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Yayoi Winfrey

some good cinematography there.

Romantic Comedy

Romantic Comedy Seeking small investor-producer for post finishing funds. Also seeking agent representation. Also seeking financing producer partnership for my next film. Lets Talk! Watch the trailer. Contact me with any referrals.

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Mark Ratering

Hardest thing to do in film post finishing funds

Jim Westlyn

Hey Danny: I know another wonderful filmmaker out of Toronto: Virginia Abramovich. Are you familiar with her work?

Sai Pillay

Danny Hi....I am a writer-Actor with 02 short film subtitled in Hindi for US production companies. and 01 produced script here in India...let me know if any assitance require in any way ...I look forward seeing your success...

Myron DeBose

What is a Red Camera? Forgive my ignorance but I'm just a writer!

Mark Ratering

Myron awesome video camera ...looks like film.

Mark Ratering

Have four shorts to do..come to the Philippines.

SHAHZEL SYED, Action Star - Filmmaker from Pakistan currently on Europe Tour

I am a filmmaker, Producer & Actor from Pakistan presently attending the Cannes film market. I am looking for distributor for indie Asian action films who can globally distribute my mid-budget Action movie 'Combativo' and I want to network with International producers for making action films togethe...

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Mark Ratering

You don't have Indian Distributor?

Entertainment Lawyer

WIth over 30 years of experience as an entertainment lawyer, and with numerous articles out there about everything from collaboration agreements to option agreements to film financing, I am here for any legal advice and counsel that anyone may need, be it big projects or small!

Deanna Carlyle

Good to know!

David P Perlmutter

Hopefully, may need to chat with you soon.

Mark Ratering

I could use your help

Just saying Hi, hope you have a blessed week!

Hello, My name is Harlan I'm 1 year in chasing the dream, in a small theatre production, did a few small things. Found out I really like improv, and I like the family atmosphere of theatre. I still chase with a open heart, mind full of optimism, humble confidence, and the goal to make the world feel ...

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Foreign Actress in China

Hello Stage32! I'm Ashley, an actress currently living in China. I'm teaching English as a foreign language to children at the moment but my contract will be ending in September. I'm in the process of deciding if it would be worth it to stay in China for a while and try out the industry here. If any...

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Author Looking to Turn Novels into Film

Hi, Love the community here at Stage 32. I've written two novels, about a strong female protagonist who is part of the 99% who struggles with homelessness and other situations resulting from being part of the 99%. Would love to share more with anyone who's interested. Thx!

David P Perlmutter

Hi, I'm an author who writes true stories and social media marketing books for authors. I have written 11 books, all self-published and one with a publishing company, called Wrong Place Wrong time, #1 bestseller on Amazon! Great to hook up.

Film and fun maker

Hi Stage 32, I'm doing short and feature films with a dash of documentary. I write my scripts and then find the money to produce them. July and September are the release dates! I will post a link when it's ready!

Welcome to the new Stage 32 members!

#bearlyfilm #jaelawesterntale

Morgan Summerfield

Great to see you pursuing your passion and taking the initiative to make things happen. We need more women in film. :-)

Glenn Roland

Hi Cherelynn...I available for future projects. "Break A Leg!" with everything you are doing.Best regards, Glenn

Jerry Gill

That sounds like such a humongous amount of work! Especially the find $ half. You must love it!

Mark Ratering

I'm free next week. What bank did you have in mind?

Actress, Voiceover, Singer, Model and more...

Hey guysI'm a Sydney based Actress, although I travel a lot to the US for filming please check me out to connect and network on here and on social mediaDon't be shy to say hi:)

Vincent Paterno

LA screenwriter here, specializing in romantic comedy. Best wishes with your career, in hopes I someday can create a character for you.

Carma Sharon

thanks V! best of luck to you too

I am a film director/producer based in Montreal

Hi everyone, I am a film director and producer based in Montreal, Canada. I own Porcovete Pictures together with my wife Vanda Ciuban Serban - it is one of our babies. We have two other babies (10 and 5 years old now), so we don't spend a lot of time making movies, but when we do we are very serious....

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Complete noob in Tampa with a lot of grit and potential

Hi, my name is Steve. I have a wild imagination, an interest in directing and screenwriting, and I currently work in IT. I also run a local filmmaking meetup group in Tampa. I have several ideas for films but right now I want to make short films about random things such as an Edgar Wright tooling up...

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