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George R. Brooks II
Hello, film student here!

I am a Junior Film Production major at California State University - Northridge preparing for my Senior year. Film directing classes, screenwriting, coming up with financial plans, and learning Avid Media Composer/Pro Tools take up most of my time. I joined Stage 32 to learn what those in the indust...

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Vincent Paterno

What's your preferred genre? Mine is comedy features.

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Larry Garner
Re-introducing myself after an extended absence

Hello again! I have almost no knowledge of film-making, but as the author of a series of gritty (but darkly humorous) novels, I am here to expand my contacts in this field. Readers of my novels all say they would lend themselves well to film or TV series adaptations, and I agree.

I live in a very sma...

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Mark Furney

Hi Larry - I'm living in La Veta, not far from Hooper. Send me a private message and perhaps we can meet in Alamosa and explore whether we could get to work putting one of your novels into a script. Check out my bio. I've written two thrillers. Good luck.

Larry Garner

Hi Mark, thanks for connecting. I would definitely be interested in meeting up with you. I usually go to La Vets for the car show, but missed this year. I had actually found and read your profile before I read your post.

Gary Smiley

Hi, I've been on Stage32 for a number of years now and am reintroducing myself. I'm primarily into Animation but do other things (storyboarding, screenwriting). I work at Coolordrool and Quotable Movie. Looking to meet others.

DC Harrison
Network, Brainstorm, Collaborate!

Greetings, I'm a creative consultant, web content manager, and longtime music business professional moving into film. I also manage a blog promoting genre filmmakers, authors, and comic book publishers and have recently completed my first screenplay.

I'm interested in networking, brainstorming, and...

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Jon LaFleur
Jon LaFleur - Caterer, Crafty, Actor

Just saying Hi and introducing myself.

I am based in Reseda (Los Angeles) California.

I do Catering and/or Crafty for the Entertainment Industry (once in a while some acting).

If I can be of help to you contact me at


Jonathan Fournier
Hey from Montreal!

Long time member, rare poster. I like checking in on Introduce Yourself Weekend sometimes. My name is Jonathan; I'm a writer/producer (among other things) from Montreal. Filmed web series this year that I'm just waiting for post-production to wrap on. You can check out the trailer here:

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Unicorn Included: Trailer
Unicorn Included: Trailer
Official trailer for Unicorn Included, an upcoming comedic web series. Jonathan deals with the newfound responsibilities and problems of being a first-time home owner, with the "help" of his unexpecte…

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Looking for screenwriting resources

Hi Everyone, I may be a bit premature being on this site, as my career has not been on the stage.

I am very interested in learning how to become a legitimate screenwriter for my real life story. I am prepared for it taking years to perfect the craft. But everyone has to start somewhere, right?

I'd ap...

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Edward Skirtich

Hi Toby- My screenwriting started at a close by suburb of Brentwood when I saw "Star Wars IV: A New Hope" in 1977. Then Spielberg and Lucas classics "Indiana Jones" series and all Steven Spielberg and John Williams classics of the 1970's/ Peace- Ed Skirtich

Philip Sedgwick

You might want to check out the Alexandria Film Festival, Nov 7 - 10. Good folks run it and you'll meet filmmakers in all stages of evolution. And of course, screenwriters. Always fun to chat about projects and the biz.

Nick Baker has a lot of great stuff. They have a whole film/tv section with screenwriting and other general filmmaking classes. Plus a general writing section with things like character development, short story telling, comedy writing, etc...

John Ellis

Read scripts. There are quite a few out there you can download for free. Read one while watching the movie, analyzing scene by scene. That's the best way to learn screenwriting. :)

Kay Luke


To start with, What do you mean by "legitimate Screenwriter"?

Selling a script and being a fulltime Professional Screenwriter is not the same. There are a quite a few Pros who have never sold a sc...

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Niall McCusker
Looking for help with script

Not sure if this will work. But like all "Hail Mary" passes, nothing ventured...

I'm the guy who came up in Production Management. You know the people who do the grunt work to get all productions up, keep them running, and see they are completed. Which means not with ye ol' "move n' shaker" of the bi...

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Kay Luke


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Dionisio Tafoya
Introducing Myself

Hello, my name is Dionisio Tafoya.  I am a Partner and Creative Director at Dionysus Creative, LLC. I am also a Board Member and Delegate of the Art Directors Guild, IATSE Local 800.  I am a developer of strategic solutions for creative campaigns.  I am passionate about implementing transformative d...

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Anne Thornley-Brown
Seeking a Literary Agent and Producer for TV Series, a Period Piece set in Jamaica and the UK

I am a Jamaican-born actress and emerging screenwriter based in Toronto. 

Here is my IMDB profile: 

 I am pleased to introduce my scripts for a brand new TV series set in Jamaica and the UK. 

- Concept: Roots Meets Downton Abbey in Jamaica 

- Genre: Period Piece, Ro...

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55 Beeston Street: The Saga of a Jamaican Family
55 Beeston Street: The Saga of a Jamaican Family
TV Series Concept: Roots Meets Downton Abbey in Jamaica Genre: Period Piece, Romantic, Drama Format: 3 Seasons (Six 1-hour episodes per season) The story which, begins in 1811, traces the evolution of…
Richard Nelson
Hi I’m Rick Nelson aka Nelson Ricardo

Full time Producer, Director, Writer and Actor. Have several YV projects and films I’ve been working on. Hope to network here

786-344-4420 or

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Prema Rose
Moving forward with The MicroCosmic Cartoon Show

Although I have posted before, here is an update on my animated/live action musical screenplay in development.

I just returned from the Oaxaca Film Festival where The MicroCosmic Cartoon Show was a finalist. Now, I am in prep mode for AFM. So much work to do in such a short time. I hope to see you th...

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Mark Furney

Hi Prema - I checked your IMdB page. My goodness, what an interesting life you've lived !

I too live in Colorado.

I'll send you an email on your contact page.

Good luck and have fun at the AFM.

Susan Joyce DuBosque

Your animated/live action musical screenplay sounds fascinating! Congratulations on being a finalist! Bravo! Must be a challenge to combine the animated and action shots.

Nouzha Evans

Hi Prema – Congrats on your success! I'll check your IMDb profile. I'm in the San Francisco bay area, the Airbnb possibility is on my calendar. Have a productive & fun time @ AFM

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