Introduce Yourself : Working as a camera operater on a game show by Leya Marincic

Leya Marincic

Working as a camera operater on a game show

So in the last couple of weeks I somehow got work as one of the camera operators on a TV game show.

Which is a really weird experience compared to the usual projects that I work on, since there's no screenplay, no shot breakdown, no storyboards, etc., just a stage, a bunch of people and a guy screaming directions over the intercom and consistency getting your camera number and his directions wrong.

People say it's called the "film industry" when we shoot narrative stuff but I'd say TV is more of an industry since there's not much creativity involved.

I love it so much more when I get to work along side with my partner who's the director and get to develop a project together creatively and then execute it creatively.

But in either case I'm happy that we're working again and that we've also got projects we're producing and developing.

I'm really psyched about a new feature comedy my partner is developing and we're hoping that we'll be able to shoot during the summer. It's gonna be a super fun project and I can already see we're going to be laughing throughout filming.

Anyway let's connect, meet and talk about all the cool stuff we're working on.

Karen "Kay" Ross

Hey, Leya Marincic! Well, that's cool! I mean, I get that it's boring and not very creative, but still - I feel like any time you've landed a job that keeps you "in the industry" while you're doing your own thing "in the industry", you're actually doing the thing that everyone dreams about (even if none of us dream about the less glamourous aspects of staying in the game).

Ooo, cool, I'm excited about your feature comedy, too! Keep us posted!

Leya Marincic

Ha ha Karen "Kay" Ross you're right. It's not that bad. Vital said that he's looking for a bike phone holder to mount onto the camera. But you should see how boring his job is, being a PA.

But yeah we're excited about the comedy and we're really trying to find a way how to develop it so that we could shoot at least at the end of the summer. There's still a lot of work to do.

Vital Butinar

Oh yeah, mine is much more exciting. I get to press a button that plays the teleprompter and do the cue cards. Very exiting. :D

But it leaves me a lot of time in between to do some writing and work one the comedy, which is great too.

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