Introduce Yourself : where am I? by William Foley

William Foley

where am I?

SO.... I'm new. I grappled briefly with the dilemma of having yet ANOTHER social media platform to waste my time on or ignore, but this one seems like it might be... well, it's already better than LinkedIn in my eyes so... well... that's not saying much... I can't stand LinkedIn... Ok... so I'm off to a bad start. I make friends awkwardly. I'd say it's part of my charm, but I think I misunderstand the word 'charm' so... maybe it's not. Uh... I do good acting and I take pretty pictures! One thing I'm really bad at is introducing myself. I'm a speck in an ocean on a planet in a galaxy. I know this, so the thought of trying to stand out seems a bit futile and maddening. Especially among actors. I'll just be over in the corner looking like a precarious mixture of interesting and mildly creepy. (just mildly though)

Marilyn Du Toit

I know what you mean. I am a screenwriter and have joined many wasteful worst I think was Interpals.

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