Introduce Yourself : Writing My Life Away! by LeAndra Cortez

LeAndra Cortez

Writing My Life Away!

Good evening, today is the day for.... writing more.

I started my writing career seven years ago. What do I have to show for it? Five screenplays, short stories, and one tv series. Has any of them been sold? Not yet. Does that stop me from writing? Of course not, writing cures my madness.

As I build my team and grow my knowledge, writing has become a way of life. Seven years seems like forever but let me tell you I'm glad it's taken this long to succeed, because had I "made it" with the first thing I've ever written then I wouldn't have grown as a writer.

So I'm here to say hello, I'm a writer and so are you. Our writer minds are in this together. Don't give up, someone, somewhere, someday will find your writing and enjoy every word.

Until then keep writing, even if it's for you because in the end if you don't like what you write your not a writer, you're critic. So get busy writing or get busy dying. I'm pretty sure that's a song, no copyright infringement intended.

Patricia M Bates

Happy weekend to you. It's always a pleasure to meet another writer!

Prince Junior Stanley

happy Sunday check my blog I have latest update

Vincent Paterno

In addition to writing romantic comedies, I've run a classic Hollywood blog since 2007:

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