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A new Vlog: My Guide Andrew

Hi I have started a new vlog called My Guide Andrew I am responsible for all elements of the vlog so far. I'm interested in ramping up production values and making very exciting films entertaining and most importantly helping people who are visiting the UK and mainland Europe. If you like what I do...

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Hey folks! Just a guy in LA hanging with his bright computer screens in a dark room, makin' some noise. I've been running around in this biz a few years, scored over 40 short films (is there such thing as too many? I've begun to wonder....nahhhh bring 'em on!), just finished my 5th feature, and have...

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Post Production

Hey Everyone!! I'm an Editor (Picture & Sound) & Post Production Supervisor who recently relocated to Los Angeles. I'm eligible for the Editor's Guild, and have 3 projects coming out in 2018. Looking forward to networking and new opportunities.

Bonita Maffei

Cool, Stefan! Nice to meet you.

Stacie Stocker

Great to meet you Stefan! Acting and writing are in my blood, but I've recently really started enjoying the editing process. I love what you guys can do with a film! Good luck with all of your projects!

Justin Bell

Welcome to LA! Fantastic that you're already eligible for the Guild. I wish you the best of luck in 2018! What kinds of projects are your three in progress?

Actress and Filmmaker in NYC

Hi everyone, My name is Mor Cohen and I am an Israeli actress based in NYC. I love creating my own work and I'm currently overseeing the post-production process of two films I've produced and acted in over the summer, and in pre-production for the next one. I also have a film festival called New Yor...

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Allen Lynch

Hello & Nice work Mor!

John Ellis

Nice reel, welcome!

Jerry Gill

Hi Mor. Don't mean to sound geeky but I love your website. Took notes for when I update mine. I'm a novelist who just likes the energy of creatives. Welcome to Stage32.

Mor Cohen

Hi all! Thanks for responding, really nice to meet all of you! :)

Janet Zeliff

Hi everybody. I am Janet. I am new to this site. My background has been in healthcare profession. I have written a children's book. I am a newbie to both this site and to working on a script.


I've been in the industry shooting films, commercials, documentaries and music videos. I love collaborating and finding challenging projects. The main focus is always telling a meaningful story and supporting it with engaging visuals. Must connect, be passionate and love. Here's my website: www.Gare...

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Jeff Langham

That is some good visuals, Gareth! You'll have no problems getting substantial work in the biz!

Michael Rogers

Amazing work! I can't write these images. I need a camera!
The images have a consistency in the clarity, is it a particular camera or just the particular shots?
Are any effects (such as light) done in post production or is it all just what was recorded?

Allen Lynch

Fantastic Gareth!

Anthony Cruze

For me, if a showreel can tell a story without sound, it's an exceptional showreel. Yours was 10/10! What beautiful use of light and shade to capture a story! Powerful!! Thank you for the opportunity to see this! Rgds ant.

Stacie Stocker

Beautiful reel! Great work!

I'm a Total Loser and It Doesn't Pay Well

I am John Rachel and I'm so boring I fall asleep just looking at my own name. Other than writing novels and political rants, I collect string. I have a ball of string over 8 feet in diameter in my garage. Now I have no place to park my 1972 Dodge Dart Charger. The neighbors are complaining that it's...

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Laurie Woodward

So are the strands still trapped beneath the surface, unrequited?

David Verner

When they start an Introduce Yourself hall of fame, this needs to be first ballot.

Sam Vanivray


Lance Ness

You think you have it bad. I make sculptures from my own ear wax. My last job was watchingwet paint to make sure it dried right.

Anthony Cruze

Oh, another normal one in here.

Literary Editing

Hi Everyone As well as being the Official Editor for Stage 32, I have my own Literary Editing business, One Voice Literary Agency. I have edited everything from full length novels to childrens YA and picture books, non fiction, business reports, articles, blogs and websites and since joining Stage 32 ...

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Jorge J Prieto

Always grateful to you for all that you do my dear Rosalind. You are the hardest working women editor, period. Continued success. Cheers.

Stacie Stocker

I always love meeting new awesome people, and I never get to do this enough! It's great to meet you!

To 10 LA Feature Film Director/ Acting Studio Owner Hello Stage 32. My name is David Rountree and I was recently named in the Hollywood Reporter and IMDb as one of the "Top 10 Hollywood Directors Under 40." Over the past several years, I have hired over 50 Stage 32 members for various projects including 2 feature f...

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David Rountree
David Rountree
David Rountree, Actor: Cut!. David Rountree was born in Eden, North Carolina, USA as Jonathan David Rountree. He is an actor and producer, known for Cut! (2014), xXx: State of the Union (2005) and 108…
Allen Lynch

Hello & Congrats David!

David Rountree
Debbie Croysdale

Hi David. Great you joined Stage 32!

John Ellis

Welcome! Looking forward to your success!

Stacie Stocker

Hello David! It's great to meet you on here, and I'm super interested in your acting workshops so I will definitely be checking out the website. Congrats on your successes!


Hi, everyone, I hope your night is filled with smiles. My name is Kristina and I have been part of Stage 32 for a couple years. It is amazing group to be part of.

Hello! and Hi!

It says 'what's on your mind' but would I really write what's on my mind? Nobody wants to know I'll just say I'm an actor living in Toronto, I've lived in New York as well as a former dancer and actor but back in the North! I like collecting new friends and future coworkers so please feel free to say hi and tell me what's on your mind :).

Allen Lynch

Welcome & Good Luck Lisa! Love Toronto!

Kyle Climans

Nice to meet someone else from the GTA! Here's wishing you the best with your endeavours!

Introducing Myself and My Film, The Magic Bomb

My name is Randy Gordon-Gatica and I just picture locked my new feature The Magic Bomb. Here's a teaser. I'm beginning process of entering festivals and showing anywhere I can. I live in Brooklyn. I'm originally from LA. If you have any ideas, let me know.

Brenda LeGeral Gafford

That was very good! I really liked it! A great film festival is the Washington West Film Festival. I went in 2016... I had a friend who was featured in a short there. This is a awesome festival and yo...

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Allen Lynch

Good Luck Randy!

Randy Gordon-Gatica

@Erik if someone says here that this might seem like something that would have a chance there I'll look in it.

Randy Gordon-Gatica

As well @ Brenda I'll go on filmfreeway tonight and check it out. It's why I'm here to hear suggestions.

Randy Gordon-Gatica

@Allen gracias... It's corny but every well wish makes a difference..

Profile 67% complete... Introduce Yourself

Not one to like talking about myself too much, but I'll give it a crack here. I have actually done this before, but my profile mysteriously disappeared and the techs couldn't find it. Weird. Anyway! My name is David, Aussie born and bred, but Oregonian at heart. Lived in Oregon for five years, earne...

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Allen Lynch

Hey David!

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