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Vic Alexander

Vic Alexander

My father started the movie industry in Hollywood in 1909. He financed MOBY DICK starring Gregory Peck directed by John Houston.

My father's enemy was Dr. John Cooley Gunnell, who ruined his career and then killed him at age 88. Here's what I wrote about him today:

Dr. John Cooley Gunnell has admitted that he made President Franklin Roosevelt start WW II just so he could kill Jews and divest them of their money. This man not a human being, let alone a doctor. Everyday he kills someone associated with me. He is a cannibal. He has confessed that he brought Hitler to power and killed six million Jews, and although he will be placed before the firing squad as soon as he ends up in Israel, nevertheless the United States Congress, and especially President Donald Trump who is an adherent of the Church of Scotland, considers the fact that Dr. Gunnell's hatred for Jews is justified. In fact, President Trump and the entire US Government, including the Jews, think that the death of six million Jews is over and now's the time to allow Dr. Gunnell to kill me Victor the great grandson of Malek Qambar before I can buy a house for my Norwegian wife, whose father Johan Kristopher Rud and his son Per Johan Rud were Nazi hunters and got rid of the Nazis out of Oslo Norway, and for that Dr. Gunnell injected Per with an overdose of the Polio vaccine and had my brother-in-law shoot his own father just so he could inherit my father-in-law's properties which would normally go to Per. I intend to deprive the US of the right to legally own the United Nations building because my father built it. Vic Alexander E-Mail:

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