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JaneMcFaddenStephens Author of "That's Not My Baby" My Switched at Birth Story. I am looking to finish my book, create a treatment and/or complete a screenplay for a movie or a television series. Deadline nearing in September.

Francesca Palizzi

That sounds like a cool story! Welcome!

David Black

Welcome aboard!


Hi, Happy to be a part of this community. Born and based in Brooklyn, NY. I'm a trained actor, enjoy writing and directing too. I am currently submitting my latest short film, "a la mémoire de Lune" to festivals. The screenplay was an official selection of Rebel Seed Films & Entertainment Short Scri...

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David Black

Welcome aboard!


Hello, I'm Debra Atkins and I have writing and producing inspirational stage plays about real life subject matter, and I would love to have my stage plays turned into films. I would love to connect with anyone who would love to take on this challenge. Please check out some of my clips on

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Dara Taylor

Great to have you here, Debra. Best of luck!

Nelle Nelle

Hello Debra! I checked out some of your clips from your plays, awesome work. How did you get into playwrighting? I've always wanted to try my hand at a one-act play or something like that. You are def...

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Debra L. Atkins

Sorry for the long delay. I haven't been on this site in a long time and a lot has happened since then. I am just a inspirational writer that write about subject maters that pertain to the family. I'm always trying to help restore and rebuild family.

Let's make a movie!

Excited to be part of this community! I'm a director/screenwriter. I've been co-writing a couple of features and shot a few short films. Can't wait to continue to do what I love the most! I'm open to collaborations!

Jake Shanks

Welcome to Stage32, Vera!

Louis Robert King

Welcome Vera !!! Nice to see another New Yorker here !!

Rick Jey

Welcome to Stage 32 Vera. It sounds like you have it going on. I am happy for you and wish you further success. (Rick Jey)

Karthi Karunanidhi

hi vera..nice to meet you

Alexandra Escaffi

Hi Vera....would love to collaborate with you.

Serita Stevens - Books, Scripts, Adaptations, ForensicPoison-Medical Consultant

Hey guys. Been swamped with deadlines so have not been around much but as an established writer of books, scripts, adaptations, teacher /mentor for writers as well as a consultant for writers, producers, and attorneys on medical, forensic and poison questions I try to help out where I can. You can s...

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Reintroduce yourself

I feel like I should be jumping rope as I write this. My name is Desiree. I write scripts for families. I also write R rated ones. And I also write long form fiction and non-fiction for children. Everything from picture books all the way up to YA. Fiction/script Genres: fantasy, sci fi, and horror. Glad to make everyone's acquaintance.

John Guinn

Hello, Desiree, I will send you a friend request, good luck.

Pamela Brown

I am musician first, but now also a screenwriter. I have written 8 scripts, and the latest is so exciting I can't wait to share it. I would love to meet others to exchange scripts with and bounce ideas off of.

Kerry Kennard

Any music needed? Have the background and some experience.

John Guinn

Pamela, you will meet the right people, good luck.

Jean Francois Primas

I am looking to put a team together in the Portland Oregon area for a project. It is in itself a multi part exploration of humanity through the eyes of an alien outsider. Looking for screenwriters, cinematographers, editors, musicians, makeup...etc message me directly for more details

Wayne Jarman

Wishing you all the best with your project.

Gregory Pohl

That sounds great and terrifying, in a non-horror sense. I truly wonder what an unbiased impression of this place would be.

Kerry Kennard

I'm a Musician/drummer. Are the roles funded / paid ?? Look me up here or web.

Jean Francois Primas

Kerry Kennard I'm looking to crowd fund so the people involved get paid

John Guinn

Hello, Jean, you will make it happen.

Kristina L. Ives

Hello everybody... I've been working like crazy since becoming a member on this site! Please check everything out on my profile! I love what I do and I'm so glad I've changed careers, but I'm still hoping to make this more of a full-time gig... aren't we all?! Work, work, work!! Best of luck to you ...

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Carl Welden, Location Sound Guy

I make a living with microphones, have a decades-strong background in VO and theater, plus own all my gear and love to travel. I'm based in New York's Hudson Valley / Catskills region, where I also have gigs as a studio manager, radio announcer, live sound engineer, event emcee, stagehand and voice...

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Chris Cotten

Nice one Carl! I'm also a sound engineer, but in live concert touring. I'm trying to transition into TV /Film; I'm in LA, so there's lots of that.I love all aspects of film making not just acting; I w...

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Charles Rathert

Hi Chris. Great to meet you.

Carl Welden

Thanks Chris! Nice meeting you! Yes, in addition to location sound, I also have my own live sound business for concert and corporate gigs. They are definitely two different animals. My live rig fills...

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Mark Laing

Actor, Screenwriter and former national newspaper journalist in the UK. Delighted to be pitching scripts to the amazing folks who inhabit Stage 32 and absolutley delighted to connect with the folks on...

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Archery Technical Advisor

I build traditional bows and arrows for tv and film.I also provide archery technical advising.
Please let me know if I can help with any projects in the future. Body of work:The Hunt for Gollum Born of Hope Rangers Web Series Once Upon a Time AMC - Turn WGN - The Outsiders The Ren Series Thanks Ned

Charles Rathert

Thank you for the contact. Charles

Ned Miller

Sure thing!

Florica Cimpoies

Hi Ned I work on a Middle Age film project . Here I think we'll need people with your skills.

Ned Miller

I am ready and available to help, please let me know your needs via Private message.

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