Introduce Yourself : Writer/Director by Jason A. Wallace

Jason A. Wallace


Hello everyone, my name is Jason and I'm a film maker just starting to gain some momentum in Hollywood. My last project (THE FULL WALRUS) gathered some wonderful press and my new one (WHO IS THE ICE CREAM MAN) is starting to catch fire as well DREAD CENTRAL just gave us a write up as well Say hello and join in on an amazing journey we are taking in becoming film makers who take pride in their work and enjoy supporting each other and the projects we do…NICE TO MEET YEAH :)

The Full Walrus [Review]
The Full Walrus [Review]
Short films are becoming more and more important in today's landscape of modern horror. They give us a peak at what a filmmaker is capable of, and if done correctly,can leave us salivating and wanting…
Emma J Steele

Hi Jason, great review and the trailer was very creepy! Love a good horror film. Good luck with the kick starter!

Jason A. Wallace

Thank you Emma! We are all very excited on this project

David Lee Melton

WOW! the only thing I can say

Jason A. Wallace

Lol...thanks David

Bobby Vene

Good job man! Hope you don't mind if I share your video on my fan page on Facebook. Speaking of fan page, may you share my page if you want. I got like more than 20 fans on it .

Jason A. Wallace

Thx for the compliment Bobby, but your page is a bit out there bud...not really the support were looking for, but good luck.

Sam Doyle

Welcome Mr.Wallace. Looks good!

Jason A. Wallace

Thank you Sam...appreciate it!

Nicole Eilers

Nicely done! Good luck with it!

Jason A. Wallace

Thank you Nicole :)

Paul Myerberg

You too Jason. Way to go!

Jason A. Wallace

Thank you Paul!

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