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Hi everyone, my name is Norm Rebadow, I am an Actor and a aspiring Screenwriter working on my first script. I've been out of the film/TV industry for a few years but felt the call to come back to what I love. I really missed it. I hope to be a productive part of this community and to make connection...

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Vohary Soa Ralaiarisolo

Hi Norm! Nice to meet you. I just signed up yesterday. I'm here because I need to interact with creative people. I'm an author filmmaker, please add me and let's keep in touch :)

David Black

Welcome Norm

Shawn Speake

Welcome, Norm!

James Drago

Hi Norm!

Kathleen Knox

Hi Norm--great to see a local face! I'm in Stow--would love to collaborate! I'm working on second script--sending out feelers on the first.

Chris from Candivan

Hi Community. Great to be here! My name is Chris, and I am starting Candivan, which is a streaming service that will produce web television series from independent filmmakers. As a filmmaker, I get how hard it is to get your stuff made and seen, so I'm really hoping we can make this a paradise where...

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Hello, everyone.

My name is Larry Guzman. I'm a screenwriter living in the Hudson Valley in New York. I've written several screenplays and only one of them is presentable. It's called "The Late and the Lamented," a zombie flick set in the world of Douglas Sirk. I entered it in Stage 32's "New Blood" competition. Good ...

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Daniel DeNapoli

I write in NYC!! The Bronx Kid is my new book!! I have a screenplay I'm shopping in LA & NYC!

Composer / Sound designer

Hello all, Hope this finds you really well and having fun in your projects. A quick word to introduce myself: I´m a composer, sound designer and musicologist (an audiohead, in short) based in London but work internationally. I have written for TV, film, radio, performances and installations, etc and ...

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James Drago

Hi! Welcome!

Yaiza Varona

Thanks so much James, all the best

James Drago

You too!

Daniel DeNapoli


Detailed Brief

I am Minto from UAE, Working here as an HSE Manager for an EPC Contractor, I have been to film industry long back (10 years) as my cousin produced films in regional language's, I was interested in acting in films, Unfortunately, it did not happen due to various reasons, Still films are my passion,

Minto Kodukathil Gopalakrishnan

Thanks Allen

Aray Brown

Welcome to the community!

Kelley Christene Watson

أهلا بكأهلا بك

Minto Kodukathil Gopalakrishnan

You most welcome Kelly, Thanks for connecting to me, take care and keep in touch, Regards, Minto

Ernie Lijoi Sr.

Minto, hang in there , you will do whatever you wish. There is no such thing as failure only solutions, it may take a while to find the solution, but you will find it. God Bless and good luck...


Hello everyone, I'm originally from Philadelphia PA, and have just recently relocated to Tallahassee Florida (I was in central Florida for about 15 years prior). I'm currently working on preproduction for a short film I've written titled, "The Hammer Fell." Also, I have several feature length project...

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Recent Physics graduate looking for more down-to-earth stardom

Hello all, I have recently graduated my physics degree and am looking to get stuck into work! With 2+ years of experience in journalism, both as film editor of CUB magazine and as co-founder and Editor-in-chief of BurstOut Magazine, I have a strong foundation of knowledge and a proven record of adap...

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Hey there.

Hello, everyone, my name is Leah, I'm a developing screenwriter and writer of short stories. I want to get back into acting in the near future as well. I'm hoping to connect with other creative people and maybe we can create something great one day.

Clare Keogh

Hello Leah!

Allen Lynch

Welcome & Good Luck Leah!

Leah Surette

Thanks !

Rafael Piovesan

Welcome Leah!

S.J. Robinson

Go for it Leah!

Till I Die... A stage play

Hi there, I'm new to Stage 32... I love to write... Playwrighting and scriptwriting. I hope it's okay to post a little film footage of a recent play I wrote... Till I Die... Would love to connect with other industry folk! Happy days x

Joey Madia

Well done, Michelle! I am a playwright and screenwriter as well.

Michelle Haggerty-Wood

Hi Joey. Thanks lots! I'm just trying to get to grips with using this platform to meet folk! Hope all is going well for you in the land of script!

Allen Lynch

Welcome & well done Michelle!

Rafael Piovesan

Well Done Michelle. Welcome!

S.J. Robinson

Welcome Michelle from your neighbour in Ireland! :D yea i got one of those robins following me everywhere too!

Hello everyone!

My name is Sydney and I am a journalism major at San Diego State University! I'm hoping to one day be a theatre journalist or publicist, but anything to do with the performing arts makes me happy. Right now, I spend my time going to see shows and writing about them afterwards! I can't wait to meet other people with the same interest as well! :)

S.J. Robinson

Hi Sydney, hope you can make your passion your work!


Hello everyone!
My name is Berenice and I'm from Argentina. I'm still a student, yes, but I'm trying to get started in this business. I'm a screenwriter and with a little experience in the production department as well.
I hope to make the best out of this and to ask everyone in here for advice to keep learning!
Thank you!

Allen Lynch

Welcome & Good Luck Berenice!

Rafael Piovesan

Welcome Berenice

Production Assistant

Hello all! I'm a college senior working PA gigs between classes in Philadelphia. I've been doing these occasional PA jobs now for about 7 years; my most recent is a music video shoot this October. I'll be moving out to Santa Monica after my May 2018 graduation to start working professionally. Just wanted to introduce myself.

Allen Lynch

Welcome Lauren & Good Luck!

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