Introduce Yourself : Writer of a dinner party with Vivien Leigh, Sylvia Plath, Jayne Mansfield and Natalie Wood amongst others by Frazer Houston

Frazer Houston

Writer of a dinner party with Vivien Leigh, Sylvia Plath, Jayne Mansfield and Natalie Wood amongst others

Hello everyone, my name is Frazer Houston and I wrote a book about a dinner party with once real living people. I wondered how real people would be if they could look back on their life and share it with others and so I wrote about it. I am now turning it into a screenplay and have written, 'cast of characters', at the top of a blank page. This is as far as I have got, it is a start though, Frazer

Stage 32 Staff - Julie

What a wonderful idea Frazer - how cool! I checked out your profile and I love the logline you came up with for the story. And, hey, "Cast of Characters" is a great start! Now you can say you started your screenplay in, let's push to try and get you to finish it in 2015. Glad you are in the community!

Leah Waller

That's the biggest step - figuring out who your characters are and who are your main ones. :) Good for you!!

Frazer Houston

Luisa Casati (the main character in your screenplay) is a really interesting person Leah

Madonna McManus

A powerful premise!

Michelle Ruiz

Hello there Frazier, I'm Mishel and I just want to introduce myself to you. I am an actress and now starting to learn voice overs, which is tons of fun so far. I noticed that you studied criminology, so did I until someone told me one day I should go into acting LOL. Now here I am! I am brand new to STAGE 32 and still getting myself acquainted with everything. So with that, I hope we will talk down the line. Bye!

Frazer Houston

Pleased to meet you Mishel

Frazer Houston

Thankyou Madonna McManus

Frazer Houston

Had a response from a descendent of one of the main characters which was great

Thomas L Hendricks

Happy for your success, I do celebrity impressions--I think your still doing research on all your characters--I find its good to writer about the factual part of there life --people like to hear that too--plus you'll have to put in the highlights of there careers. Maybe one was known for being a gossip, they could go to the powder room and tell about each other in twos--you'll get some laughs--using there famous lines might be a grabber as well.

Frazer Houston

Hi Thomas, Tallulah Bankhead is my go to woman when it comes to light relief. I include quotes from her in the story and find that she is great when it comes to lightening the mood

Frazer Houston

Looking forward to knowing more about your impressions Thomas

Thomas L Hendricks

Currently doing Scarecrow from the Wizard of Oz and Cat in the Hat for Children's shows- how are you doing.

Phil Clarke

Sounds like an intriguing idea, Frazer.

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