Introduce Yourself : VIC Australia newbie by Scott Rennie

Scott Rennie

VIC Australia newbie

Hi all

I'm a total utter newbie to screenwriting, working on my first script and doing all I can to learn the craft. I'm Scottish but living in Daylesford (rural Victoria), about an hour outside Melbourne.

Right now I'm writing the script for a period drama set in the Scottish Highlands that I've been thinking about for over a decade. It follows an exiled Highlander's return back home following the aftermath of Culloden, and the tragedy he causes as he tries to fight for his beliefs. It has a good dash of Scottish mythology and his encounters with the Otherworld, along with murder, wrongful execution and revenge.

I'm hoping to learn if I write well enough to do it for a living, so always listening out for good advice and pointers.

Love the connections, especially anyone around Melbourne way.

Robert Russo

You should check out the youtube channel film courage and watch a lot of the interviews. Also expect to have a big learning curve. Your first script is going to be nowhere near the quality of later scripts. Expect to rewrite, expect to get much better in a short period of time. Keep at it. My belief is that if the truth of the story isn't worth shedding a tear over, then you don't have a great story.

Scott Rennie

Thanks Robert, I'll bear all that in mind, think I already discovered Film Courage in fact and the rewrites have already started haha

Ole-André Rønneberg

Hi Scott, good luck with your story. Looking forward to get updates on the project. I love Scotland, such a beautiful country!=)

Katherine Blessan

Your story idea sounds fascinating. All the best with it.

Scott Rennie

Thanks Ole-André Rønneberg, I never made it to Norway yet but wow, you guys and gals have some pretty amazing scenes of your own!

Scott Rennie

Thanks Katherine Blessan , I also lived in Cambodia for 7 months, in the jungle near Tatai village in Koh Kong province... seedy town that Koh Kong, I can understand why you're interested in writing your screenplay.

Thom Reese

Good for you. I'm also new to screenwriting, having come from a background in novel writing. Best of thoughts to you!

Ole-André Rønneberg

Hi Scott Rennie , yes we have some great scenes here. I love to look at the mountains.=) There is more and more things going on as well. Some of the lates are a Netfilx series, Ragnarok which is set to Odda in Hardanger, and James Bond, Black Widow and Dune on several locations. Good luck with your writing!

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