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I'm Back

Hey ya'll, I'm not exactly new here, I've been inactive on here for the past year because I've been extremely busy with lots of projects mostly going on here in Austin. BUT...I'm back now and I've updated my profile with new photos, videos and BIO! So come check me out and let's connect :) ~Gabi~ Actress/Model/Influencer


Check out the trailer for the pilot episode of my screenplay, "President's Club". If you like it, check out the full episode at Have a great day!

Art on a Ukulele !

Hi there, just letting you know that I am taking part in Art on a Plectrum which is part of #artonaukulele and #artonapostcard to raise money for the The Hepatitis C Trust in the UK. We're hoping to eliminate Hepatitis C by the year 2030 :) I've created some Aaiyyanist paintings on a plectrum whic ...

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"Creare la bellezza"

Hi, I'm Enzo De Rosa from Montreal. I’ m music composer & pianist. Enthusiasm and passion are my best skills!I hope that our interests can meet each other. I would love to collaborate for your films and visual projects. Ciao!!Enzo

Bev Standing - Voice Talent

Hey y'all - I'm Bev and I am a voice actor with many years experience. I am non-union at this point and have worked with clients all over the world. One of the really cool thing about this career. If you are someone who works on explainer, corporate, how-to, elearning/training videos - I'm your gal....

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Drummer in Foundry (Band)

A sales and entertainment entrepreneur with 15+ years of experience, Marc Brattin understanding of both new and old school marketing tactics keep FACET on the cutting edge of online and traditional marketing trends. Drummer at Foundry (Band).

Just saying Hi, hope you have a blessed week!

Hello, My name is Harlan I'm 1 year in chasing the dream, in a small theatre production, did a few small things. Found out I really like improv, and I like the family atmosphere of theatre. I still chase with a open heart, mind full of optimism, humble confidence, and the goal to make the world feel ...

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Foreign Actress in China

Hello Stage32! I'm Ashley, an actress currently living in China. I'm teaching English as a foreign language to children at the moment but my contract will be ending in September. I'm in the process of deciding if it would be worth it to stay in China for a while and try out the industry here. If any...

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I am a film director/producer based in Montreal

Hi everyone, I am a film director and producer based in Montreal, Canada. I own Porcovete Pictures together with my wife Vanda Ciuban Serban - it is one of our babies. We have two other babies (10 and 5 years old now), so we don't spend a lot of time making movies, but when we do we are very serious....

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Complete noob in Tampa with a lot of grit and potential

Hi, my name is Steve. I have a wild imagination, an interest in directing and screenwriting, and I currently work in IT. I also run a local filmmaking meetup group in Tampa. I have several ideas for films but right now I want to make short films about random things such as an Edgar Wright tooling up...

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Hello, it's me

Hey, y'all. Just sending a quick hello to everyone out there. I've been on S32 for awhile now and have met some great people out there that have impacted me greatly. Their knowledge is irreplaceable and opinions are ones that I trust wholeheartedly. Anyhoo, I'm an author, screenwriter, and soon to b...

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