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Hello creatives, I am also new here, I haven't done this before and just wantd to introduce myself. I am a bilingual German/English actress living and working in London/UK. I am often cast in strong, female roles and am interested in TV and feature films. My details can be viewed here: www.spotlight....

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Anita Heise

Hey, welcome Brigitte!

Philip Hurd-Wood

Welcome, Brigitte

Brigitte Millar

thank you, Philip.

James Drago


Welcome to STAGE32!

I'm Shawn, actor and screenwriter with IMDB credits. I've been on movies, tv series, and music vids as an actor. All came from connections made at my Stage32 Meetups! I met pop star, Rachele Royale, and director, TJ Scott on the set of Rachele's 'CIRCUS LIFE' video in 2016. I pitched TJ then, withou...

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Shawn Speake

With Peter Stormare on LONGMIRE. I''m in his cult.

Shawn Speake

A detective in HOLLYWOOD ENDING. A short shot in Denver.

Shawn Speake

I stalked Gil onset to get this. We weren't supposed to have phones, but my inner groupie got the best of me. I hate it when that happens! We talked HELL OR HIGH WATER. Awesome dude

Aray Brown

I was thinking the same thing, John

James Drago

The freakin man!


Hey All, my name is Kristina. I have been part of stage 32 for a few years. It is a great place to network. So I finished film school and am ready to work. I want to be a Director as a long term goal, but right now I am looking for pa work to get me started in the right direction. I hope you all have a wonderful day.

Nchango Boris

if it can open, copy this and paste it on google or type on google Cameron Pace Group as a research

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John Guinn

Many thanks Nchango.

Nchango Boris

You're welcome

Aray Brown

Have a wonderful day Kristina

James Drago

Welcome Kristina!


Hi everyone! My name is Isabel from Barcelona. I'm a writer and screenwriter. I love genre, sci-fi, fantasy... and I'm currently working on several film projects and writing a middle-grade trilogy. I'm looking forward to meeting other screenwriters, filmmakers, and artists from around the world. S ...

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James Drago

Hi Isabel! Invite sent!

Hi all, love to connect!

Hi, I'm a multi-published author with sixteen titles (dark and gritty, all featured on Amazon). I am also a scriptwriter, looking for representation with two complete comedy/drama (mature to streaming channels) pilots, Romance Bitches and Unit 200, which I have worked through Spencer Robinson's come...

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David Black

Welcome aboard Kimmie

Jon Julsrud

Hello Kimmie!

Gilberto Villahermosa

Hi Kimmie! Welcome! Sixteen titles is very impressive!

Aray Brown

Hi Kimmie! Nice to meet you

James Drago

Hi Kimmie. Welcome!

Learning this site - Series producer, commercial production, video, cine.

Good Morning, All! My name is Jeremy Combs, I've worked in national television in a niche market for many years. I'm looking to expand my body of work and grow personally and professionally. I LOVE planning, shooting, and editing. I can't wait to get to know everyone.

Amanda Toney - Stage 32 Next Level Education

Nice to meet you Jeremy! Welcome to the Stage 32 community.

James Drago

You'll love it here Jeremy! Welcome!


Hi, everybody! My name is Elaine and I'm a screenwriter and filmmaker living in Los Angeles. I'm here for the networking, advice/education, and eventually hope to pitch to managers and producers. Current projects include THE CLIMB, a one-hour drama teleplay about strippers in Dallas and GET ACTION, a ...

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Toni Youkadeemah Reed

Welcome, Elaine!!

James Drago


Short scripts

I have two short scripts (5- 7 minutes) that should be very easy to produce and have strong female characters. If anyone wants to read them, leave me your email. I will be happy to send them to you.

James Drago


New to acting.

Hello everybody! I'm Aric I hope to have the pleasure of getting to know some of you. I am new to this site and new to the world of acting but certainly not a stranger to it lol. I would welcome and appreciate any and all tips, advice, stories/experiences you may have. I hope to learn as much as possible from you all :)

James Drago

Hi Aric. Make contacts everywhere you can. It's a relationship industry!

Gary Smiley

Hi Aric, welcome

Aric Campbell

Thanks everyone for the warm welcome! Thank you James i'll be doing just that.

Vitaly Kozlov

Get you face behind big actors. Do whatever it takes. This is how it starts for any actor. Do independent movies too but be very selective with the roles you'll take. It stays on your record forever. Good luck.

James Drago

No problem Aric Campbell


Hello, my name is Victoria, I'm an aspiring songwriter from Lima, Peru. I'm looking for a composer/musician/singer to team up with to produce hit songs. I have several complete songs (lyrics + melody), but I can't play or record music (yet). The songs are best suited for a pop female singer. My song...

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James Drago

Hi Victoria! I'm not a composer but I know many hang out in the Composing lounge section

Kyle Climans


Victoria Lugovskaya

Thank you James, I'm going to check out the section.

WGA Screenwriter

Feel free to read more about me or join my very rarely used email list on my website.

Joseph F. Alexandre

They'll just let anybody up in here:) lol How goes it bro?

Cherelynn Baker


Tony Ginn

Hello to all in the Stage 32 Network. Been extremely busy since my last post! Was successful in advocating for the Washington Film Works Commission to finally get a bill past into law with a budget of...

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Shawn Speake


Michael Tabb

I'm great, Joseph, as the website may suggest. I hope this finds you very well, too. Thank you all for your kind comments.

Hello. My name is Toni Reed

I've recently moved to Georgia from Illinois and I'm networking my way into the media industry here. I am a seasoned broadcast producer/director and production manager with 20+ experience in television, video and meetings and events! I'm excited to participate in this community and I hope to become...

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Toni Youkadeemah Reed

Hello Eyiara! Good to meet you!

Amanda Rosario

Hi Toni,
Welcome to GA.

Art Thomas

Hello Toni, nice to meet you.

Toni Youkadeemah Reed

Hello Amanda! Nice to meet someone from Atlanta on Stage 32! I welcome an opportunity to speak with you about the industry here in Atlanta. Maybe we could meet for coffee sometime? Just let me know. Inbox me. Thanks for welcoming me to the community!!

Toni Youkadeemah Reed

Hello Art! Thanks for welcoming me to the community!!

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