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Screenwriter in Los Angeles

Hello Stage 32! I'm excited to get to know more people on this site! I'm a Screenwriter living in Los Angeles who likes writing historical and faith-based scripts (sometimes at the same time!). I love exchanging scripts, meeting up with writers, and networking, so please feel free to reach out to me...

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It's Me!!!

Hey, Stage 32, how's it going. My name is Izzibella Beau and I've been a member here for a looooong time. I currently write novels, screenplays, and dabble a bit in production. I'm always willing to help if you need, just send a message and I'll try my best. I have eleven written and published novel...

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Irene Keene

I am an actor and model based in Connecticut. With several collaborators I have a few scripted screenplays. I would be interested in hearing from other members their best advice for obtaining literary representation. Thanks!

Screenwriter - Playwright - Director

Hi Stage32 Family.. I have been on this site for several years and I have found some really cool and very talented people on here. As for me, I am working on several projects, including starting the production of my new play, "Who's in Your House". It's a comedy that shows how love overrides negativ...

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Joining forces with fellow filmmakers

Hello gang, I´m a filmmaker and VFX specialist trying to join forces to help you with your digital FX needs and help me develop my own projects. PM !

Debbie Croysdale

Hi and Welcome Leopoldo. I have no digital/technical skills but in Spain some Techies use my Red to shoot their stuff, and in return shoot mine (as I direct.). Happy Networking!

Mugaya Faisal

Wow,nice to hear Leopoldo,even its like in East Africa-Uganda

Allen Lynch

Hello Leopoldo!

Jorge J Prieto

Welcome Leopoldo, amigo!

Allow Me To Introduce Myself

Hi Everyone, How's everyone doing this weekend? Just wanted to introduce myself I am a Screenwriter and Producer from the UK have worked on various short films, webs series and features from Comedy, Drama to Horror. I have been lucky enough to have my work screened at some great festivals giving my ca ...

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Bonita Maffei

You've got a cool dark sense of humour, Michael. Looks like you've got lots of great awards to show for it. Congrats!

Dark Fiction Writer

Greetings all! I'm a dark fiction writer for both page and screen. My most recent screenplay, a creature feature entitled "Boondocks" is making the screenwriting contest circuit.  My latest short story "Will Work 4 Food" appears in the new anthology "Tales of Blood and Squalor" avail. on Amazon. I l...

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Bonita Maffei

That title, "Boondock" sounds familiar. Has it won some awards? Congrats!

Bonita Maffei

"Boondocks" sounds familiar... has it won awards? Congrats on your achievements, Bryan.

Updates to Photo -and- Video pages

DAVID LAMBERTON, here. Haven't posted/updated in a while, so "taking advantage" of the "Into ... Weekend." Just uploaded 5 new Photos -&- 5 new Video clips to my profile. * "Welcome!" to all the New and (like me) Returning Stage 32 members. * * https://www. ...

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Amanda Toney - Stage 32 Next Level Education

Glad you uploaded new material. I liked your action/reaction on the divorce lawyer clip. Really authentic.

David Lamberton

Wow. Thank you, Amanda!
Did you happen to look at "Lion Man? Curious what you think of that.

Hello from Nashville!

Hey everyone. I haven’t been around very much lately. I’m a non-union AD currently based out of Nashville. I have experience with scripted film, television, commercials and reality. I am also a screenwriter and actor. I’m in development on two series, a docuseries about songwriting and a superhero we ...

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Bonita Maffei

Hi Sandrene, great meeting up with you here!

Hi There! Cool Meeting Other Stage32ers!

I was thrilled to hear that my comedy screenplay BECOMING PICASSO won 2 honors this year... Special Selection at the 2017 L.A. International Screenplay Awards, and Best Screenplay at the 2017 Moondance Film Festival. I've been marketing it to producers and investors, hoping to get it produced soon....

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Bonita Maffei

Here's my poster for BECOMING PICASSO.


Recently back from the Austin Film Festival, which was a fun, productive and wild event. My writing partner, Jeremy J Ford, and I were semifinalists in the Drama Feature category with our screenplay, The Last American Lynching. We've had more than 20 script requests and are trying to decide between...

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Bonita Maffei

Grab that deal and run with it, Gordon! Congrats!

Fellow Art Makers!

Branden here, I'm a writer, I've got nothing official, just an instagram, words and a pocket full of dreams I currently have and am pitching a 99.9999% edited Action Fantasy feature and a sequel on the way, a season of an Action Fantasy hourlong drama, with a second season on the way while I edit the ...

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Amanda Toney - Stage 32 Next Level Education

Hey Branden! What action fantasy scripts inspired you to get into that genre? Is it mainly Avatar?

Branden Scruggs

Avatar was/is one of my favorite shows, but I can also give credit to things like Harry Potter and the Marvel movies, comics, etc.

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