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Freelance Video Editor

Hello world, my name is Samuel Ojo, I am a freelance video editor, I am looking forward to meeting great people who love film making. Nothing gives me joy than making beautiful films.

Unit L/M TV pilot

Hey folks, my name is Tomas Boykin. I'm an Actor/Producer/Writer. My partners and I are pleased to announce that we are officially in pitch mode. That's right, all we're lookin' to do at this point is get in the room and close the deal. Our project is entitled Unit L/M which is a gripping episodic a...

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My first name is Noel.

I was born and raised in Africa and have witnessed its wildlife diminish at an alarming rate - thanks to man's greed, it is unsustainable. Let's all do our part in bringing awareness to the problem, and give it the attention, protection and funding it deserves.

A new Vlog: My Guide Andrew

Hi I have started a new vlog called My Guide Andrew I am responsible for all elements of the vlog so far. I'm interested in ramping up production values and making very exciting films entertaining and most importantly helping people who are visiting the UK and mainland Europe. If you like what I do...

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Hey folks! Just a guy in LA hanging with his bright computer screens in a dark room, makin' some noise. I've been running around in this biz a few years, scored over 40 short films (is there such thing as too many? I've begun to wonder....nahhhh bring 'em on!), just finished my 5th feature, and have...

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Hi, everyone, I hope your night is filled with smiles. My name is Kristina and I have been part of Stage 32 for a couple years. It is amazing group to be part of.

Hi there!

HI there, my name is Jason and I am very grateful to be a part of this vibrant community. Mainly I am an actor, however I also have some experience as a PA as well as location scouting. Feel free to poke around my page and if you think you may have something I would be a fit for let me know.

The One You Should Take A Risk On

I’m a writer born, raised, and residing in South Central Los Angeles. I write comedy, dramas, and thrillers, but I’m really passionate about horror movies. I’m looking forward to becoming the first black woman to corner the horror market. As much as I write and apply to festivals, I feel like I’m la...

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Irish Fantasy Author

Hi all - I'm an author, and have written three books so far in an Irish fantasy series called The McGunnegal Chronicles for Middle Grade to Young Adult. Currently working on book #4.

I suck at introductions;

But I am slowly trying to break out of my wannabe shell in so that I may overcome. "I write for me! " I tell myself as I tip-tap-type on my keyboard. Crap! I just missed yet another contest entry date. OK, so I haven't won any awards. I guess missing deadlines is a good enough reason not to win. OK...

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The kid who wanted to be everything

How else to do that but through film - especially with all that home movie equipment lying around?! If only today's technology existed when I was a child, I could have done so much more with what my imagination was creating. Now I can and have a lot of catching up to do. At the same time, I am looki...

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I'm an improv guy. In fact, I'm improvising this message

Hi Stage 32 people! My name is Dan Jablons, and I have been a Stage 32 member for a while. I also have been doing improv for a long time. Like 30 years, geez. I even wrote a blog post that's here on Stage 32. Check out: This y ...

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