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Whether you're new to the site or have been a long standing member of the community, step forward and introduce yourself. And please welcome and support all that do post.

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Howdy, Howdy, Let's Get Rowdy; No Time Now For Meek & Dowdy

Virtual networks are more than nothing, even if they blow dead bears in comparison with real and dynamic collectives. So here goes. I'm an inveterate writer. I continue, in hopes of hits and adoration, despite all evidence to the contrary. I have a portal to some of this over at the Promo page: https ...

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First time film maker

Hi, guys! New on here and to the film making game. I’m making my first short film in April and I’m super excited and both nervous about it. I wrote the script and I will be directing it also with my little brother. I’m nervous about meeting my actors I only talked to them on the phone because I been...

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Francis Okhiria

Hi Latrice, as the time becomes a must do thing. Tough is when is short length film. There’s much to learn here anyway as notice that we all learn from each others. I can’t wait to hear abou...

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Sam Borowski

Latrice, Welcome Aboard. This is the second post I've seen from you and they appear as if they were written by two different people - lol. But, this is a good thing. I left you some constructive criti...

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Kristoferson Lovewell York Sey

Be strong and never loose hope. There is no smooth way to success. with determination and hard work you will succeed.

Aray Brown


Robert Sacchi

Great going.

Nan Schuler, Founder/Transmedia Producer

We launched NiveK Productions in 1995 with a romdram feature and have remained relevant and innovative to the industry since. I have found Stage 32 to be a constant for resources, education, networking and growth, since my inception here. I encourage every member to practice and believe this: "progr...

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Love to connect & work with Stage 32 members!

Kevin is an artist that love's to entertain! With a vivid style combining his passions of writing, acting and physical fitness to create his own original videos & photo shoots. Has opened many doors of opportunity both in the Movie Entertainment & Health Fitness Industries. With featured magazine ar...

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Mark Schulze

Happy St. Patrick's Day !
Mark Schulze of Crystal Pyramid "Video" Productions

David Berlin

Greetings everyone, I am a composer/music educator living in southwest Pennsylvania. I have collaborated extensively with dance-theatre, and multi-artist, performances. However, my output is primarily orchestral and chamber music and my compositions have been performed, recorded and broadcast nationa...

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Hey everyone, I am an actress from Charlotte NC, looking for any opportunity to learn, and self-improve. I have done some film work and have performed on stage. Just thought id pop in and say hi.

Bobbiejo Warner

Thank u

Allen Lynch

Welcome Bobbiejo!

Cylinda McAlister

Welcome Bobbiejo, and keep up the good work.

Kristoferson Lovewell York Sey

Welcome on board.

Aray Brown


Hi I am Cindy Mich Filmmaker and Film Festival Founder

I am shooting my first film, starting in April. I am using locations in WI, NYC and LA. I am scared as well as excited. I am also the founder of a NYC based film festival and film reviewer. In my other hours, I am a freelancer journalist. Hope to click with many creatives on here.

Kristoferson Lovewell York Sey

l hope to submit my next movie to your film festival.

Aray Brown

Best of luck with your film!

Open for coworking

Hello everybody!
I am a producer based in Italy and Croatia (I also work as a fixer). Unfortunately I don’t spend enough time in the forum, so if you have a project/idea and are looking for coworkers, don’t hesitate to contact me.

Fiction Author and occasional screenwriter

This isn't my first time in the introduce yourself lounge, but it always seems awkward talking about myself. lol I put "occasional" screenwriter because it has been a long time since I tackled a new script. I focus on novels now (though I miss script writing) and have 20+ published novels. Mostly I l ...

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Aray Brown

Hermiting lol

David R. Roberts

Hey, if you've written at least one screenplay it makes you a screenwriter. Foregt that "occasionally". Glad you came out of your cave in Wyoming to say hi :)

Malia not Obama

Hi everyone! My name is Malia Jallah and I am an aspiring screenwriter! I live in the DMV area on the east coast, and attend Southern New Hampshire University. I am completing my degree in English and Creative Writing with concentration in Screenwriting. After graduation, I hope to have some working...

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Aray Brown

Nice to meet you

Hello, I am Anna Patterson, writer and journalist.

I received a message about the Introduce Yourself event, and thought I would do this.

Cherelynn Baker

Welcome to Stage 32 - poke around the lounges and see where you can chime in with your experience!

Aray Brown


David R. Roberts

Hi Anna. What are you working on presently?

Brook Hall- Producer/Director/Choreographer Stage and Film

I have lived and worked in Taiwan and China for 17 years. I produce and direct events, films, and onstage productions at both my own venue/studio and as a freelancer through my production company, RIPPLE PRODUCTIONS LLC and my non-profit theatre company BUTTERFLY EFFECT THEATRE COMPANY. Recently, I...

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