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I'm Joe Osborne

Hello I'm Joe, I am a screenwriter with published screenplays on amazon. I am currently taking a break from writing screenplays but have been penning some pilot ideas down, I am trying my hand at novel writing, I am beyond excited to have my screenplays complete and just really am hoping someone out there will take them to the screen.

Allen Lynch

Welcome Joe!

Joe Osborne

lol thanks, been on here for a while just kind of hermitted for a bit

Izzibella Beau

Hey, Joe welcome. Congrats on the published screenplays as well as attempting to write a novel. Both are hard, but with perserverance, you can get it done. What genre will you be writing? et me know if I can help out, I've written eleven novels thus far.

Hope to enjoy this great gathering place

Music Composer - Former recording/performing artist. Reignited my music composition passion in 2015. I'm here to hear, see, learn from the wealth of talent.
*My backyard is literally the Pacific Ocean, Ring of Fire. I'll be playing here every week until the tsunami. ;)

Allen Lynch

Welcome Phil!

Author - English & Español

Even it's a sunny long weekend, I'm here writing (starting the second draft of my new project).
Priorities are priorities.


Hi everyone! I'm Nick Smallwood, and I'm an actor currently living in Tucson, Arizona. I am excited to have been introduced to Stage 32 by two wonderful screenwriters and friends: Philip Sedgwick and Lesley Lillywhite . After gaining experience acting at my community college, as well as in productio...

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Philip Sedgwick

For those of you looking for youthful, millennial talent in Arizona, Nick can act and is a very good guy. An asset on set!

Lesley Lillywhite

To Everyone: The camera loves Nick. To Nick: I think you will find Stage 32 to be a wonderful networking source -- & check Jobs, plus People whom you can connect with. RB & Amanda created a brilliant...

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Aspiring Television and Screen Writer new to Stage 32

Just saying Hi! I have completed two of the suggested three scripts and figure its time to test the waters , so here we go.

Michael Rogers

I added some links on my Profile to some of my work and Twitter page. Hope you check it out!

Allen Lynch

Welcome Michael!

Music Composer and Sound Engineer

Hey everyone! I'm Gregory Nottingham, a music composer and sound engineer from Johannesburg, South Africa. I am passionate about emotion-evoking music, and I look forward to being able to work with you - to create the emotion and feeling you're looking for. I work at a recording studio, and so I have ...

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Allen Lynch

Welcome Gregory!

I'm Tommy Beirne

How you doing? I'm Tommy Beirne, Free Range Screenwriter. Living the dream in HB. I'm a retired diver with the NYPD SCUBA Team. I'm currently taking multiple meetings on my pilot, Harbor Knights, about my life as a diver. As a feature screenplay, Harbor Knights, won the Valley International FF scree...

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Cindy Myskiw

Best of luck, Tommy.

Allen Lynch

Good luck Tommy!

John Guinn

Congrats are in order for you Tommy, good luck

Tommy Beirne

Thank you folks! Read through your profiles and sent friend requests. OMW to my oceanfront office (picnic table) to write. Enjoy this beautiful So. Cal. Sunday!

Hector Massi screenwriter and director

Hello, Im new in Stage 32. I glad to be part of that community. Its excited, and like to be write to movies or tv shows. Thank you Universe.


Aloha from Kaneohe HI. I'm a novelist who joined Stage 32 to learn something about the movie business. Never crossed my mind until some reviewers said they wish they could see a movie of some of the novels or that it would be put in a graphic novel. I decided OK, learn a little in that direction and...

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David M. Salkin

Hi Jerry! Nice to see another writer here!

Robert D. Miles Timestream Pictures

Lots of exciting projects currently underway at Timestream Pictures. A major documentary similar to FASTWALKERS is currently shooting. Also a Hollywood script out to Producers entitled ANN, MARY, and CALICO JACK. I am looking to connect with talent and an experienced director for this major Hollywoo...

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Hi, everyone! It's been a while since I visited. I'm a screenwriter with two completed features, one complete TV pilot and two romantic comedy/dramas in the works, which is the genre I specialize in. I live in Istanbul, Turkey, but I write in English and for a primarily American (and then world) aud...

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Cindy Myskiw

congrats of the writing, Pinar.

Allen Lynch

Welcome back Pinar!

John Guinn

Hello Pinar,I hope all is great with you and progress is coming easy for you.I would love to read you TV Pilot, and your other work if that is possible.

David P Perlmutter

Hi Pinar, I'm an author who writes true stories and social media marketing books for authors. I have written 11 books, all self-published and one with a publishing company, called Wrong Place Wrong ti...

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Hi Everyone! I have been amiss from this place but glad to return. Just finished filming a feature film my first actually, had a short film shown about town and at fest to some rave reviews. Looking to just keep moving forward telling stories of characters. Any film makers who need an actress to pus...

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Laura Bednarski

Thanks Ben!

Vincent Paterno

Very good. I'm a writer who specializes in comedy features (particularly romantic comedy), so if you like that genre, please keep in touch.

Laura Bednarski

Yes Vincent that sounds great!

David P Perlmutter

Good luck Laura. I'm an author who writes true stories. Anyway, great to hook up.

Laura Bednarski

Would love to hear them some time! Thanks for the connection.