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Cecilia Mwende Maundu
Film producer

Hello, greetings from Nairobi, Kenya. Am cecilia Maundu, a producer director and a world traveler. Film is my first love, am also a lecturer, I lecture different units on film production. Am currently working on a documentary on digital ID’s

Am very privileged and humbled to be here.

Florence Nahon
Hello!! I'm a prolific writer of romance, suspense and fiction. I am French, I live in Spain and write in English....I have 5 Award Winning Scripts and I am seeking a serious Producer. .

I just finished a SF screenplay and I think it won't be long before we see that story on the screens. It's a great story so contact me if you think you would like to business together. Thank you !

Susan Joyce DuBosque

Good luck Florence! Congrats on 5 Award winners! Bravo!

C.D. Peterson
C. D. Peterson

I'm converting my book "Home Front" to a screenplay. Stage 32 is very helpful. I have a challenge because a secondary antagonist is the aftermath of WWII, not a person. It's a coming of age story, and also a farewell to a way of life that has been forever. I'm working on it!!

Susan Joyce DuBosque

Sounds interesting.A coming of age and understanding. Good luck!

Dane Johnson
Portland Film Festival Followup - Entertainment Law

Hi everyone! Met a number of great producers and directors at the Portland Film Festival here in beautiful rainy Oregon this past week! We had some terrific panels talking indie financing and distribution. If you weren't there, our boutique entertainment law firm would still love to connect! You can...

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Mark Brine

I am a Folk-Trad.-Country & Blues Music Artist.. w/ several film-worthy projects. 1. a Rough screenplay for my Novel "The Book of Odes (Factory Boy)" , 2. An Animated Winter (Christmas into Easter) Epic work ("The Carol") & some Documentary (full length) footage re: Trad-Country Music (already filme...

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Nkosi Roma

Hey Stage 32!

My name is Nkosi. I am a storyteller at heart and have had a love for movies since I was a kid. From the vhs video cameras to now, I’ve held onto my dream of becoming a Feature film director of my own original scripts.

I took the journey of finishing my first narrative feature, a histori...

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Rob Gracie
Photographer/Aspiring Screenwriter

Check in every once and while but this is my first "Introduce Yourself".

Been busy with my photography on the west side of Toronto. Mostly head-shots, some real estate, and anything that challenges me. Getting into cinematic video lately and just purchased a gimble for my 5D mk4. Plus I'm always lea...

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James Klima

I create and produce content for our internet tv channel “tv Free Baltimore”. We also rent space and film; edit, and produce programs for others. I host interview programs. I am available as a singer,actor, and voice over artist. I am looking to work and collaborate with other creatives to help make our mutual dreams come true.

Steve McNamara
A voice in the antipodes....

Hi I’m Steve Mc from Melbourne, Australia... I’m a Voice Talent, I copywrite, I edit, produce and master my own work and would be more than happy to assist on anything to might have in the works : )

Pleased to meet you all... You can find me at

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Voiceover Talent | Moorabbin | Melbourne | Victoria | Steve Mc Media
Voiceover Talent | Moorabbin | Melbourne | Victoria | Steve Mc Media
Local Voiceover Talent and Copywriter in Moorabbin, Melbourne, Victoria Steve Mc Media, Professional Quality Media Production Studio and Copywriting service.
An update to my earlier introduction

Update: "A Cold Blue Killer" is done and in finished manuscript form. Two special operations soldiers from Philadelphia must find a friend's murderer and figure out who released chemical agents off the coast of New Jersey. I'm researching the proper process to acquire an agent for this one. Also rec...

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Susan Joyce DuBosque
Hola from Uruguay! Great to be part of this sharing creative group!

A globe-trotter and perpetual dreamer, I left the US at age 20 to see the world. Planned a one-year adventure, but ended up living my 20s and 30s in Europe and the Middle East. After surviving a war in Cyprus in 1974 and a monsoon in the Indian Ocean, I reflected on the extraordinary roller coaster...

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Joni Gilbert
Joni D Gilbert - Screenwriter

Hi All - 

Jumping in to say hi! Actively marketing my current script (just received a Recommend from coverage - YEAH!) and working on 2 other projects. 

. Would love to build my network here - filmmakers, directors, producers, actors!

Mark Furney

Hi Joni - I see from your LinkedIn page that you've done a lot of ScreenWritingU classes. I've taken several myself, but haven't done the 6 month certificate. Hal does some great work !

I've done a lo...

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