Introduce Yourself : Writer and Filmmaker by Benjamin Cyrus-Clark

Benjamin Cyrus-Clark

Writer and Filmmaker

Hi guys, I've been on here for a little while but I wanted to introduce those that haven't seen it to my current film project Preacher's Boy. Have a look at the trailer for the short below that will eventually become a feature. If you like it feel free to Like, Comment and or Share.

Tomasz Mieczkowski

This looks really great.

Dara Taylor

Hi Benjamin, the trailer is chilling! How far are you in the production process? Please keep us updated on the progress!

Benjamin Cyrus-Clark

Hi Dara, thank you. At the moment we are still in the process of securing a backer and the necessary budget for the feature, but once that is done production will be ready to go. I will definitely keep you updated.

Owen Mowatt

Oh this is bringing back some bad memories. Pastor Newey and his 5 hour sermons, followed by 2 hours of Sunday School, then bible reading....cold shiver However, that's me. Good luck wit this Benjamin. I'd like to see how this unfolds.

Benjamin Cyrus-Clark

Hi Owen, thanks. I will be posting production updates on here so keep an eye out.

Richard "RB" Botto

Good to see you as always, Benjamin! Keep charging!

Benjamin Cyrus-Clark

Hi Richard, thank you for that. Much appreciated.

Karlyle Tomms

Thank you Benjamin. I sent a tweet of your YouTube post "Preachers Boy". Thank you for sharing this.

Jeanie Hobgood

Hi Benjamin. Sounds like that things are moving along with your current project. I'll be keeping up with it.

Richard "RB" Botto

My pleasure, my friend.

Benjamin Cyrus-Clark

Hi Karlyle, seriously thank you so much for that. Every share, retweet, comment and like is greatly appreciated, it gets the word out there and every little helps. So thank you for sharing and showing an interest.

Benjamin Cyrus-Clark

Hi Jeanie, thank you things are indeed moving forward. Reading all the comments and reactions to the trailer - if it's even possible - makes me even more excited to get the feature out there so you all can appreciate the full story.

Jeanie Hobgood

Bejamin; I look forward to your finished work.

Art Thomas

Thank you for sharing.

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