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Whether you're new to the site or have been a long standing member of the community, step forward and introduce yourself. And please welcome and support all that do post.

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Hi! I'm new here, so I'm learning how everything works! Is it OK to add you to my network?


Can anyone answer my question: What is the best microphone to attach to an Android phone for commercial voice-over recordings?


Nice to meet you!

Coreetta S Buchan

Hello Andrea! Phones have their own mics and pick up all kinds of background noise especially if you are holding it. Any vibrations, tiny movements or bustle will come out in mastering when sound engi...

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Andrea Calabrese

Thank you so much for your helpful info! I'll cherish it, forever!

Andrea Calabrese

I already got a Ploture mic and so far it's working great!

Andrea Calabrese

My voice demos with the Ploture Mic are on IG: @AndreasExcellence

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Jami Rhodes
Hey Group

I want to formally introduce myself again. My name is Jami Rhodes and I’m a 39 yrs old black female Screenwriter surviving everyday. It’s such a pleasure meeting all of you! I have a couple pilots, features, and shorts already written. I have more ideas that I’m currently working on. Just looking to make some fruitful connections.

Eon C. Rambally

Great seeing you here, Jami!

Sam Borowski

Welcome Aboard, Jami! GOD BLESS and STAY FRESH!!!

Jami Rhodes

Thank you so much!! Nice to meet all of you!!!!!

Karen E Ross

Hey, Jami Rhodes! My name is Kay, I'm the Community Manager here at Stage32. Nice to meet you! First, congrats on all your completed scripts! What are next steps for you? Are you hoping to sell them?...

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Stefano Pavone

Welcome to the club. :)

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Andi Reiss
...introducing myself to the community.

Just wanted to say hi and if you have a moment do please take a look at my creative adventures :- I'm looking for interesting collaborative screen/stagewriting opportunities, and an agent and in I'm more than happy to offer my skills to projects that my filmmaking experience might require. Many thanks in advance. Andi

John Hribljan

Story Teller Music Producer Song Writer Actor Musician

Karen E Ross

Hey, Andi Reiss! My name is Kay, I'm the Community Manager here at Stage32. Nice to meet you! Wow, you definitely have an artistic eye, and great camera language on your reel!

I'd love for you to share...

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Kristin Jackson

Hi Andi! It's very nice to e-meet you, thank you for connecting with me. I'm a Graphic Designer who has been working with film people for almost the past 10 years, doing everything from pitch decks an...

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Scotty Sch
I'm New

Hello Everyone, New to Stage 32 and excited to get started. Been working on writing a feature for a while and hope to be able to get some feedback on it soon. In the mean time, I'd be happy to read any other work someone may need reviewing. Thanks!

Damian Lloyd

Always interested in reading scripts, when you have it ready. You can post it -- or (better) a link to it -- in your Profile and ask for feedback.

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Lisa R Malone
Introducing myself to the Stage 32 Community

Hello Everyone, I am new to Stage 32 and I have all intention of utilizing every inch of what this fantastic industry tool has to offer. And a special thank you to Richard Botto “RB” for his fantastic energy he puts forward with his excitement, his insight, and saucy-ness. Also a thank you to those...

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Shawn Robinson
New to 32

Hello, first it is a pleasure to meet everyone. I am new to the group and hope to get to know as many of you as I can. I have two short films under my belt. One practice one and two more in the works. Also, currently writing my first feature. Thank you for your time and I hope all of you have a great life.

Diana Echevarria
Virtual Assistant / Jewelry Creator

Hi, there my name is Diana. Thank you for the invitation. I have a virtual assistant business Make It Virtual Assistant and I focus on more of the technical side of things but my passion is my jewelry business, Jena Jewelry. I make artisan jewelry using natural stones, metals, bone, wood, and crysta...

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Ben Gilani

Hi Diana and welcome to the community,

Diana Echevarria

Thank you!

Nick Paul
I got my own audience

I got my own audience now. A lot of screenwriters have come and followed me. Ready for me to share the many adventures about Nick Rivers. More can come follow.

Eric Bandari

Film is a language to tell the stories,and the narrator of those stories is the camera the director is the ultimate storyteller, and the voice will use is that of the camera . Directing & screenwriting & interested in photography. Orange County, Ca.USA

Ayasha Loya
Fashion Designer and Fine Artist

Hello my name is Ayasha. I thank you for the invite to become a member of a very interesting and creative community. I am a Fashion Designer for Fashion Ayasha Brand, Content Writer, Photographer, and Fine Artist. I enjoy being creative, embrace learning more traits and techniques related to being c...

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Max Ablitzer
Music composer loving horror and drama

Just came here and wanted to say hi! I'm a music composer living near Paris, I love to work with live instruments and experimental music, suiting very well the horror, thriller, drama genre. You can see how that works here in the video below. I'd be glad to meet you and learn about your projects - looking forward to it! Max.

Julien Klenn

This is really good. Congrats!

Jim Pfeifer

Loved it Max! I especially liked the footage showing how you captured some of those psycho-acoustic sounds and then how you used them in the context of the film. Great work!

Max Ablitzer

Thank you, Stanley!

Max Ablitzer

Thank you, Julien!

Max Ablitzer

Thank you, Jim! Yes it's always interesting to see, I should document this type of work more often!

Shishir Paltanwale
Producer/Editor - London UK

Hi Everyone, my name is Shishir Paltanwale, I am from Milton Keynes - UK, I have been a member of Stage32 for a month or so but not a very active on. I saw the “Introduce Yourself” promo so decided to say hi to everyone out there.

Zach M


Richard "RB" Botto

Here's hoping you get more active, Shishir. If there's one common denominator to all tens of thousands who have had success here over the last 9 years, it's that they treat their relationship building as a job. Put in the work, embrace the long game, reap the rewards.

Shishir Paltanwale

Will do Richard ....

Rohit Kumar


Maurice Vaughan

Hi, Shishir Paltanwale. Great to meet you. How are you doing? Richard "RB" Botto is right. I've had a lot of success on Stage 32 by networking (direct messaging and being involved in the lounges)....

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Screenwriter wanting to say hello!

Hi Everyone!

Really looking forward to getting in touch with like-minded people and sharing some brilliant ideas.

Stay Safe!

Karen E Ross

Hey, Alistair Norman! My name is Kay, I'm the Community Manager here at Stage32. Nice to meet you! I was looking over your profile, but you don't have much there. Tell me about yourself! What kind of...

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