Introduce Yourself : Writing my way oout of crazy by D A Stenard

D A Stenard

Writing my way oout of crazy

Hello and thanks for the nice welcome. I posted a few logline and synopsis and I would love to hear people's thoughts about them. I have been writing for a while, optioned and sold stuff. Can't be serious if I tried, so COMEDY is my genre. Haven't made a living at it yet. I work should-crushing job and am hoping this is the year I make the leap from wage slave to produced screenwriter. Stay safe and healthy, y'all!

Jason Mirch

Hey D A Stenard! It is great to have you here! I am so glad that you posted your loglines and synopsis on Stage 32. Unlike InkTip and other sites, we never charge to host your material so I am glad you took advantage of that. In fact, you may even get a shoutout from some of the 1000+ executives we work with through the site. My colleague and friend Nick Assunto the Script Services Coordinator is a logline master! I am sure he will give some thoughts.

Make sure to fill out the rest of your profile too. We're been seeing a lot of writers get hired, signed, and optioned through their Stage 32 profiles alone. It definitely makes a difference.

Hit me up at if you would like more thoughts on how to get your work "out there" - I am the Director of Script Services and happy to help in whatever way I can.

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