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Rob Helmstetter

Trend watching

Hello all, Just checking in and wondering if anyone else here watches trends in the audience viewer behaviors, Smartphones lead in viewing content on connected devices. Smartphones are the most widespread choice with the Youth with nearly 80% watching more than 1 hour per day (in the US). Followed then by Cable Boxes (56%), Tablets (45%) and then game consoles at (41%).

Beth Fox Heisinger

Hey Rob, this is Beth from the Stage 32 team. I just wanted to let you know I moved your post from Introduce Yourself to Transmedia, as it fits much better there. Let me know if you have any questions, and all the best to you!

Rob Helmstetter

Sorry about that, I should just send a Hello, My name is Rob in the introduce yourself. Will do

Beth Fox Heisinger

No worries, Rob! I thought perhaps you'd receive a better response to your post in a different section. :) I hope you're enjoying the site.

Timothy Law

The majority of the smartphone content is short videos, mostly YouTube. It's soap box media, stand up on your soapbox and if you can draw a crowd, you can make money. Cable Boxes are dominated by sports viewing and tablets/game consoles are used for streaming Netflix, etc.

Jonathan Kramer

Transmedia by definition is 'interactive storytelling across multiple platforms'. The smart phone especially for millennial and tween demographics is the Number One device of choice. The trend is 'social' storytelling allowing the audience to be involved, interact with characters and submit UGC (User Generated Content) while being rewarded for doing so. Apps like Meerkat, Periscope, Instagram and Vine give the user the creative opportunity to be involved. This is immersive storytelling and clearly the future. I would also urge you to sign up for Krishna Stott's weekly emails from his blog at Bellyfeel (UK). Krish is one of the true leaders in next generation storytelling and is developing the world's first smart phone channel.

James Hammer

One of the hardest things for me to get used to as a content consumer is the ever-shrinking-screen. I've always been a big, immersive, cinema experience consumer... loving to be completely submerged in my content with as little distraction as possible. The darkened theater, the surround sound, the vibrations felt through my seat... all adding a small part to the enhancement of the suspension of my disbelief. As an educator, however, there's no doubt for me that the smartphone is the next generation's portal to the world... and the creation of content and its successful delivery will hinge on whether one can utilize this portal as a vehicle not only TO the audience, but for interaction WITH them. I'll check out Krishna's blog... Thanks for the info, Jonathan!

Jonathan Kramer

I would add that the rise of Social TV and soon, Social Film are road signs. Nielsen has already added the social media element when monitoring market share of TV programming. If we do things correctly by pushing the audience buttons, the viral element takes off. By studying the audience and appealing to their tastes we win them over; add the ability for them to interact with story and characters it becomes an immersive experience. And that's what transmedia is about.. The Experience

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