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Whether you're new to the site or have been a long standing member of the community, step forward and introduce yourself. And please welcome and support all that do post.

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Richard Morell
Screenwriter/Playwright Based in Laramie, Wyoming

Hi, everyone--

I've been a member of the Stage32 community for a few years now, but have not really had much of an opportunity to connect with others. During that time, I held an overnight job as a Night Auditor at a local hotel, which pretty effectively shut down my energy for the time I held that j...

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Vincent Paterno

Good hearing from you again! (Former classmates, PS54.)

Charisma Ann

I am just an ordinary girl trying to bring in some extraordinary elements into my life. I love writing of all kinds and look forward to that rainy day when I can sit down and scribble screenplays while I sip hot chocolate and think about how great life is. I like learning why people became the way t...

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Robert Sacchi
Aspiring Screenwriter

Just taking advantage of "Introduce Yourself" day. I have a couple of loglines, Synopsis, and screenplays posted to Stage 32,

Vincent Paterno

So do I. What's your preferred genre? Mine is comedy.

Nathan Ray Clark
Actor, improviser, writer, and producer

Based in LA. Originally from South Texas. Currently, getting ready to release a new episode of my award winning web series, Born Losers. I love collaborating with other like minded creatives. Would like to with fellow improvisers and sketch writers.

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Born Losers | Losers aren't made, they're born
Born Losers | Losers aren't made, they're born
about Born Losers, a love child of Broad City and It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, follows two misguided best friends navigating life in Los Angeles, one bad decision at a time. Nate is a pushover w…

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Dellis Caden Noble
Delis CadenNoble Director/Proucer @ Expressions Theatre and Film

Hi! How's everyone? Enjoying being a part this amazing creative talented group! Just finished working as a SAG-AFTRA Actress on three Indy films. Michael Shurtleff and I Co-founded Expressions Theatre and Film primarily do our own plays/musical/films. Michael died several years back; so, I am still...

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Vincent Paterno

Hi there! Journalist turned screenwriter (two rom-com feature scripts, working on a third) and film historian (

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Jennifer Smith

Hi, folks. My name is Jennifer. I'm a screenwriter living in Newark, Delaware. I recently turned fifty but the sky didn't fall or anything, so I think I'm going to be OK. I suppose a theme of my life and my writing is fear, whether it be a source of comedy, drama, or thriller. When I was nine years...

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Vincent Paterno

Comedy is my genre (two complete rom-com feature scripts, working on a third, collaborating on a fourth).

Paul Khoshaba

Hi Jennifer, glad to know the sky didn’t fall and I think you have a long successful screenwriting career in your future

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Tivoli Silas
Screenwriting Student New to LA

I'm a writer/filmmaker from Tampa, Florida who recently moved to LA to participate in UCLA's screenwriting professional program. I've written several screenplay and novel drafts and have made several short films. I'm currently looking to collaborate in the near future.

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Vincent Paterno

What's your genre? Mine is comedy.

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Rex McGee
Hello from Dallas!

I am a native of North Texas, a graduate of the USC film school, and a protege of the legendary writer-director Billy Wilder. My film credits include Warner Brothers’ PURE COUNTRY starring George Strait, Lesley Ann Warren, and Kyle Chandler; the Hallmark Channel’s WHERE THERE'S A WILL, starring Mari...

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Peter Roach

That is some great success Rex. Throw some karma my way !

Robert Sacchi

Impressive credits, glad you're off to a great start.

Vincent Paterno

Nice company to be with. I specialize in romantic comedy features, so Billy Wilder is one of my heroes.

Brian Alan DeLaney

Hello from down south in Houston!

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Jeremy McHugh
Jeremy McHugh—Long time fantasy/scifi illustrator—relatively new storyboard artist.

My name is Jeremy McHugh and I’m embarking on a new career as a storyboard artist and illustrator for the entertainment and advertising industries.

I’ve spent 18 years working full-time as a freelance illustrator in publishing —- specializing in action, fantasy, sci-fi, and horror and have enjoyed s...

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Brian Alan DeLaney

Hi Jeremy! You have some great stuff on your website.

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Dawn Garcia
Writer, Director, Producer

Hi everyone! I wanted to introduce myself. My name is Dawn Garcia, I'm an LA native, and have been working in the entertainment industry for 20+ years. I currently now write for TV and film, and will be directing my first film in the next quarter. I am always looking for more hired work but my passi...

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Vincent Paterno

Former journalist turned screenwriter and film historian here. Have completed two rom-com feature scripts, "Stand Tall!" and "Fugitive Sweetheart," and have run the classic Hollywood site Carole & Co....

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Judith Freiha
Actress - International Circuit

Hello Stage 32 Talented Creatives!

I am a California native that is working in film as an actress in Europe and the Middle East. Focused on film roles of dramatic and comedic nature. Currently in Beirut for a week to shoot my scenes for a project by Knockout Productions. Based in Paris, France. Speak...

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Robert Sacchi

Fantastic! Good fortune on your latest project.

Vincent Paterno

Best wishes in future endeavors.

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Kammy Burnett
LA- based Actor, Voice Talent, Writer/Creator

Hello everyone. I'm a Los Angeles-based actor and voiceover. I plan to create and writie my first comedy series soon. I'm also began my adventure in karate, which will allow me to be an action hero in action movies. I'm looking forward to great opportunities that come my way. Remember to never give up on your dreams!

Jeanne Young

Nice! Welcome:)

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