Introduce Yourself : ... let's tell stories! by Marcelo Dietrich

Marcelo Dietrich

... let's tell stories!

Hi! Happy Friday and Introduce Yourself Weekend!

My name is Marcelo Dietrich. I work in TV & Film production, and am an award-winning filmmaker.

Due to a recent health scare, I've decided to work more in screenplay consultation & Doctoring.

What was especially disconcerting of this experience is that I had nasal-pharyngeal carcinoma cancer when I was 13 years old.

Any time I have an ailment involving the ear, nose &/or throat, I am even more concerned.

After 3 and half weeks of not-knowing, I've learned that I have Vocal Fold Paralysis.

This time frame includes 3 Dr. visits, 2 ER visits & a night in hospital.

At one point, my airway was "the size of a pinhole" said the ER ENT Dr.

This made breathing so difficult, I thought I was having a heart attack.

Surgery is probable, and either my voice or ability to inhale/exhale will be affected.

As such, I'm making a move to be able to work from home, and not have to use my voice as much.

Prior to this experience, I would jog 1-3 miles a day, and play soccer one or twice a week.

I was also looking forward to a new work-out routine to better condition myself for swimming - a wonderful hobby I took up last summer.

In celebration of Introduce Yourself Weekend, I'm offering HUGE discounts on my Screenplay Consultation & Doctoring services!

If interested, reach out to me, and let's tell stories!


Marcelo Dietrich

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