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Screenwriter/E-Course Writer/Blogger/Dance Fitness Instructor

Hi I'm Gayle Herbert Robinson, and 2019 is what I'm calling my breakthrough year. I'm breaking away from what's comfy, and getting into the , oh my gosh am I really doing this!' zone. We all know screenwriting is not for the faint at heart, but my heart just got anI can do this shot. I'm relaunching...

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J. Alexander Guidry
Hello Fellow Community Members!

I am a filmmaker, writer, photographer, teacher, and creative entrepreneur. Currently, I am based in Dallas-Fort Worth, and servicing both DFW and Austin, Texas.

This month, I am happy to announce my first commercial script has been picked up by Austin-based Academy-qualified Director Christine Chen...

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Ginny Monroe MA

Congratulations, what an achievement with your first commercial script. Ginny

J. Alexander Guidry

Thanks Ginny Monroe MA I appreciate your kind words and support!

Timothy James Sudano
Allow me to Re-Introduce myself, and Upate you on what I'm doing.

I know I go by a long full name, but call me Tim.

I have been on S32 since 2014, but only became more recently active because my life got terribly busy for while. I love this forum. It has lots of good people, who are are very insightful.

I have been developing and am now moving into Pre-Production on...

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Ginny Monroe MA

Hi Tim, FYI, I am in England, so I have a time delay on Stage32. When you are ready just message me. It is best, that I read-over the draft marketing for your project. Ginny

Timothy James Sudano


I listened to some of your stuff. I REALLY dig your jazzy drum work.

Timothy James Sudano


Fantastic duos and Orchestrations!

Enzo de Rosa

:-) You are so gentle!

Kerry Kennard

Thanks,Tim. apprec. it. Need any tunes in your scenes ? PM later. Hope all is good in your world. KK

Jason Farley
Nice to meet you.

Hey there everyone. My name is Jason Farley, I’m a writer trying to shift to screenwriting as my main gig. My interests swirl around classical literature, history, and character driven storytelling. Stage 32 has been an amazing learning platform for me and I am hoping to use the connection building platforms more and more.

Brandon Batts
Music Producer/Major Distribution and Publishing deals...

Greetings Im Brandon .Im the Ceo Of GorillaParkMusic .Im a Music Producer/Songwriter/Publisher/Distributer.Im looking to get into scoring projects as well as helping Independent film makers ,authors,and anyone looking too. Publish or distribute your projects,Please feel free to add me ....

Socorro Jones
Revved Up!

Hey Awesome Artists, Visionaries & Craftsmen!! My name is Socorro but you can call me Soco! I am a Producer, Casting Director, Location Manager and a Dramatic, Comedic & Commercial Actress with other special skills that I hope to share with you on or off Set!! Love to get it done and get that Dream...

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Urban Bergsten

Know the feeling. After every completed project I am always left empty. Separation angst from the filming family is only one reason. The void that opens up, if you do not have something more or less b...

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Aray Brown

Pleasure to meet you Socorro Jones

Eric L. Williams

Nutty or not, I know where you're coming from. From college to present-day, I always need some time at the end of every project to recover from the high. Only my fellow actors ever understood. I think...

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Enzo de Rosa

Hi Soco, welcome and best wishes for your projects!


Jon-Mark Hurley

What a wonderful name!

Stephen Morgan-MacKay
An Updatte

Add my name to the "been-a-while" list.

Strangely enough, been VERY busy working as a Dramaturg and Script Doctor. Just finished working on a feature length spec being pitched in India (had NO IDEA that India had never produced a feature length sci-fi before!).

Currently working with a client who is p...

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Jon-Mark Hurley


Rich Cook
Looking forward to writing again …

I joined Stage 32 maybe a year ago or a bit more but haven’t been very active. Recently, I’ve been considering getting back into screenwriting. I currently run a small fiction publishing business and have a bunch of stories that’d make great movies, either shorts or feature length.

Running the busine...

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Pamela Bolinder

Hello Rich! Welcome to Stage 32. I think most of us have to become very good time managers! Jump in and collaborate!

Rich Cook

Yep. Going to be spending more time here in a regular basis, for sure!

Anthony Keetch
London-based actor

Actor/writer with over 30 years of experience. I took a sabbatical from the business due to being a carer for my partner, but now back, albeit currently agent-less.

Clive Lukover
Composer for film and TV

Hello, I am a composer for film and TV. I have had many placements of my music in drama, promos, comedy, animations and advertising. I am open to working with any productions requiring a professional score from simple lyrical piano to full orchestral hybrid themes. I would love to bring your product...

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Jon-Mark Hurley

I'm a great singer if you ever need a song demo-ed.

Derek Johnson

Hey friends! I am looking to connect with people working on both commercial and Narrative work. I run a boutique production company based in Seattle Wa. I can travel anywhere to work! My role in the company is DP and Director. I look forward to connecting with you soon. Check out my new website: www...

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Dj Nuclear
Greetings All

I'm DJ aka DJ Nuclear, i'm a DJ, a&r, manager, music director, music promoter, producer, songwriter, marketing, promotion GURU, basically I wear many many more hats within the industry, and creator of Technology . I'm always seeking artists to help them make their dreams come true.

Dj Nuclear

Appreciate it, hopefully we can maximize this platform and make a difference... :)

Pamela Bolinder

Dj: A big hello to you and welcome!

Lillian S. Cauldwell

I'm interested in what you're saying. Welcome to the group. Please take a look at my info, and let's discuss. I'm involved in many projects as well. Best, Lillian

Jon-Mark Hurley


Ginny Monroe MA

Hi Dj Nuclear, what a awesome 'DJ ' name. The name is so very powerful! Ginny

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