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Bridgette Grace

Tv Show Pitch


I am looking for any producers, agents, creative executives or screenwriters who are looking for TV series pitches. As an actress my passions have extended into a passion behind the camera as well. I get to put the ideas and visions in my head on paper. I have made multiple series bibles. But currently have one idea that I am in love with.

I am reaching out on this board directly because I feel that is what it’s going to take for this idea to be seen and admired by someone who understands. Also you can’t get anywhere with trying!

I’m extremely passionate about work and the drive it takes. I am a very good multitasker, detail oriented, super resourceful, and a very quick learner. I am also very organized, timely, and extremely skilled in many platforms. I have strong leadership, am very creative, have great problem solving skills, along with great written and oral communication skills.

FORMAT: My show is a 10-hour TV series

GENRE/SUBGENRE: It's a supernatural teen-drama. The show is emotional, cinematic, and rooted in character, it's a love letter to the marriage of teen drama and supernatural fear. (CW/Netflix style)

NUTSHELL: It's Riverdale meets The Vampire Diaries.

I am available any day and time over the phone, email or DM.

Thank you all for your time and consideration,

Bridgette Grace

Karen "Kay" Ross

Hey, Bridgette Grace! Great to meet you! Your drive is definitely evident from your post - laser-focused! long-distance high-five Just a couple of suggestions that may help you reach more potential collaborators:

1) Definitely post your logline for your series on your profile:

2) Have you created a pitch deck yet? Feel free to reference Stage 32's free Pitching Guidebook to help you structure your pitch:

3) Have you pitched to any Stage 32 executives? If you'd like suggestions, definitely reach out to our Director of Script Services, Jason Mirch, who is excellent at matching projects with potential executives (or managers, in your case):

And finally, I'm ALL about the CW teen drama - let me know if you'd like to do script swap for notes!

Roth Rind

You came to the right place Bridgette Grace. Stage 32 is an awesome way to connect with so many filmmakers. I personally have found some incredible life long friends and connections through it.

John Ellis

Take the time to build relationships, that's how you get your stuff seen.

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