Introduce Yourself : Welcome to my writer life by Dawn Greenfield Ireland

Dawn Greenfield Ireland

Welcome to my writer life

Hello, my fellow creators. Old lady writer here. While many of my writer friends moan and groan about how busy they are and can't finish a project, I'm here to tell them, and everyone here, that's a bunch of bunk. It all depends on what you want to accomplish.

Back in the days when my sons were little and I was married, I waited until everyone else was in bed, then I sat down and wrote until sometimes 2 in the morning. If you are driven, you will create. You can't help it. Back then, I wrote four novels (1979 through around 1987), then I learned how to write screenplays. Currently, I have somewhere around 15 screenplays, but I only talk about 9 or 10 of them because the others are dusty.

These days it takes me 60-90 days to write a novel -- first draft. I don't sit around whining about how busy I am. I don't watch endless TV shows and movies. I write. I get my content out there.

My only problem is that I don't have the funds to market my books. Hopefully, that will change. Back in October/November some f&*%head hacked my website to pieces. It was totally broken. I just hired a neighbor lady to glamorize it. What you see now is a functional website, nothing else. It's a mess.

I have three novel series: The Alcott Family Adventures cozy mysteries (3 books); Prophecy of Thol young adult other-world creature series (4 books -- #4 will be published by June); and my adult shape-shifter Bonded series (3 books, just started #4).

I have two stand-alone novels. One dystopian set in 2086 titled The Last Dog, which strangely has a disaster and deaths similar to this Corona Virus plague we're currently experiencing.

Then last, but not least is Forced Dreams, a sci-fi romantic adventure. FD was the second book in my 1980s "writing marathon".

So, if you want to discuss writing novels or screenplays, or -- gasp -- even technical writing where I cut my writing baby teeth, let's talk!

Fiction and Nonfiction Books | Dawn Greenfield Ireland
Fiction and Nonfiction Books | Dawn Greenfield Ireland
Dawn Greenfield Ireland is an award-winning author of Fiction and Nonfiction books, screenwriter and technical writer/editor. Need book formatting, coaching, editing or technical writing? How about re…
Taylor C. Baker

WOW Dawn Greenfield Ireland! What a total inspiration you are! You definitely just gave me the boost to stop complaining about how busy I am and just CREATE. You are so right, we have to find the time. Thank you so much!

Dawn Greenfield Ireland

Taylor C. Baker -- Yup. I carry a big stick to whack people with. Sometimes they deserve several whacks. It is a challenge to balance life. You have to weed through all your busy bs and determine where all those time leaks are. If you spend a lot of time social networking, you need to scale back. Look at everything. You can do it, you're an accomplished gal.

Thom Reese

Good for you, Dawn!

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