humble indie is being released in select US Theaters and On Demand Worldwide.

To celebrate, we're holding a US Premiere screening at the Ahrya Fine Arts in Beverly Hills on Nov 7. The event is public and will be an opportunity to see the film, talk with the cast and crew as well as network with other professionals. Guests so far include indie directors, screenwriters, actors and sales agents. So if you fancy coming along please follow the link below for more info:

Would be great to see some of you there or if you know anyone in the LA area, please do let them know! Thanks everyone! :)


Donnalyn Vojta

Hey, Zander!! SOOOOO AWESOME!! Ahhh, I wish I could go, but I live in Chicago and can't get out to Cali any time soon. I hope you have a full house and the event goes as you hope!

Geoff Wise

Great trailer for a no-budget! I'm inspired to do something similar for my micro-budget sci-fi flick -- thanks for the inspiration!

Aleksandar Zavisin

This looks and sounds really great

Zander Weaver

Donnalyn Vojta Thank you so much! Really appreciate your support. This community really is wonderful :) x

Zander Weaver

Geoff Wise Thank you Geoff - very kind of you. Amazing to hear it has inspired you - truly. Thank you.

If you're interested in learning more, please do follow us on our social media: FB: Insta:

Zander Weaver

Aleksandar Zavisin Thank you Aleksandar :) We worked very hard on the sound design and mix so it's wonderful to hear you enjoyed it x

Patricia Hickman

I'll look at it Friday morning when I'm back home. I'm just getting back into the S32 Community too.

Zander Weaver

Thanks Patricia Hickman :) Much appreciated! x

Chris Hill

This looks AMAZING! You did a great job on this trailer! It really builds up the anticipation! Can't wait to see this!

Zander Weaver

Haha Zorrawa Emily Ann Jefferson thank you - are you complimenting my name or the name of the film?? :D Also, do you fancy coming along to our US Premiere and Networking event Nov 7 in Beverly Hills?

Zander Weaver

Chris Hill Thank you so much! Really appreciate your support and kind words about the trailer. It'll be in select US Theaters and On Demand Nov 8 x

Zheng Lin

I enjoy the trailer and love the making of the film even more. It reminds me of the making of “The Lord of the Rings", talented people come together because of the love and passion for story-telling and film making itself. It makes one realize anything is possible.

Zander Weaver

Zheng Lin Wow - thank you so much. Can't tell you how much it means to read a comment like that, thank you truly. Looks like we've connected so hopefully our paths will cross in the near future!

Troy S. Krueger

This is awesome Zander! Great quality, lighting, color...everything! And on no-budget. Fantastic achievement! Congrats! Would love to connect.

Tim Bonner

Looks great but when you mention no budget what does this actually mean?

Did no one get paid?

Tahsha Bennett

Wow!!! The trailer looks amazing! Congrats!

James E Clark

This is my introduction. I'm James E. Clark and I go by Jim. I came to the "arts" late in life. I'm an actor, screenwriter, and a budding producer.

DC Harrison

Great job on the trailer and congrats on the Gravitas Ventures deal. Looking forward to seeing the film \m/

Anupam Dhyani

Great Trailer

Zander Weaver

Troy S. Krueger Thank you so much Troy! Wonderful to connect with you :)

Zander Weaver

Tim Bonner Yep, no one got paid on the production - everyone involved did it because we wanted to get a foot on the ladder. The core team was a cast of 3 and a crew of 4. All locations were given to us for free, almost all the equipment was pre-owned from our freelancing or was borrowed, my brother and I dipped into our pockets to buy a few bits of cheap kit but nothing expensive. It took 5 years but we achieved it haha

Zander Weaver

Tahsha Bennett Thank you very much!

Zander Weaver

James E Clark Nice to meet you James

Jack Binder

Congratulations Zander. Welcome back. Good work!

Zander Weaver

DC Harrison Thank you very much sir! Thanks for taking the time to have a look at the trailer etc, really appreciate it x

Zander Weaver

Anupam Dhyani Thank you sir! I notice you're based in Long Beach - we're having our US Premiere on Nov 7 in Beverly Hills, would it be something you'd be interested in attending? We'll be there for a Q&A with the cast and crew and there'll be plenty of networking going on, tickets are available here:

Zander Weaver

Jack Binder Thank you so much Jack! Means a lot :) We're having a special screening on Nov 7 in Beverly Hills, you wouldn't be interested in attending would you? Would be amazing to meet you in person x

Angel Strong ( Thandi's Love)


Zander Weaver

Angel Strong ( Thandi's Love) Thank you very much!

Oliver Milne

Great work man! looks awesome ✨

Sam Borowski

Zander, from one filmmaker to another ... you did a fine job with this. And coming from me that means something. Generally, people can upload a video they took on their phone and the crowds will write, "Great Job!" HOWEVER, you actually did a 'Great Job!' You made a real movie and an interesting one at that. You were able to make a movie - and not just any movie, a Sci-Fi movie! - on a lower budget and that takes GREAT EFFORT! Also, CONGRATS on Getting Distribution from Gravitas Ventures! And, the Fine Arts Theatre on Wilshire is a GREAT place to premiere and screen! It's a legendary theatre with a rich cinematic history. I've seen several films there myself, including Nathaniel Kahn's Oscar-Nominated Documentary Feature, My Architect. Currently on the East Coast, but if I was in Cali, I would be there! CONGRATS again and keep Breaking Legs! GOD BLESS and STAY FRESH!!! ;)

Anna Carvalho

Uau! Looks amazing! I'm a big Sci-Fi fan and I want to see your film! Congrats to all!

Andy Celis

This is amazing!

Robert Rosenbaum

Great work! Congratulations.

Kate Iroegbu

This is a new world for me, so pardon me if you see me asking questions that might seem strange to you. To create a series or Movie which is better.

Vital Butinar

Really awesome! Congratulations guys!

Istvan Lettang

looks great! Congrats!

Zander Weaver

Sam Borowski For some reason my S32 notifications failed to flag up the recent comments on this stream, most notably yours which is incredibly supportive - thank you so much, Sam. Honestly, it means such a lot reading comments like yours (as you'll know yourself being a filmmaker). I've sent you a friend request, let's keep in touch shall we? Fine Arts was incredible, a real dream come true - we've returned to the UK refueled and excited for the next steps. We'll be back out in LA in the new year, so perhaps we can arrange to meetup :) Thanks again, Z

Zander Weaver

Anna Carvalho Thank you so much! Wonderful to meet another Sci-Fi fan :) Let me know what you think of the movie if you get a chance to check it out - would love to hear your thoughts x

Zander Weaver

Andy Celis Thanks so much Andrea! Such amazing support here from this community and you are no exception. If you get a chance to see the movie please let me know what you thought :) Thank you again for the support and interest x

Zander Weaver

Robert Rosenbaum Thank you Robert - means a great deal. Cheers for the support and interest in our little indie x

Zander Weaver

Kate Iroegbu Hi there Kate - I'm not really the best to ask, but it all depends on what your goal is. What do you aim to achieve?

Zander Weaver

Istvan Lettang Hi Istvan, thanks so much! Thrilled you like the look of it, if you get a chance to see it now that it's out, please do let me know what you thought :) x

Vital Butinar

Zander Weaver I was able to watch your film last week and I have to say it again. Congratulations you guys were able to pull of something great! Keep it up. Awesome.

Zander Weaver

Vital Butinar Wow - thank you! That means the world to us. Thrilled you enjoyed it and thank you so much for checking the film out and giving it a shot. We're thrilled with how it is connecting with viewers.

If you could spare the time would you mind leaving us a quick honest star rating or review on Imdb? It'll help future viewers decide if the film is for them and likewise if it's not for them! Would really help us out, but if not don't worry! The fact that you've watched it and been so positive is a gift in itself x

Vital Butinar

Zander Weaver I already wrote a review on IMDB. It's important for new filmmakers to get recognition for their work.

Tom Morash

What an awesome trailer, regardless of your budget! Great work, I'm definitely going to watch this movie.

Jason Grant

Bro this is awesome!!!!!!!! What an awesome trailer!!!!!!!!!!!! Wow, please let me know how I can support you to watch it!!!! This was done very well. I love the cliff hanger. You told so much without giving anything away!!!!! Keep "us" posted and I continue to wish you nothing but blessings in your journey

April Jones

Wow!! This trailer is EPIC!! Great work and congrats! :D

Zander Weaver

Vital Butinar Thank you for taking the time Vital, honestly means a huge amount to us x

Zander Weaver

Tom Morash Thank you Tom! Thrilled that you liked the look of the film, really hope you enjoy it if you get the chance to watch. Please do let us know what you make of it if you see it :) x

Zander Weaver

Jason Grant Wow, thank you, what an amazing comment. Gosh. Your support means a huge amount. The movie is available on multiple VOD platforms (iTunes, Amazon Prime, Google Play, Vimeo, VUDU etc I've made a simple webpage to help people find a platform that suits them: But thank you again, I truly hope you enjoy the movie - let's keep in touch x

Zander Weaver

April Jones Thank you April! Means a lot - so excited that you enjoyed the trailer :) I hope, if you get a chance to catch the movie, you find it entertaining and worth your time x

Dayna Noffke

This looks really fun. Congrats on getting it made! I'll be sure to check it out.

Andy Maycock

The trailer looks great!

Constance Rose

Great trailer, congratulations and all the best to you

Zander Weaver

Dayna Noffke Thanks for watching the trailer and for the positive comment - really hope you enjoy it if you get the chance to see it :) x

Zander Weaver

Andy Maycock Thank you Andy :) Means a lot to hear that, we put a lot of work into this film. We're thrilled that people are enjoyed our movie, it's a nice reminder that there are audiences out there for movies that don't have a big cast or enormous budgets x

Zander Weaver

Constance Rose Thank you Constance, really appreciate your support and positivity. It's lovely to feel that kind of support from the community x

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