Introduce Yourself : Writer of Fantasy and Horror by Varun Prabhu

Varun Prabhu

Writer of Fantasy and Horror

Hello there folks, This time I won't be that formal. Because last 2-3 times, I did. I am an aspiring screenwriter, been learning the craft and practicing script writing. Frankly, I am happy that I have found another medium of storytelling, which is what I love doing. Yes, people tend to balk when I tell them I write stories for a living. Yes, I am a professional writer. Freelancing in ghostwriting for now, but sometimes, I also write content. But non-fiction isn't really my forte. What I really love is fiction. I am primarily a novelist than a screenwriter. I simply adore prose. As an avid reader and modest writer, I prefer epic fantasy, urban fantasy, supernatural, horror, psycho-thrillers, and dark fantasies. I sometimes write science fiction and post-apocalyptic thrillers. I am soon going to be an author since I will be publishing my debut novel - a prequel standalone that is part of a huge epic fantasy series called The Glaecean Chronicles. It is slated to release next month. And yes, I am going the indie route. The book that is coming out is titled The Greentree Predicament and am hoping that people will love it. Epic Fantasy, did I say? Think of it more like a cross-genre fiction because it has got multiple genres within it (War and Strategy, Sword and Sorcery, Romance, Horror, Suspense)... Apart from this, I write short stories and occasionally submit to dailies and magazines. Some of them have been selected. I intend to write more and more of these and try to get featured in anthologies. It just builds great credits. The latest genre I have been attracted to is Historical Fiction and Historical Fantasy. I am working on a retelling of The Mahabharata from Subhadra's POV (which few authors have done). As far as screenwriting is concerned, I have finished and rewritten two. One is a fantasy that deals with the struggles of two brothers who fight against each other for a throne of kings while the whole world is embroiled in a game that is either going to make or break it. The other one is a combination of science fiction and supernatural horror. Currently, both of them remain untitled. I have toyed with many. Just out of ideas. I plan to pitch at least one of them this year. Hopefully. Fingers crossed. Apart from all of this, I love to read books. Tolkien, GRRM, Archer, Jordan, Rothfuss, etc..There are many favorite authors...I love TV shows and am an addict and proud. Oh ya, I would love to write for TV one day because that medium intrigues and interests me at the same time :D :) Would love to interact with ye guys. Fel free to connect with me. Also for updates on my novels, series, scripts, blogs, please go like Enjoy your life. Enjoy Writing. Take Care of Yourself. Adios :D :)

Jack Ritter

Hi Varun. Great introduction. Those screenplays sound really interesting. It sounds like you really enjoy creating fictional worlds. When it comes time to pitch those stories, you should consider going through Stage 32's online pitching sessions.

Varun Prabhu

Oh, I am definitely considering it, sometime mid-year hopefully :)

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