Introduce Yourself : Wrapping 3 films by Xiomara Bernard

Wrapping 3 films

Hello Everyone,

Happy Weekend! Been off the grid, I hope everyone is doing phenomenal this month. Just wrapped 3 films this July, "Company of Prophets", "Hello Au Revoir", and "The Good Samaritan's Habit". Excited for more ventures down the line.

Xiomara Bernard


Jaap Ruurd Feitsma

Looking forward to those films. How's the post-production coming along? Can we see teasers? :)

Allen Lynch

Welcome back & congrats on your film wraps Xiomara!

Ajit Pandey

Congratultion on your films!

Xiomara Bernard

Thank you everyone!! :D Jaap Ruurd Feitsma , yes, once the teasers are available to me, I will share with you guys!

Xiomara Bernard

First time using a phone app for Stage 32. Still getting used to it and figuring out how to like your comments. Bare with me lol.

Richard "RB" Botto

Excellent news on the films Xiomara Bernard

Michelle Sparrow

Congratulations on your film work!

Linwood Bell

Sounds like you've been busy. On the to next...

Lorie Jackson

Hi! Congrats on your projects! COMPANY OF PROPHETS sounds interesting.

Kerry Kennard

Three in a month - not adventurous- LoL.


Jaap Ruurd Feitsma

Awesome job, Xiomara Bernard! :) Seriously can't wait to see teasers/trailers :)

Yassmine Othman

Welcome Xiomara and congrats for all the projects...more to come soon :-)

Xiomara Bernard

Thank you so much everyone! Your support means a lot!

Gary Smiley


Rutger Oosterhoff

If you can make three 'quality' shorts from 'a to z' in one month you could be the next great filmmaker Hollywood is waiting for. Otherwise you simly underproduced. But you look into the camera in a Robert Rodriguez kind of way. So I can not wait to see a reels/trailers!

Cherelynn Baker

Good luck and congratulations on the work!

Xiomara Bernard

Thank you guys so much!

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