Introduce Yourself : Writers Room is a great Network by Jill A. Hargrave

Jill A. Hargrave

Writers Room is a great Network

Hello Everyone. I posted this on the Home page so here it is on the Introduce Yourself page. I'm really enjoying all of the Webinars that Studio 32 provides for the Writers Room members. For over two decades, I produced documentaries for NJN Public Television. I've now relocated to Vero Beach, FL for the third act of my life and have used this time to write screenplays. One of them is in a final rewrite stage before I pitch it. It's called "The Bottom Line" and is loosely-based on my experiences working for ABC-News in the late Eighties. I'm also in the treatment stage of another feature called "The Two Shades" that is loosely-based on my pop singing career in the Sixties in England.

Check out my profile to see the loglines for each of these features. I just posted Version 3 for "The Bottom Line." Love to get your feedback. I also have two historical biopic features on the back burner in synopsis form. Love this introduction weekend. Thanks R.B. and all the staff at Studio 32 for helping me build on my writing skills as I venture into screenplay writing.

Karen E Ross

Hey, Jill A. Hargrave! It's been such a pleasure to get to know you through the Writer's Room - and I'm still floored at what a rich and diverse life you've had thus far! It's really inspiring, especially for someone like me who has had "chapters" of accomplishments as well.

Would you be willing to start a conversation in the Producing Lounge about the value of producing content through public television? I'm willing to bet there are plenty of up-and-coming producers who don't realize the benefits of working locally.

Also, if you'd like more information about how to explore the Lounges, please enjoy my most recent blog post:

See you in the lounges, hon!

Richard "RB" Botto

Appreciate you, Jill. Thank you for all the positive words. Jason, of course, crushes it with the Writers' Room. When we first conceived of the idea a few years back, the hope was to bring a few dozen writers together in the hopes of keeping them motivated, educated and informed of the latest industry news and trends. With hundreds now in the "room", it's exceeded our expectations and has been more rewarding than we ever could have imagined. To see so many writers come together, support one another, share scripts, and simply lift each other up is beyond words. Thank you for being such a huge and positive part of the movement.

Thom Reese

Hi, Jill. Thanks for giving us your introduction. It's great to get to know a little bit about my fellow Writer's Room members. And yes, The Writer's Room is a great network.

Deborah Jennings

Jill - Are there any documentaries you were part of that can be seen on You Tube or somewhere else? I look forward to your next pitch!

Jill A. Hargrave

As far as I know, they are not because NJN Public Television owns the copyright. We were a State Agency until the legislature closed down NJN in 2011 and provided a contract to WNET in NY to cover New Jersey through a subsidiary WNET created called NJTV. All of the employees were laid off and most were not rehired by WNET, including myself. Of course, I do have DVD's of all the documentaries I produced for NJN over the years, but would not be allowed to post them on YouTube without permission from the State of New Jersey.

Karen E Ross

Great question, Deborah Jennings! Is it weird that I kind of want you to get that permission, Jill A. Hargrave? Like I think you and the people who worked on those docs deserve to have them available to the public - they were made by a public media outlet, after all!

Jason Mirch

Hey Jill A. Hargrave! I so enjoy having you as a part of the Writers' Room! Your ideas are fantastic and your enthusiasm is infectious. And thank you so much for spreading the word about the Writers' Room! I am excited to send you your reward!

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