Introduce Yourself : Writer/Producer by Marie D. Jones

Marie D. Jones


Hey everyone, nice to connect with all of you! I am a writer and producer with several projects all over the place, and my own production company to boot. This is a tough business that requires incredible patience, thick skin and the ability to be both passionate about the product, yet also detached over the outcome of your efforts. Working with the best people makes it a whole lot easier!

Allen Lynch

Hello Marie!

Doug Nelson

Welcome aboard. AS a fellow writer/producer; I understand fully what you say.

Jim Westlyn

Hey Marie: I like the way you put that: Everything from "tough business" to the end. That ought to be in the first paragraph of the owner's manual!

John Ellis

Welcome, Marie!

Mike W. Rogers

Nice to meet you Marie!

Cali Gilbert

Welcome Marie! Writer/Director here working on a few projects of my own. Please let me know if I may support you in any way. Cheers!

Christopher Chance

Hello Marie, tell me about it!



Marie D. Jones

I think my biggest issue is brain overload...and forgetting to come on here and respond and say hello to everyone. HELLO!!!!!!

Cali Gilbert

Haha! You're not alone Marie. Hope all is well. :)

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