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Matthew Walsh

(re)Introduce myself

I've been screenwriting for 2.5yrs now, I have four(4) Feature length scripts completed and one(1) TV Pilot completed. My TV Pilot was just given a "RECOMMEND" rating by Script Reader Pro - I've personally had a great experience working with them - and several of my Features have won laurels in various screenwriting competitions.

I've been hired to write my 5th Feature and am currently scripting that, it's an original story of mine that I wrote in 11th grade in High School.

I'm 1-month into the whole social media/promote-yourself thing and I have every reason to believe with my portfolio and success to this point that I will someday soon catch a big break. Please follow me on Twitter:

Maurice Vaughan

How are things, Matthew? I've read articles on Script Reader Pro. Congrats on being hired to write the feature script.

Matthew Walsh

Thanks Maurice Vaughan, things are great. Got that Recommend and now working on this Feature that I've always wanted to write since High School, pretty swamped.

Yeah, there are tons of script services out there, for me I've had good experiences with SRP and they're usually my first stop after I finish a script, their feedback has been useful.

Alexandre Ross

Hey Matthew good to hear people succeeding on the platform and congrats on the script!

David C. Velasco

Congrats on getting hired again!

Naomi Kuagben

Hi Matthew,

Congratulations on being hired to write your fifth feature. With all your hard work and positivity I'm sure there are exciting things ahead for you. I will defo follow you on Twitter.

Maurice Vaughan

Thanks for the suggestion about Script Reader Pro coverage, Matthew.

Matthew Walsh

Thank you Naomi Kuagben I really appreciate the support! Happy to pass it back any way that I can :)

Maurice Vaughan you're welcome, if you have any questions about them feel free to message me, or as previously offered, I'm happy to read your works and give notes too :)

Good luck to all!! Let's see our dreams on the big screen!

Maurice Vaughan

Thanks for offering, Matthew. I'll keep the offer in mind. Have a creative work week.

Kelley Costigan

All wonderful stuff!

Martha Caprarotta

Congrats, Matthew Walsh on your script writing hire! Are you aware of Stage 32's awesome Script Services? There are many success stories of writers making connections with executives, having their scripts requested, and sales or jobs resulting. The recently released film "Chick Fight" is one such example. Check out the testimonials page, and read the descriptions of the various script coverage, consultation, and pitching services with top execs in the film and TV industries..

Matthew Walsh

Hi, yes, thank you Martha Caprarotta I'm new to Stage32 (3rd week here I believe) and I've submitted my scripts to a few of the services already, and plan to do so more in the coming weeks/months. I would LOVE to be the next success story!

Prior to Stage32 I was submitting through FilmFreeway to various competitions. Stage32 seems a much more clear approach in that it directly connects you to industry professionals without the need to win a competition first.

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