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Sean Frost

Hi. Sean Frost here. Soon to be in L.A. Looking to be a working actor. Like spending time in the gym to counteract my lousy eating habits. Kind of a car nut, kind of a nerd. Rolled the three-digit counter in my local video store's computer in college. Twice. I'll call it film study.

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Sanjib Dey
Watch my film on Netflix

III Smoking Barrels now streaming on Netflix . Do catch it !!

Ajeet Kumar


Juno Dante Night

Congrats! I hope to see a film up there someday.

Arthur L Burton III

Great work!

Valerie Michele Oliver

Good for you, Sanjib! Continued success!

Ledford Bradshaw

Congrats, That's awesome!

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Isaac J. E. Garcia
Isaac J. E. Garcia Introduction

Hello everyone, I hope you're all having a great start to fall. My name is Isaac J. E. Garcia and I am a cinematographer and steadicam operator based in Los Angeles. I would love to meet more folks! To see my featured work and reel please visit Expand post

Isaac J. E. Garcia
Isaac J. E. Garcia
Isaac J. E. Garcia is a director of photography based in Los Angeles, California. Specializing in Steadicam and dynamic camera movement, he aims to bring organic images to life. He is compelled to tel…
Robert Sacchi

Glad to read you are doing well,

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Scott Swope / Actor

The Mountainier

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Jerry Dunn
Production Designer

I’m a Production Designer in Television with experiences in every genre of TV, currently I’m the PD on Fuller House for Netflix as well as the Art Director on The Conners for ABC

Peter Roach

So you are the one responsible for the blue and white couch! Smile.

Robert Sacchi

Great going. Glad you are doing well.

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Izzibella Beau
It's me

hey, everyone, it's been a while, but I wanted to jump on and say a quick 'Hi'. I'm Izzi, a producer, director, casting director, screenwriter, author, and everything else in-between.I'm producing my first streaming series with a cast of 30. We plan on doing 12 one-hour-long episodes in our first se...

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Derek Johnson
What a year its been so far!

I just finished 2 weeks Gaffing for a TV show on Amazon Prime! We had a great crew and it was a big charge for me. Lighting is everyting and as I am growing into my role as a DP and Director, this expierece has helped me realize I know how to light and do I really well. After many many years in stil...

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Kai Films
Kai Films
Kai FIlms is a full service, boutique, production company based in Seattle and offering creative services in: preproduction, production and post-production. Our experience ranges from top film and TV…
Nicholas In Seattle

Hi Derek,

Good meeting you here on Stage32.

Interestingly; I was heading towards contacting Amazon Studio's in re; a Commercial I've created for the Super Bow,l ads during and aft.

Any insight as to "who...

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Dianne Grattan

Hi Derek: Seattle is the setting for my Made for TV screenplay, titled, "What Happened in Ballard," we should stay in touch to see what footage may be needed as we work our way to develop our feature film.

Patricio M. Villagomez

Hi Derek, I really enjoyed looking at your website. It has some useful information. Right now I am personally working on building my brand and website since I am a recent film school graduate.

John Ellis

Well met!

Peter Roach

WA state in the house. Seattle is so under represented, it seems like everyone runs up to Vancouver for production. Bringing it home!

Scott Swope / Actor

Just had a small role in my first western here in Maryland, The Mountainier, an indie film. Got a call from two other indie film directors for being in a "Western Horror" short film and a six episode web series. Hoping to hear from a couple more roles I put in for......would love to get a chance to...

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Timothy Weckesser
Tim Weckesser

Thanks to Stage 32 for this creative networking opportunity.

I'm a retired businessman returning to the creative roots of my youth.

I've written an historically based episodic-series called The Sand Creek Massacre - a tragic event in 1864 called "...the greatest military blunder of the age, and fatal...

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Albertha Joseph-Alexander

So it's a documentary. How is the financing going?

Peter Roach

Good luck Tim. Documentaries are labors of love. I know first hand.

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Available Casting Calls

I am a 17 year old who currently lives in and is from Brooklyn, New York. I am the co-president of the Theatre Ensemble at Achievement First University Prep and have been in several pieces and performed monologues throughout my junior and currently-in-progress senior year. These pieces include, but are not limited to Raisin in the Sun and Hamilton.

Kay Luke


Do you intend to pursue acting as a career?

Ezae Darby

Yes, I do intend to pursue acting as career.

Kay Luke

Here's the best advice I ever heard anyone give an Actor:

Remember that the job is Actor not Star, and it will serve you well. .

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Aneel Khan
Filmmaker, Director, Writer, Videographer, Photographer, Editor

Hello all, hope everyone is well. I wanted to take some time out to introduce myself. My name is Aneel Khan, I reside in Atlanta and got my BA in Film and Video. Currently I am a Production Supervisor at a small TV station. I also work as a videographer and sometimes photographer for weddings and ot...

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Thayne Wheeler
Move to Director / Producer in UT

I’ve lived in Utah for 11 years now and I’ve fluctuated between working in film (art director) and college instructor.

I studied film directing at Art Center in Pasadena, CA (MFA). And now I want to readjust my course and direct and produce (I am fearful because of zero experience in producing). Havi...

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Cylinda McAlister

Thayne what a interesting name, welcome to Stage32 . That's what great about the industry so many things we can do or just go for it. You never know where it will lead you. Have a great day.


Thayne Wheeler

Thank you, Cylinda! Im striving to go for it. What about you?

Marina Albert

Hi Thayne, thanks for sharing. I couldn't help but notice, we share a similar background not in terms of location (I'm in Melbourne, Australia) but in graphic design and illustration. I often design m...

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