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Kiwi living in the States!

G'day everyone! I'm a New Zealand actor now living in Seattle and am a dual US & NZ citizen. I have a great New Zealand accent which is perfect for making any character a little different - think Flight of the Conchords. You can check out my reel at and yo ...

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Aloha from Hi

Hi Everyone! Welcome to Stage32. I've been a member a couple of years; You'll find Stage32 a great resource. I'm a novelist. Working on #7 of a new pulp adventure series, The Incredible Adventures of Vic Challenger. Next 3 are in my mind queue waiting their turn. (If interested in an action-driven a...

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Writer and producer in my dreams

While a period piece might not be the best strategy for attracting reads for someone who's gone back to writing scripts and wants to get hired, it's something I had to do. For the present it's my marquee script and you can read it if you'd like on my blog site where I posted it

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Myron DeBose

Dean, not mad at you for writing the story you needed to write. I wrote a big budget vampire story that lacked an interested party. What's your next project?

Do you want to know all about the Nostradamus Leagcy? I have the story of the ages.

Hello fellow movie lovers. Like many of you I have hopes and dreams that involve the movie industry, and the wish that the art would be prime motive in their completion. I and my fellow screenwriter have written a Treatment for a script on the legacy of Nostradamus. A story based on extensive resear...

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Daniel Berghoff

If anyone is interested in getting involved in the production, let me know. Attached is the Treatment.

Myron DeBose

Daniel, awesome story. Nostradamus is so interesting. I have watched several documentaries on him, his inventions and predictions.

Myron DeBose

Nastradamus is relevant as an ancient futurist and his predictions are the stuff of nightmares. If I can assist in anyway, even if just as a sounding board - I'm game.


Hi All. I'm a songwriter/performer with 11 original CDs of Jazz/Blues/Country/Pop songs to my credit. I have 3 songs on hold for 2 different TV Series, and 1 song on hold for a Movie project. I have written on demand for plays and various projects. I'd love to be involved in your movie or TV concept...

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Screenwriter in the Bay Area

I'm a screenwriter in the Bay Area. My screenplay, "Guilt" made it to the quarter finals in the ScreenCraft screenwriting competition. I'm also an animal rights activist and am working on creating a filmmaker cooperative of vegan filmmakers. I also write about various things that you can read about...

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Hi, My name is Tony and I'm a writer/director/producer out of NJ. My directorial debut, BAD FRANK, is out now on most major platforms (iTunes, Amazon, hulu, etc.) and I'm just finalizing post-production on my latest film THE PRICE FOR SILENCE, so I'll be hitting the festival circuit soon and getting...

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Screenwriter/novelist saying hello

Hello, I am a screenwriter and novelist living up in the Bay Area. I just had a script chosen as an 'official selection' of the Beverly Hills Film Fest and I am pretty happy about it. In general, I am looking to build a career writing film (either marketing my own material or writing for a studio) or...

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Composer here

Hello everybody. I'm a composer for film and television. I would like to offer my services, if needed. I have plenty of experience. Please visit my official website at:
I'd appreciate that. I am also on imdb. Thank you! Wolfgang

Classic Hollywood fan, historian and screenwriter

I have a passion for Golden Age film, with special emphasis on comedy. For nearly 11 years, I've run the classic Hollywood site Carole & Co. (; as its name implies, the focus is on Carole Lombard, my favorite classic-era actress. In recent years, I've decided to ...

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British Actor, Writer and Director

Looking to make a very British micro budget indie feature film later this year. Vigilante Vicars.

Peeking in - it's been a while!

Hello peeps! I know it has been a while! I am mostly known to many Film/TV/Game composers as the guy who builds specialty alternative stringed instruments called "GuitarViols" (Those guitar formatted violas you hear in Game of Thrones, 300, and lots of others - it's a big list, won't go there). Alth...

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