Introduce Yourself : Writing by Mariana Buric

Mariana Buric


Good day, everyone!

My name is Mariana Buric. I am a screenwriter and a lawyer from Bucharest, Romania.

In this pandemic time, I realized that writing keeps you on the surface, in the worst situations. So, I keep writing. Now I am working on a feature script about a couple who make efforts to save their marriage while they are in quarantine.

I wish all of you to be inspired!

Greg Karpinski

Hi Mariana, I would love to hear more about your story. I'm working on a similar story but about a couple who are going through the struggle of working on their relationship whilst being completely cut off from civilization and news. They're out in nature and once they come back to civilization they realize the world is not what it was when they left a few weeks earlier. My inspirations are Nuri Bilge Ceylan's "Climates" and well as Ingmar Bergman's "Scenes from a marriage"

Good luck with your screenplay and if you're willing to share at some point I'd love to collaborate.

Ricki Linksman

Hi Mariana and Greg, Great to meet you. What I love about stage 32 is there are so many great webinars and writer's room activities that I am always learning something new to improve my scripts. As I start my 4th script, I just realized that having learned about how to pitch a finished script which Stage 32 offers so much practice in, it makes me realize that writing the pitch before writing the script helps focus us on working out any issues in the script before spending a year on it, and having to fix it later! What I learned from pitching is helping me hone the story before I even start to write!

Mariana Buric

Thank you so much Greg ad Ricki for your comments! I'm grateful. I wish you all the best with your work!

Marjolein Smit

Hello Mariana, Well you are certainly making the most of this weird time. Good for you. All the best. Greetings Marjolein

Shadow Dragu-Mihai

Welcome! I am in L.A. and work with a number of talented people from Romania!

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