Introduce Yourself : Wow... just, wow. by C. D-Broughton

C. D-Broughton

Wow... just, wow.

I have a confession to make: when I joined Stage 32, I was expecting another dumb site where people talk about things they'd like to do, rather than trying to achieve them, go on about what they ate for lunch, bemoan about ex's and/or collect friends to feel better about their self, in a bizarre online popularity contest. So far though, I've discovered several intelligent, active personalities who aren't afraid of making a fool of themselves in the eyes of friends who never believed in them, and of just saying, "F*** it, I'm doing this because it's all I ever wanted." At first, I thought that I'd be picky about whom I accepted as a contact, because I'm fundamentally a very private person and was hoping to just feel the site out, see who was on here with whom I could build a mutually beneficial relationship with and then planned on deleting my account before I had to deign to upload a picture after two weeks. Within an hour of actually sifting through the boards and clicking on the pages of real people, to see their hopes and dreams, I realised that being picky about contacts was plain stupid - we never know who may be a potential future co-worker or friend, who could help us or whom we could help in return, just for the sheer joy of seeing someone succeed - because if you can, I can... right? Unfortunately though, wanting it enough and/or talent always shining through isn't the reality of life; some of us will make it, most won't, but giving up or not trying is to guarantee failure. I've known some great performers in my time, but they've not found fame or even enough gigs to pay the rent! Often, we'll have to scrape by until we either break the damn door down or decide to call it a day and focus on our bank accounts and "little, everyday" lives. So for the past couple of days I've been networking, and where I like to personally thank each person with a message for accepting/inviting the networking opportunity, I've been amazed, humbled and plain over-whelmed, as my network connections have grown from the low 50s to over 640 (and e-mails have informed me that 3 people have requested to connect whilst typing this!). In short though, I'd just like to thank everyone on Stage 32 and wish you all with best with your endeavours, because the world would be a much less interesting place without creativity, art, entertainment and the struggles to achieve it. Don't shoot, don't score; live the dream. P.S. Apologies to all those I've not thanked for connecting.

CJ Walley

A pleasure to connect with you, buddy. And what a lovely heartfelt post to make.

Philip Hurd-Wood

Thanks very much for the invitation and I would like to add that poets are, on the whole, very cuddly people

Laurie Ashbourne

Great post, couldn't agree more.

Anthony Cawood

Totally agree.

Bryan Howell

Wait, are you saying that you DON'T want to know what I had for lunch?

Jan Evans

This is a really nice post. Thanks for connecting.

Enrique Novello

Welcome to the site. Thanks for sharing with us.

Suzanne Lutas

This is because we have the opportunity to meet people like you that I love Stage 32.

Richard "RB" Botto

One of my favorite Introduce Yourself posts ever.

Renee Jones

Greetings all

C. D-Broughton

RB, Considering how you've probably read the majority of the 15,000+ Introduce Yourself threads, I am truly complimented. Thanks.

Monique Mata

Reading this post was s great way to start my day! Thank you, and welcome :)

Richard "RB" Botto

This is true, C. This is true.

Erika Sabel Flores

I love this post. cool and inspiring :)

Rachel Buckley

Well said C. D Broughtson! - how boring are the many sites out there - people telling others what they've had for dinner, what they're doing at the weekend, bla, bla, bla. I'm all for helping people succeed in their chosen profession where possible. You're right, the world would be a less ineresting place without ceativity, art and entertainment. Its rewarding to help each other. Great post from you! Good luck and happy networking! ;-)

Marco Fiorini

Chapeau sir, well said. Reminded me of my wise old guru nonno (Italian for grandfather) who's perception of reality led him to affirm that : " Divided we stand, United we fall," is the truth of existence, and " United we stand, Divided we fall," a big Fazool.

Marilyn Du Toit

great post..

Joan Lagache

Thanks for the invite - this post gave me a wake up call!

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