Introduce Yourself : Why the hell am i going to college?? by Toni Stratton

Why the hell am i going to college??

Hey, I'm Toni Ashley. Check out my profile to learn more about me and my journey with my media production career. I'm new here to Stage 32 but am hoping to connect with like minded people! is a piece I wrote about attending school... im attending college cuz ,well, UH, i have to. Graduation will not lead me to a free ride afterwards. The crazy notion of being required to attend college stems from opportunities that are often paired with a college degree. A solid education will open doors which seized to be recognized even as possibilities. Would anyone want to take a chance on their future due to lack of finances or laziness? I won't base my success off of chance, but rather hard work and dedication. A degree simply gives the graduate a pushing start compared to the competition. Go to college to gain more knowledge! It is not required to know everything before walking across the stage. It shows future employers focused studies in the specific area and time spent understanding the main principles of the profession. Lessons which are taught on a college campus are more than the basics of history,science, and math. A few examples of additional lessons include Persistence, time management, critical thinking, and an open mind. Without gaining these skills aspirations will continue to behave as dreams, only a figure of the imagination. They may not directly relate to a degree yet enrich the daily life of a student/graduate. Reaching graduation I now work better with others, am more thoughtful in my speech, and enjoy opinions which challenge my own. Knowledge is irreplaceable and inspirational Education is all about personal enrichment, and personally I’m fucking tired of not knowing what the hell is going on around me. I always say I will be a "lifetime student." My educational journey will not end at graduation. There is always something to learn and to be taught outside of the classroom. Simply put I appreciate the value of education and knowledge. And If I'm being honest I'll need all the help I can get to reach my lofty dreams.

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