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Hi from Nadia

Hi, I just thought I'd join the Introducing Weekend. I'm Nadia. I compose music and write lyrics. Wishing everyone a very happy Sunday and a fantastic and productive Autumn. One of my piano students said to me that he heard of an interesting experiment: The audience was shown a movie without the music ...

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Happy weekend and hello. I'm a writer/director based in the UK and currently I'm looking for a producer to help me make my first indie feature.

Enjoy whats rest of the weekend.

Looking for people to help me with a charity concert?

Hi everyone! Just wanted to see hi to the community. I'm looking for people at the moment who would want to help me contact promoters for a festival. If the show goes ahead, you'll be given two VIP passes to the shows.


Owner of Adult Film Festival Lv

Just wanted to say Hi. I'm new here. Not looking for new talent, a boyfriend, dates or to give anyone a job. Literally just wanted to say Hi n see what this community is about

Randall Reese

Well, hi back!

Dayna Burnworth

Hi! How's your weekend?

John Stopa

Hello! Would love to know more about your film festival....

Daejha Milan

John u have mail My Dear.

Richard Barton-Thrift

It's all about filmmaking.


I write...a lot. Just wanted to say HI and start earnestly working on getting my writing "out there", giving and receiving feedback, and seeing where this journey of words might lead.

Nicole Wagemann

Hello , Nice to meet you. Welcome to stage 32 hope you enjoy it!

Kacper Skowron

hey nice to meet you ;) Just keep pushing.

Daejha Milan

What do u write?

Hello from Me

My name is John Stopa and I am a filmmaker working on my second feature film, A FEW DETAILS ABOUT ME. You can find out about the film by going to (I'd love it if you also sign up for the newsletter.) I am based in eastern Ontario, Canada - an hour outside of Ottawa. My producti...

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Stacey Maddox

Very nice to meet you as well.

Dale Reynolds

Hello, John I am Dale Reynolds, an American screenwriter in London. I have a screenplay that may interest you. STAYING WITH FRIENDS should be set in Nova Scotia. It would feature four principle actors...

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Hello from Max Leonida!

So... we should introduce ourselves, right...? And here I am: Max Leonida, film & TV writer and director. I have recently won the L.A. Shorts Film Festival with "A Very Lovely Dress": And the last week of September 2017 I'll be in Texas as the Chair & ...

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Dayna Burnworth


Stacey Maddox

Congratulations! That's huge!

Kacper Skowron

Congrats Max it seems you are on the roll. If you ever wanted to connect with a DP here in LA just hit me up... once again best of luck.

Qazi Fabia Hoq

Congrats! I am sure you must be so excited. Good luck with everything!

Cinematographer- Kacper Skoworn

Looking for talented directors/ producers that have a great vision and are go getters... If you are serious let's get stuff made :)   I have shot features, shorts, documentaries, commercials, music videos and so on. Feel free to check my IMDB or pleas...

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Michael Savage Aka Sirtony

just saw the is a special intro update site ...have a great journey...


Hey I really enjoy this site! Check several times per day. Met many great people and learn about different projects. So much talent. Love to chat with anyone, I'm learning...

Live from Boise, ID!

Although technically that's not true as I am writing this while in the studio of KXGV-LP 98.5fm in Crouch, ID, engaged in one of my other passions besides writing, spinning blues tunes on the radio! I moved to Idaho from New York in 2011 and landed a small, speaking role in a SAG film being shot in E ...

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Dayna Burnworth

Hi Randall, welcome!

Gary Smiley

Hi Randall, nice to see a post from Idaho. Never heard of Crouch, must be really small. Your part of the state is really booming, though. I'm on the other side (East Idaho). Here since 1977-78, many many times in Boise.

Re-Intro For Me!

Hey, Everyone! I'm an L.A. screenwriter hoping to connect with people and get sh*t made! My IMDB credits are here: I haven't been on here much but I'm gonna make a real effort to connect more with all of you. Cheers!...

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Stacey Maddox

Good evening! I've also promised myself to network and make more connections here. There are so many aspects to learn about the industry.

All Out of Bubblegum in Iowa

Hi, everybody! I'm a screenwriter who focuses on horror and fantasy. I'm looking for likeminded people, or not likeminded people to keep it even more interesting, to link up with. I have a few features and a couple of pilots under my belt and I'm looking to elevate the work I have and crank out a fe...

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Devasandhan Nair

Hi, Andrea! Greetings from Mumbai, India. Would love to get acquainted with you and your kind of work. I love fantasy genres. I have recently written one which has the soul of Kubrick and Nolan. Would...

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Stacey Maddox

Hey Andrea! How exciting to se another horror writer!

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