Anything Goes : From "The Princess Bride" by Ardua de Potomac

Ardua de Potomac

From "The Princess Bride"

"Inconceivable!" Everybody who loves this movie recognizes that quote immediately! And the people who have not seen it have no idea why others having started laughing.

Samantha Belle Armistead

My choir director had never seen this movie, and we all were so surprised! We told him he needed to watch it and then prove to us that he had seen it - he'd know how. He walks into the next meeting and looks around the now silent room and yells, "INCONCEIVABLE!" It was beautiful.

Ardua de Potomac

Perfect! Speaking of singing, it would make a great musical, wouldn't it?

Samantha Belle Armistead

Oh my gracious it would! Right beside Spamalot!

Alan Wood

Anybody want a peanut?

Emile Bertrand

Not only do I know it but I can hear him saying it.

Kyle Hester

This word......I do not think it means what you think it means.........

Kevin Patrick McCarthy

"We are men of action. Lies do not become us." Written by the great William Goldman.

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