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About Me

Hey everyone! I’m so excited to have joined Stage 32 and I hope to connect with so many of you! I have personally written

7 screenplays... which I plan on writing MUCH MORE and a book of my late grandfather. I wrote it when I was 15 and self-edited it, but my writing has definitely improved since the...

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Brad Mason


7 scripts is pretty remarkable. I wish I had enough free time to get that much done.

Don't be shy to share it when you find it to be as close to perfection as possible - this is the right place for opinions and criticisms after all.


Alexandra Jimenez

That's awesome! Welcome!

Aray Brown

Welcome to the community, Anthony Medeiros i ! Pleasure to meet you ;) My name is Aray, I'm a screenwriter/content creator. You've come to the right place! & scripts is super impressive. What's your s...

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James Welday

Welcome, Anthony, pleased to meet and network with you, sir!

Eric Vollweiler
Producer and Marketing consultant of Film Festivals and Entertainment Events

Nice to meet everyone, I am a producer and marketing consultant on film festivals and entertainment events. So far my work has been in 10 states across the US and in Canada. I am looking to connect with producers, directors, screenwriters, production crew, actors, actresses, agents, managers, public...

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Jamil Agard

Hi Eric, great to meet you. I'm a screenwriter, script consultant, with experience as a consulting producer at a government funder.

Richard "RB" Botto

Cool to meet you, Eric. Be cool to have you write a guest blog on your experiences being a consultant on festivals. If you're interested, drop Joleene a line at - Cheers.

Cassie Hicks

Say, Eric, I've been wondering where you're exactly from, b/c I'm just an entertainment fan from Chicago, and I'm looking for a local publicist who can interview me about my three topics that are base...

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Eric Vollweiler

Hey Cassie please email me at and I can recommend you some great film and entertainment publicists nationwide.

Cassie Hicks

Thank you, I'll do that in a few minutes.:)

Randall Drum

I just wanted to take a moment to introduce myself. I am a horror fiction writer and I am getting back to the business of writing screenplays, which is where my heart belongs.

Maurice Vaughan

Hi, Randall. Great to meet you.

James Welday

Welcome, Randall, we're happy to have you.

Louise Tremblay

Hi Randall, welcome to the club!

Aray Brown

Welcome to the community, Randall Drum ! Pleasure to meet you ;) My name is Aray, I'm a screenwriter/content creator. Yes! Always go where your passion lies ;) You had me at horror! Make sure to updat...

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Eric Thompson

Hello everyone i am Eric Thompson, am a Construction Engineer basically in Building of House's Construction of Roads Bridges and Construction of Pipeline Channel.

Karen "Kay" Ross

Hey, Eric Thompson! My name is Kay, I'm the Community Manager here at Stage 32. If you'd like to learn more about myself and the Stage32 Team, we have an intro blog:

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Pat Savage

Welcome to the Stage 32 family of creatives! Happy networking!

Charles Hooper
Charles "Hoop" Hooper

Greetings. Glad to be here. I'm an effects artist, primarily horror and gore. I have some acting experience, voice-over work, and have been a musician (rhythm guitar / vocals) for many years. Hope to make some strong connections. Thank you all!

Maresa Luzier
New to Stage 32

Hi, worked as a coordinating producer for the advertising/marketing field out of Florida for more than fifteen years and recently moved to New Mexico and would love to start in PA positions to learn the business. Recently accepted to the overflow list of IATSE 480. Thanks for the introduction!

Xaviera Iglesias

Welcome to stage32 Maresa :)

David Henderson

Welcome Maresa!

Aray Brown

Welcome to the community!

Bright Gabriel

Welcome to the community.

Maresa Luzier

Thank you. So glad to be invited.

Jim LYnch
Hi everyone,

My name is Jim Lynch. I am an author, motivational speaker, wrestler, wrestling coach,, husband, father & CPWarrior (cerebral palsy). I recently completed a WGA registered screenplay titled “Brotherly Love”.

“Brotherly Love” is the story of 2 brothers who are high school wrestlers and their special n...

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Mugaya Faisal Uganda
The Girl Child-Kaleke Kasome


This story is all about the girl called Flavia(Kyatuhaire Shifa) who used to like studies alot.She used to promise her mom that she will bring a degree in NGOs by any means,but sadly her mom got attacked by aserious disease and that marked the beginning of...

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Novice screenwriter, new to the audiovisual business, trying to make contacts to make my way in this complicated world.

Ideas for new stories dance in my brain (always with the humility that characterizes me).

Working hard to make one of my scripts take shape as a film.

Scott Black

Welcome, dude. Get amongst it!:)

Laura Atares

Bienvenido, Carlos Alex Ceni

Aray Brown

Welcome to the community, Carlos Alex Ceni ! Pleasure to meet you ;) My name is Aray, I'm a screenwriter/content creator. Feel free to reach out to Jason Mirch, Director of Script Services, directly j...

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Carlos Alex Ceni

Hi Aray.. Nice to meet you. I am still getting to know how Stage32 works. Well be in touch. Best regards!!

Chris Donaldson
Looking for an Accountability Partner for Writing

Working on an episodic TV pilot (like a lot of other fine folks in this room) and looking for another writer who wants to get Sh!t done. We would work independently on our respective projects but check in regularly to hold each other's feet to the fire and make sure we're churning out the pages. If...

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James Welday

Heck yeah, Chris!! Keep up the great work!

Martin Reese

I keep re-working my beginning so I have gotten my page counts like I wanted, but making progress. And good work Chris Donaldson

Darren Mancini

I've been breaking up the day into two writing blocks. One 3 hour block in the morning and another one in the afternoon or evening depending on whatever else life brings into the mix. Monday to Friday...

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Martin Reese

Nice approach Darren Mancini

Steffany Lohn Sommers

I got sidetracked with a rewrite, but hey, at least it's still writing!

Adrian Karimi
Hi Everyone

Just wanted to introduce myself. My name is Adrian and I am a lawyer who has recently found a passion to writing screenplays. Hearing everyones stories about their successes (and setbacks) is very inspiring and I hope everyone can get their time to shine!

Mariannjely Marval

Hi Adrian! Welcome to Stage32. What kind of law do you practice? You must have great stories under your belt :)

Adrian Karimi

I primarily practice in civil litigation, so lawsuits over money. But I used to work for the court and saw all types of stuff in civil and criminal. And boy did the criminal side have some crazy stuff!

Mariannjely Marval

That's so interesting! We need to hear these stories. I'm also transitioning to writing and the Writers Room here in Stage 32 has helped me tremendously. You should join us :)! If you want to try it f...

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Louise Tremblay

Hi Adrian, welcome! All the best.

Jon Shallit

Write the crazy stuff you encountered. I work with co-writers in law enforcement, musical performance, antiterrorism, etc. Nothing beats the tales of truth you hear from experts.

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