Introduce Yourself : Writer/Director/Actor from Wisconsin by Earl Martin

Earl Martin

Writer/Director/Actor from Wisconsin

I produce faith-based and horror shorts. What? Is that even possible? I know right? Recently I wrote a classic horror short titled, Beautiful Scary Moon, which we hope to shoot this summer. I already see this as a feature, but my strength is short story writing. I would love to collaborate with a female writer to complete the screenplay for 2 reasons: I respect females (I have a wife and 2 daughters, one of which is a novel writer), and the hero of this story is a female. If you have any direction or interest let me know!

Joey Lanai

Hey Earl! Nice to meet you. I love the fact that you deal with faith based and horror... I wrote a feature screenplay that is essentially a combination of the two and deals with the occult as well. Would love to bounce stuff and read your work too.

Earl Martin

Thanks for chiming in. Filmmaking is a lonely world. I don't know if we will ever meet in person, but I wish you all the best and that you will be encouraged to press on. Sounds like you have a lot of skills which isn't all bad. It's good to know a little about a lot. I feel the same way, but I certainly know where I need help. I'd be happy to give constructive direction if I'm able. I'll keep you in mind too.

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