Introduce Yourself : Writer/Screenwriter based in London. by Philip Mayes

Philip Mayes

Writer/Screenwriter based in London.

Hi there, I'm a writer and screenwriter based in London, and I love film. Quite simply that's why I'm here and why I write screenplays, because I love film. From Kubrick, Kurosawa and Lean to Marvel and Mad Max, as long as its got a good story, imaginative, well shot and acted, I'm there with my big tub of popcorn and large Pepsi. (Actually that's a lie because I hate eating popcorn in the cinema. Yeah, being a writer I lie a lot.) Watching a film on TV is fine, but if you want to experience it properly, then it has to be seen on the big screen, just as a good book should be read on old-fashioned paper. Long live movies!

Tomasz Mieczkowski

Haha, nice going Philip. Lying in your intro... :) I'm a huge cinema fan myself. Lean? As in David Lean?

Shane M Wheeler

Hey Philip, Welcome to stage 32, and see you in the writer's lounge.

Philip Mayes

David Lean. Absolutely. Local lad. As for lying I keep it on the page because otherwise I'm very bad at it.

Tomasz Mieczkowski

Cool stuff - I haven't heard anyone mention David Lean in a while. The way I see it, if you lie and admit to it in the same paragraph, it doesn't really count... :D Now I'm craving popcorn.

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