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Hi Again

Happy to introduce myself again. Do have a look at my profile:
And do connect

Vivek Singhania
Vivek Singhania
Vivek Singhania, Producer: Na Tum Jaano Na Hum

Hi out there. My name is Ron Chepesiuk and I am a screenwriter, producer. author and radio host, based in the Charlotte, North Carolina area. Four of my books have been optioned and two of my scripts are moving along in development. I have two other optioned scripts. I write crime, political and esp...

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Hello, again !!

Hi everyone. My name is Jeff Tincher. I've been with Stage 32 for quite sometime. Music is my life. I've been playing all my life and started playing live at 5 years old. I am currently the Worship Leader at Russells Point Church of God in Russells Point, Ohio. I am also a artist, composer/arranger,...

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Reviews offered as film critic and awards commentator and various talks offered including British royalty on screen and Mutiny on the Bounty

Hi everyone I am a weekly film critic for Talk Radio Europe, Siren FM and and an awards commentator on the Oscars, BAFTAS and Globes for CNN, Al Jazeera and radios and I see all the nominees. I also give an illustrated talk on the British monarchy on screen which has become very timely ...

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Hey there: it's me again! :)

Hola! My name is Javi (pronounced Habi, like a brief laugh + B), I'm 29 and I'm basically a struggling Spanish actor (there is no better word than struggling to put actor with, isn't there?), with still not so cultivated, but interesting writing abilities. I knew I was getting into an oversuscribed p ...

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Kristoferson Lovewell York Sey

Developed your writing skills and you will get to the top. l also started as a writer before venturing into productions.

Javi Toste

I think writing is something I've ever been strong in but never had the courage to go any further with. Never too late though. Thanks for commenting, Kristoferson. Cheers. :)

Hello from Tacoma WA !!!!!

Hello, my name is Mick Flaaen and I hail from the great Northwest city of Tacoma WA. I am a student independent filmmaker. I recently went back to school to become a filmmaker. I received a degree in production design and have transferred to the University of Washington Tacoma campus where I am majo...

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Tony Ginn

Mick! I also live in Tacoma and beside being a Sag-Aftra Member since 1978, I am also a script writer with several scripts written i.e., a Sci Fi, TV Pilot, Detective Story, two Independent Films, Com...

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Kristoferson Lovewell York Sey

l admire your experience in the industry. some of us need to learn more from you.

Hi I'm Peter Prins I'm a Writer & Stand-up Comedian

In High School I was a Computer Geek in fact I was so good with Computers I was voted most likely to be outsourced to India. My Mom is from Sweden and my Dad is from Holland so I grew up in an Ikea crib with a Heineken baby bottle. And of course I'm jealous of people with cool initials because mine are P.P.

Kristoferson Lovewell York Sey

P.P will like to know you more

New trailer up!

Hi everyone! I’m not new here, but I would like to intruduce myself. I’m a film composer from Sweden and now also a filmmaker. I have recently started to create a new horror comedy webseries called Little Shit of Horror, wich I have directed and also composed the music for. It’s a very silly story a...

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I’m an actor, comedian, musician, writer and songwriter in Los Angeles, California. I’m in SAG-AFTRA. I won a stand-up comedy competition at Flappers in Burbank, California and made a Graphic Novel “Hyperdork: Years And Years Of Trauma” (available on Amazon) which has received positive reviews from...

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Jimmy Francis

I also won a best actor award from the Inland Theatre League for playing Billy Bibbit in the play “One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest” and I’ve written a humorous Christmas song that I’d love to do a proper recording & video to release by the end of this year.

Heidi Schussman

Wow, you've been a busy guy!

LindaAnn Loschiavo

Good way to snag a theatrical agent is attend those R.G.s by the Dramatists Guild, etc. All the big agents attend, Folks tell me that's how they made the all-important connection(s) to agents, manager...

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Kristoferson Lovewell York Sey

l am encourage by your achievements.

Film maker / cinematographer / editor

Hi guys, i am so grateful to be here, i don't have a specific title because i am a Gurilla-type Audio-visual professional with 8 years experience in Documentary film, Television Commercial, Music Video etc. i have a certificate in Post-production from Digimation UK college. Been working majorly as a ...

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Kristoferson Lovewell York Sey

You have a story to tell about your country and this is what you can use the medium of documentary to do. l will love to watch what happened in Uganda in that period. Tell the story to the whole world.

I am Captain Chambers...

...I have been a filmmaker for twenty-six years, shooting mostly Super 8mm small format motion picture film. I am an advocate for the art of cinema and celluloid. I am moving into 16mm motion pictures, and I shoot 35mm stills. Digitally, I shoot with a DVX100. I find the festival market to be a bit...

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Sam Borowski

So, "Captain" I sent you a friend request and a message. Get back to me. Sorry to see you gave up a Film Festival, but we should talk.

Kristoferson Lovewell York Sey

Don't be disappointed. strive hard and you will succeed.

Lovewell York Sey Kristoferson

Hi Folks, My name is Lovewell. l have been in the film industry since 1995, worked with other studios before establishing my own company called Afrikul Film Production Network. l am professionally a Playwright and stage Actor. l don't have much projects to my credit due to lack of funding l had previ...

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