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Whether you're new to the site or have been a long standing member of the community, step forward and introduce yourself. And please welcome and support all that do post.

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Catherine Adams

Hi All. Just saying hello on the introduction weekend. Professional Actress for over ten years. Hail from Rep Theatre. Over 25 theatre productions to date and at least 100 film/voice productions. Also a writer and tutor. Please see for full CVs/links/testimonials etc. Currently: Ju ...

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Demo Reel Editor

Hi Everyone! My Name is Carmela. I am a former actress turned editor. My main focus is on demo reels and creating them with the casting professionals and agents in mind. I like getting my clients work and I love staying caught up on what they are doing in their careers. I even wrote an article a lon...

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Looking for Literary Agent

Happy "Introduce Yourself Weekend"!! I've worked in the music industry for over 30 years. I am working now to hone my own creative writing skills. I have finished a screenplay which has been selected as a finalist in a couple contests. Currently working on my second screenplay and a novel. Looking for assistance in pitching....

Tamaryn Tobian

Congrats on making the career shift!

Hi guys!

Hi all, my name is Matt, screen actor from London UK. I have been on here for a while but always looking to say hi and connect with people like myself so hi all.

Tamaryn Tobian

Hi Matt!

Hey-O Everyone.

Hi all you wonderful Stage 32-ers. I'm Tamaryn. I've introduced myself before, but there's always a new crop of people that I haven't said hi to. Hi. I'm am an entertainment publicist and own a Public Relations & Digital Content marketing firm Spectacle Creative Media ( )....

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John Stopa


Kacper Skowron

Hey Tamaryn, Nice to meet you. What's your speciality?

Daejha Milan

Haha I luv that u channeled ur inner Ron Burgundy

Tamaryn Tobian

Kacper, my post doesn't seem to have included all of it (I had an emoji in there and everything after the emoji doesn't show up!) Anyway, I own a film public relations & digital content marketing firm—Spectacle Creative Media.

Tamaryn Tobian

Thanks for the warm Hello, John. Daejha—not trying to, actually. Me just being me.


I am an actress based in Dallas and have had some great opportunities from Miami to Denver, in front of the camera. I am considering a trek to Atlanta and would love any suggestions from other ATL actors. ;)
Happy Networking Y'all!

Y'll Hows life

Been a member since a while and great to read all the introductions. Great people great going. My trailer reel for some entertainment. By the way i am a composer.

Les Edgerton

Hi all, I've been a member for a few years. I'm primarily a novelist but write in other forms as well. Have 20 books published, including novels, craft books on writing (you may be familiar with "Finding Your Voice" and "Hooked"), as well as non-fiction books. I also teach an online novel-writing cl...

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Paul D. Brazill

Les Edgerton is one of the best crime writers working today. Imagine Eddie Bunker crossed with Charles Bukowski.

Afternoon all!

I was born in Hartlepool, England and now live in Bydgoszcz, Poland. I’ve been TEFL teaching for more than a decade. My books include A Case Of Noir, Guns Of Brixton, Too Many Crooks, The Last Laugh, and Kill Me Quick! Oh, and there are a few other tasty snacks that you can find here. My writing ...

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A pleasure to introduce!

Hello everyone! I'm Harrison and I've been a filmmaker in some capacity for 15 years! I just recently finished a short film called "So Here I Am" if you'd like to learn more, please click this link and give us a like: There's a trailer there too! Have a great...

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Actor Puppeteer saying Hi!

Hi, I am an actor, puppeteer, writer. I recently made a short puppetry film called The Fishsticks ( and am planning to make another puppetry short called AppleHead and Cherry ( so once all the model making is done I will be look...

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