Introduce Yourself : Vice President and Production Manager by Amber MacPherson

Amber MacPherson

Vice President and Production Manager

Hello Stage 32!

I've been a member for some time, but have never introduced myself and in an effort to make better use of this site, I will do so today.

I am one-half of Makeshift Film Group, LLC, ( a newerColorado-based production company. We are working on putting together our first feature film, an homage/parody of mid-70's to early 90's science fiction and science fantasy called Thunder Lord. It can be envisioned as Conan the Barbarian in Space, with comedic elements akin to Deadpool.

It's a pretty ambitious first feature, so we're trying to shoot a shorter proof of concept set in the same world to use to raise awareness of and money for the feature. We're looking to crowdfund that this June and make it back to AFM this fall.

Personally, I am new to film. My day job is in science and in winter I teach skiing on the weekends. I'm also a photographer, aspiring writer, runner, and am trying to teach my self Python. I'm kinda all over the place, to be honest.

I've been trying to teach myself to PM this project with varying degrees of success, so if anyone has any tips for a new PM, I'd love to hear them.

Indie film production company | Makeshift Film Group LLC
Indie film production company | Makeshift Film Group LLC
Makeshift Film Group LLC is a CO based independent motion picture studio. Our projects emphasize the fantastic and are often, but not exclusively, humorous. Some of our projects currently in active de…
Randell Young

If you need original music, you can use any of my tunes that you like.

Amber MacPherson

Thanks, Randell!

Gary Smiley

Hi Amber, do you have any part of the script available? HI from another skier.

Allen Lynch

Good Luck Amber!

Amber MacPherson

Hi Gary, the script isn't publicly available, but tidbits about the story will be released through our various social media platforms as will information about our upcoming crowdfunding campaign.

Shlomo Klein

Where do you teach skiing? I think we need to send up a Skier's Lounge, for literary snowbunnies!

Amber MacPherson

Eldora! I would visit a skiers lounge. Wonder how many skiers we have here?

Rakesh Malik

Welcome and good luck on your film! It sounds like a fun project... I'd love to help out if I'm able :)

Gary Smiley

Never skied in Colorado... Have you skied Jackson or Targhee?

Cherelynn Baker

Welcome Amber! Good luck in your endeavors and enjoy Stage 32! Michelle Ullman works in theater/film in Colorado, could be a good connection for you!

Amber MacPherson

Gary, not yet unfortunately. I've been to Jackson Hole, but it was in the summer.

Cherelynn, Thanks for the tip!

Vincent Paterno

Took Amtrak through Colorado in September 1996. Glorious country.

Chad Stroman

Welcome Amber and best wishes on your project and the foundation you've put down for future projects!

James T. Sale

Nice to meet you!

Lois Buchter

Amber, how's your script? It's really all about story. Interesting concept.

Peter Roach

You are way ahead of the curve if you are already working on a feature. Keep it up.

Elaine Roberts-Kercheff

Congrats on venturing out on this journey! Your project sounds great! Maybe we'll see each other at the AFM!

Pat Savage

Pretty amazing skill set I must say and am confident you will succeed wirh everything you do. Best of luck

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