Introduce Yourself : Versatile performing artist looking for acting, dance, and singing roles :) by Alec Marken

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Alec Marken

Versatile performing artist looking for acting, dance, and singing roles :)

Hi, folks!

Here's hoping you are all getting by somehow, during this very surreal time.

I'd be delighted to chat with anyone about their casting needs, as I'm always looking for quality acting roles!

I also usually stay busy performing and teaching dance (Ballroom, Social dances, Tap, Jazz, Modern), fronting my Swing band (lead singer), recording original Folk rock tunes, and choreographing dance numbers.

All my best to you all!

Peace, ~Alec :)

Leya Marincic

Hi Alec Marken!

A dancer very cool and a social dancer at that.

Maybe you can recommend some cool places around LA where there's salsa social dancing when things get back on track.

My partner is actually a salsa instructor, so we go dancing a lot.

Anyway nice to meet you.

Alec Marken

Pleasure to meet you, Leya, thanks for stopping by! It'll be interesting to see what venues actually exist, post-pandemic, whenever that might be, heh. I've done a lot more Swing dancing around L.A. than Salsa, but I do expect to do both in the future! Tango too :)

I bet you've learned a lot from your partner!

Do you have a dance background as well?

Pretty amazing that you're a sculptress. That's one of the very coolest, most amazing arts!

Leya Marincic

Hey Alec Marken. Well I started dancing a couple of years ago, actually just about the time I also started sculpting and I also met my partner there.

I mean this pandemic business is dragging down everything but my partner didn't have a single class in over a year and we could only go dancing once because there were no events,

I actually never danced Swing except for Jive a little what my partner thought me.

I do like Tango but my partner is not so keen on it.

As for Salsa dancing we used to go a lot, like even more than 8 or 9 times a week, meaning there were two events on one day and we went to both. Ljubljana our home town is just a phenomenon because there's a really huge Salsa scene. Also it's a good thing if you're in a new place to meet some people and socialise.

Well sculpting is great and I love it. I'm just sad that I haven't been able to sculpt in the last couple of months since I don't have a studio right now.

But I found other creative ways to work.

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