Introduce Yourself : Screenwriter by Jennifer F Arthur


Hello! I’m a writer (novels, nonfiction, grants), and two years ago I started writing screenplays. I’ve completed a pilot for an original drama series, am adapting my novel for film, and am currently working on a sci-fi romance feature. I’m enjoying this creative journey while navigating a brand new industry. Great to meet you!  Here’s to the future! 

David Henderson

Welcome Jennifer!

Izzibella Beau

Hey, Jennifer, welcome. Your situation sounds like mine. I'm an author and began writing my own screenplays based on my books. It's a lot of work, but I couldn't imagine doing anything else.

Miroslav Trcak

Welcome Jen :)

Adite Banerjie

Hi Jennifer. I'm an author and screenwriter too. :)

Amy Balcomb

Hi Jennifer! I'm a composer

Aray Brown

Welcome to the community, Jennifer! Pleasure to meet you ;) My name is Aray, I’m a screenwriter/content creator. Congrats on finishing your pilot as well as starting your screenplay adaptation and your sci-fi romance feature! Feel free to reach out to Jason Mirch, Director of S32 Script Services he would love to know what you’re working on and how he can help move your career forward. Jason will also give you a free month in The Writer’s Room

Martin Reese

Hi Jennifer F Arthur. Always happy to meet fellow sci-fi writers.

Katherine de Bois

Hello. Thats an amazing writing skill set.

Phil Clarke

Welcome, Jennifer. And congrats on completing your pilot. If you ever want to talk about your project or the craft in general, I'm here. Feel free to PM me or contact me via

Jennifer F Arthur

Thank you, all, for the warm welcome :)

Aray Brown

Thank you for the add!

Ryan Johnston

Congrats on the new adventure! Welcome to the club Jennifer!

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