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Dwain-Thomas Flowers


Hi, I'm Dwain-Thomas! Don't know if I am posting right, but here it goes. I have written several novels, none of them have been sold, so I thought. Maybe if people don't want to read what I have written, maybe they would like to see it on the big screen. I had my novels listed on AUTHONOMY.COM, and one of the members on that site asked me if I had ever written screenplays, because my novel read like a screenplay. So I thought: Maybe if it read like a screenplay, I was halfway there, and I could adapt it to screenplay format and attract someone's attentions that way. I have two screenplays listed on this site and I have another one started. This is a wonderful site! I enjoy visiting it everyday. I wish everyone the best of luck in find what they are looking for.

Sylvia Marie Llewellyn

Hi Dwain-Thomas. Welcome to Stage 32. Check out the Webinars with RB for 'how to' and 'where to' navigate Stage 32. You'll love it here.

Amanda Toney

Hi Dwain-Thomas! Don't be afraid to really milk Stage 32 for all it's worth- there is so much here for screenwriters! check out the Happy Writers as well as the fantastic webinars and classes. Best of luck to you in getting your screenplays on the big screen! :)

Wayne Mann

Welcome Dwaine, glad to know you!

Phil Clarke

I echo the others in welcoming you, Dwain-Thomas. Feel free to come and chat anytime.

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