Anything Goes : Movie: Shutter Island by Karizma Rose

Karizma Rose

Movie: Shutter Island

I am completely obsessed with the eloquent work of art that is Leonardo DiCaprio. I admire his dedication to his roles as well as the general charm that comes of whenever he is on screen. With that said my movie quote comes from the film : Shutter Island. QUOTE: "Which would be worse - to live as a monster, or to die as a good man?"

Fleurette M Van Gulden

I fell asleep on shutter island and never saw its ending. Say ten times. It keeps pulling me back in. Will double on my coffee next viewing.

Brian Shell

Die as a good man... your soul will then have much more Peace.

Owen Mowatt

Sadly, it took me all of five minutes to figure out what was going on, so didn't really enjoy the ride. Di Caprio has been begging for an Oscar for the last ten years. Feel he does deserve one though.

Debbie Croysdale

Yes your right Shutter Island was a good film, and Di Caprio a passionate actor. However, I wanted the end to have a more gritty climax, eg cliff face fight between Psychiatrist and patient, total mayhem where island is obliterated by fire etc. It felt sad and empty, that after sitting through the whole film, he is probably going to be quietly carted off for a lobotomy.

Owen Mowatt

Hey, wait. Why have the walls started closing in on me? Why has it gone all dark....oh I know.......SPOILERS!!! LOL!

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