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Ali Murtaza
New @ Stage 32

Hey Guys, I am a content creator and producer based out of Pakistan. I have developed a episodic series and looking for referrals/guidance to go through the right process here onwards in order to pitch it to TV and Networks. Any expert opinion/ideas ?

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Wen D. Johnson
I want to become a filmmaker!

Hey, guys! I'm Wen D. Johnson (not a real name, by the way) and I'm here at Stage 32 because I read on somewhere on the internet that this is a good place to show people what you can do.

Well, I'm learning (and still have to learn) a lot of things about filmmaking and since I don't have money to affo...

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Clevie J Padmore
New to Stage32

Hey, I'm Clevie J Padmore and I'm from the beautiful island of Barbados. I'm sort of new here and I'm into the acting and screenwriting. I've done theater in my hometown but i want to do more and looking to join film industry through my writing. I'm currently working on a pilot tv spec script and i...

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Rocko Desvan
It's me, Rocko!

Rodrigo D. Márquez (Rocko) has a BA in Communication from UP/GDL. Writer & director of a dozen short films, standing out “For Love”/11, “Nevertheless, it’s beautiful”/12 (Oaxaca, Lucerne), “Tropes of longing”/15 (Tequila International Film Fest) and “After Dark”/18 (Guadalajara International Film Fe...

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Lorna Yvonne
Hi my name is Lorna the Brit, director, producer, writer actor

The question is whats on my mind funding, funding, funding, hahaha and when I'm not thinking about funding i'm sleeping

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Claudia Najjar
Anime series needs to be on screen

Hi all, I have a fairytale anime series (The Tally & and N. D.) ready for production. The story has never been told before as it is a forgotten fairytale in our culture.

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Yves Schiepek
Remote Video Editor

Hi, I'm a Video Editor (currently based in Thailand) and would like to offer my services.

In need of paid work, but if you have great film footage I'd also be happy to do a project or two for free. Here's a trailer I edited:

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Pam Schwetz
New Here

Hi everybody,

I am interested in songwriting collaboration. I am a poet/lyricist. I also love to play around with loops and do remix contests. i have lots of music online all over the place. I have a facebook note with links to all my online poetry and music that is a pinned tweet on my twitter @pamschwetz

Roland Fahnbulleh Jr
Hello all.

My name is Roland, I'm what I like to call a Creative Tech. I have a strong back ground in Audio but have been making and editing video for quite a while. I have currently ventured in to film and photography. I naturally love being behind the camera, I always have since I was a child. I'm always loo...

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Kimberly Jentzen
Acting Coach - Writer/Director

Hi Everyone, I'd just like to say hi to you all. Please do reach out to me as I'd like to get to know you. I'm an award winning director, writer and acting coach. Have a film in the festivals right now... just finished a feature script and I really love to create and collaborate! My email is info@ki...

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William Hare
Freelance Writer

I am a movie historian and have books published in that area, including one relating to the influence of Los Angeles as a natural environment for film noir to flourish. It is good to be with you and hello to all. All the best, Bill

Mark Schaefer
Owner / Director


I just wanted to say hello and and introduce myself. We produce our own content and license shorts 5-15 minutes long for our Youtube channel. Please check out our channel and please give us a subscribe and a like. It really helps our independent youtube channel.


Mark Schaefer


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