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Robert Hartshorne
Robert Hartshorne /Composer/Script writer/producer

I have been working as a composer in the industry for over 30 years now ...and have the grey hair to prove it! In that time, I have worked on many TV series, commercials and promos. I composed for Thomas and Friends for 12 years, have composed for many documentary series in the UK, Europe and the US...

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Stewart Wauchop

I'm a writer, musician and artist. Not young any more in body - in mind I am though and I have always been a creative. Introduced to screenwriting several years ago by a produced acquaintance , I have enthusiastically completed four screenplays, a couple I'm happy with, but have not tried seriously...

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EKan Soong

Hey everyone- I created and star in an award-winning series webseries Born Losers that's on Youtube, FB, Insta (streaming at, @bornloserstv). We are releasing a special standalone for Halloween next week and are taking it to the Twin Falls Sandwiches Film Festival next month. Hope you can check it out! 

Susan Joyce DuBosque

I will check it out. Hope you win.

Marlene Rhein

Hello! I'm the filmmaker behind the web series, THE SO-SO YOU DON'T KNOW, a dark comedy about urban loneliness. Check it out if you get a chance:

Always love collaborating with other creators who share an interest in making purposeful content that inspires and uplifts humanity...or that just really makes them laugh.

THE SO-SO YOU DON'T KNOW - A Dark Comedy About Urban Loneliness
THE SO-SO YOU DON'T KNOW - A Dark Comedy About Urban Loneliness
Marcia Wallace, MSW, LCSW, is a therapist with problems - and she's running a Groupon special for new clients. Are you feeling alone? Depressed? Not good enough? Only fall for people who don't want yo…
Jessica Valentine
Cult of Valentine

Hi, my name is Jessica Valentine and I work with my creative partner, Richard Valentine. We are award winning writers and directors. I began as a SFX makeup artist, then produced my first feature film when I was twenty years old. Most notably my first film as w/d was achieved after I was selected as...

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Susan Joyce DuBosque

Impressive achievements and upcoming projects! Good luck with all!

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James Welday
James Welday - Screenwriter

Hi, my name is James, I’m a screenwriter and I’m excited to network with those likeminded creatives out there. I’ve written in various genres, as every one interests me. If you’re interested, please drop me a line, or visit my Instagram account at!

Happy Sunday,


Randy Yaworski
For the girls...

grew up with a lot of women in my life... good and bad I have seen, shared, and lived through a lot with the girls in my life.

As a caring boy who has battled his own demons I have a project in a building stage right now... (recording/mixing)

Where Living, Coping, Breathing... is focused on Mens men...

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Brian Hagen
Keyboardist and composer

Hello, everyone! I'm a musician and an avid fan of movie scores. So far I have created a few small-time scores for classic "silent-era" movies shown at the local University Film Festival. I have also participated as a music performer for Madison, WI's Ark Improv Theater group. I look forward to meeting people for more projects!

Susana Grilo
Writer & Producer looking for XR Devs

Hey everyone!

I'm looking for a tech savvy partner interested in creating entertaining experiences in XR (location based or not).

If you're a developer or have interest in this booming new area or...

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Susana Grilo
Producer crazy for cross media

Hi everyone!

I'm an audiovisual and event producer with a passion for all things cross media and XR.

Why not pop by my page and links to see some of the projects I've worked on?

Can't wait to hear about your projects & hopefully find a perfect fit in one of your teams!

Amanda Toney

Really impressive Susana!

Susana Grilo

Thank you, Amanda!

Brad Starks
Producer / Actor / Fixer

ALOHA GUYS!! My name is Brad Starks and I'm a freelance Actor, and producer working in the field of TV, video and film based in Maui Hawaii. I've worked behind the camera as UPM, 2nd AD, production coordinator, and Fixer. I've been cast in three features and one of the (CITY OF GOLD) is now availabl...

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Anders Eriksson
Anders Eriksson

Hi there, I am doing a graphic novel currently that will ultimately platform a script and pilot. It centers around a main character and his predicaments and situations. I have a DC/Marvel artist doing the panel illustrations. It has taken quite a while but the wheel is slowly turning nonetheless. I'...

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Robert Sacchi

Sorry about the expenses you've gone through. That is one thing that I've noticed. Aspiring writers can easily fall into a money pit.

Anders Eriksson

Aspiring artists in general. I'm also a musician. Everything we do as artists if you want to take things to the next level will require a hefty investment. Never mind making your product. After that t...

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Robert Sacchi

You have a point. Do you think you can use your weapons expertise to earn money or barter to support your projects?

Anders Eriksson

Haha I have no idea how "WEAPONS SPECIALIST" wound up on my profile. I'm just going to leave it for the time being Haha it's actually pretty funny. But then again, maybe I am a weapons specialist and...

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