Introduce Yourself : Writer - Producer - Jill of All Trades (Master of a Few???) by Marie D. Jones

Marie D. Jones

Writer - Producer - Jill of All Trades (Master of a Few???)

Hi, guys and gals! I love this place and look forward to networking and just getting to know so many of you! I am a best selling author of non-fiction and fiction, and an optioned screenwriter, as well as an executive producer on an upcoming web channel. I've been writing since early childhood, publishing since my teen years, and fighting the good creative fight ever since. I love creatives of all types, as we share the same basic drive…to take ideas and create stories that entertain, enlighten, educate and empower and make people think a little bit differently about the world around them. My website is, and I am on Facebook (Marie D. Jones, Author), Twitter (MarieDJones) and linked in, under my name, so come join me there as well.

Tomasz Mieczkowski

Hi Marie, I'm sure my sister has read some of your books... she's a fan of all "fringe" - If not, I will let her know about your work. She has collected every single Daniken book on her shelf - I didn't know there were so many... :) I'm really curious now, what sort of themes do you choose for your screenplays - I didn't see any loglines listed in your profile. I'd love to learn more.

Marie D. Jones

I write about similar themes. I have a paranormal horror script being shopped by my management company, and a sci fi adventure optioned with a producer/director, so yes, my non-fiction interests find a way into my fiction and screenwriting as well!!!!

Richard "RB" Botto

Best of luck with the scripts, Marie!

Tomasz Mieczkowski

Awesome - that's what I expected. I'm so disappointed that sometimes amazing sci-fi shows get on TV and they cancel it the first chance they get. Masters of Science Fiction narrated but no other than Stephen Hawking lasted all 6 episodes. I'm forced to rewatch 7 seasons of The Outer Limits over and over again... not that I complain. I love the genre - wish you much success.

Cheryl Texiera

Marie, that's incredible! You've accomplished so much - and I can't wait to see what else you do! Welcome to the Stage 32 family!!

Marie D. Jones

Tomasz, I agree. I think TV is waking up a bit, though. I read that the SyFy Channel was returning to good sci fi programming due to demand from viewers! Until then, we have the older classics to watch!

Eric Pagan

Greetings Marie!

Marie D. Jones

Cheryl, thank you so much!!!

Hans Nielsen

I can relate to the jack of all trades bit.....good luck with joining Stage 32.

Marie D. Jones

Thank you, Hans!

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