Introduce Yourself : Writer/director/producer by Stacey McClain

Stacey McClain


Hello All... Over the last ten years, while juggling my life as a writer/director and producer, I have been traveling yearly to Germany to write an authorized biography about a transgender singer and drifter from Chicago, named Marla Glen. Marla was born and raised in Chicago, but drifted to California where he lived back and forth between Ms. Nina Simone and Bo Diddley, until he landed in Nawlins and won an open mic night competition, where the prize was to perform at a festival of over 8k people in France. Marla was arrested after that open mic night performance, but the Frenchman waited till the ordeal was over because he saw that Marla had talent. Once Marla landed in France, with the help of Ms. Simone, he ultimately became an overnight success, but victim to shady managers, record producers, and ended up penniless, and sometimes homeless. Trudging through a mountain of ups and downs, Marla ultimately landing on his feet, and created a team that keeps him delivering new music, and working throughout Europe. The book is currently with an editor, in its final stages of completion.  As a first time author, I'm super excited, yet a bit nervous about what to do next.  What I know for sure, is I ultimately plan on bringing Marla's story to life as a movie. I don't hang out here much, but I love this community and at some point I'll be reaching out for guidance. I hope you all have a great holiday season. Please stay safe and as sane as possible. :)

Art Thomas

Hello Stacey McClain It is nice to meet you. Interesting project!

Stacey McClain

Thanks Art! Nice to meet you as well.

Matthew Parvin

Welcome Stacey! Nice to meet you. Glad you're here.

Maurice Vaughan

Nice to meet you, Stacey McClain. The book cover looks great! Have you been to the Authoring & Playwriting Lounge ( It has a lot of resources and advice for authors.

GiGi Raines

Hi Stacey! I love this story. Have you considered adapting it into a screenplay? Definitely a story that needs to be shared!

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