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Freelance Video Editor

Hello world, my name is Samuel Ojo, I am a freelance video editor, I am looking forward to meeting great people who love film making. Nothing gives me joy than making beautiful films.

Horror, Sci Fi and lover of comic

Hi Everyone, I'm a screenwriter in North Hollywood who specializes in horror. Just finished producing a short for Cryptv. Anyone else into horror or sci fi?

Jeff Gress

Writing my third horror screenplay now.

Qazi Fabia Hoq

I am interested in horror and dark drama. Nice to meet you, Morgan.

Eric Gilmartin

I read, watch, and write science fiction, and dabble in the fantasy. Horror isn't my thing so much, unless it's funny ("Shaun of the Dead" or "American Werewolf" spring to mind). I like the Hammer films, they're fun.

Allen Lynch

Hello Morgan! Fan of Sci-Fi, Horror, Action, & anything that has a good story!

John Demuary

Eighties horror has to be the best


My name is Nubia. I am a junior in high school, looking to pursue a career in set design. It is important to me to start working on reaching my dreams and goals now instead of waiting until I'm older.' I'm looking for learning and internship opportunities near McKinney or Dallas, Texas where I can observe filmmaking up close.

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Kelly Krause

Welcome, Nubia! Hope Stage 32 provides the resources you need to learn and grow. : )

Brian Alan DeLaney

Greetings from down south in Houston! And welcome to the site. I hope you can find somewhere that has a place for you.

Features and Television Pilot

Hi All! I am located in Orange County, CA and have directed a documentary that is out on Amazon and wrote and produced a short filmed on the Warner Bros Studio lot this past summer. That was a dream come true. I have two features and a Television pilot I am developing. Looking for partners and colla...

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Martin Yewchuk

Thanks Richard; keep up the great work with Stage 32!

Martin Yewchuk

That would be cool to be close to the WB! The short is wrapped...available to view here

Richard "RB" Botto

Appreciate that, Martin!

Natalie Farst

Hey Martin.....sounds like you have been very busy!!!

Donald Dominguez

Super cool, I used to watch that guy for years downtown Laguna. Great man...

Unit L/M TV pilot

Hey folks, my name is Tomas Boykin. I'm an Actor/Producer/Writer. My partners and I are pleased to announce that we are officially in pitch mode. That's right, all we're lookin' to do at this point is get in the room and close the deal. Our project is entitled Unit L/M which is a gripping episodic a...

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Art, love & money

I'm Patrick LEVY, writer-director & producer. I started my film career at the Ecole Florent Director’s Class in Paris. I produced a number of plays, including « The Scarecrow » by Jerry Schatzberg, « Edmond » by David Mamet and « Acapulco» by Steven Bercoff.  Afterwards, I produced and directed short ...

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Richard "RB" Botto

Been quite a ride. Appreciate the good words, my friend.

Ihekuna Chimezie Benedict

I thought you finance movies

Patrick Levy

I absolutely can finance movies, not development anymore - Which I did lately and cost me lots of money - so now game is over - Too time-consuming --

Patrick Levy

Hey Richard - Of course, my friend -;)

Ihekuna Chimezie Benedict

Can you send me an email to this address (mine): I would like to send you a project of mine, ''The Success Story'' Below is the synopsis Greg is the best of all students in his d ...

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My first name is Noel.

I was born and raised in Africa and have witnessed its wildlife diminish at an alarming rate - thanks to man's greed, it is unsustainable. Let's all do our part in bringing awareness to the problem, and give it the attention, protection and funding it deserves.


Hi everybody! It's great to see everybody's work here and connect!My name is Piotr Ryczko and I am norwegian/polish filmmaker/author. I am the published author of the London based publishing house “The Book Folks”. My first novel, a Scandinavian psychological thriller “A child made to order” was relea ...

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Piotr Ryczko

You too Stacie. Thank you for the warm welcome!

Clare Keogh

Hello and welcome Piotr!

Piotr Ryczko

Thank you for that Clare. Appreciate it!

Mehdi Javaherian

Hi Piotr! I'm a newcomer here on Stage 32, and I was checking other newcomers too; Man! I checked your website and I loved it; Your Panacea seems very Interesting and Your "A child made to order" sounds like a great read. Best of luck.

Piotr Ryczko

Thank you Mehdi! I appreciate the kind words about my work. A lot of talented people have contributed both to the book and are now cooperating to make Panacea happen. I am grateful for that.

Nice to meet everybody

Hello again, Stage 32 fellows! Keep writing creating great stuff. Best wishes to all !

Richard "RB" Botto

Cheers, Florica.

Florica Cimpoies

Cheers Richard!

Lasta Drachkovitch

You too Florica!

Florica Cimpoies

Thanks Lasta! All very best!

Richard "RB" Botto


Passionate about storytelling

Hello to the Stage32 community. My passion is for storytelling and so after a time of reviewing other people’s work as an Arts Editor, I thought it was time to I started to write something of my own. 4 books and 3 short films later, I’ve embarked on the perilous journey to write and direct my first...

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John Ellis

Geoff, an inspiring journey! Welcome!

Geoff Hall

Hello John, Thank you! The journey so far has been one of torture with exciting times of joy. Just working towards that breakthrough moment, rather than waiting for it to happen. How are things with you?


Hi there. I am a British screenwriter and actress. I currently have a vampire feature screenplay "Vandella" being hosted on The Black List. I am just finishing off a science fiction pilot also for The Black List and am entering their TV writing compeition. At the moment I am cast as a zombie in a fe...

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Jerry Gill

Sounds so exotic - playing zombie "somewhere" around an "ancient" city! "We were warned to stay away, but..." Could make a great book or screenplay. Welcome to Stage32, Kathleen.

Kathleen Anne Mortimer

Hello and thank-you for all your kind messages. I don't think it was such an ancient field after all. But certainly a cold but sunny day and hard work running across the same field 7 times with other...

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William Long

Hi i am William Long

Aschwin Urban

Welcome Kathleen

Clare Keogh


Fleurette M Van Gulden

Hi, I'm still budding, almost at fadeout and harvest time. Must live up to my name, Fleurette "Little flower."
Remember, write, write, write. Edit comes later.

Destiny Groove Davis


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