On Writing : Adaptation or Original Idea by Glen Kinnaird

Glen Kinnaird

Adaptation or Original Idea

So, here we are again. Surfing the internet, looking for networking opportunities left and right. Maybe we are killing time until that "moment" of inspiration hits us and you open Word or Final Draft to pen the next award winning script or book. When you are first getting your idea to start a writing project, give me a one word answer if you read this post. Are you adapting someone else's work or are you writing an original story? I'm working on an original story and have been taking Youtube courses from Top Fiction writers and also reading a lot of Fantasy to give me ideas and inspiration. I'd like to know what my fellow writers here think about these two forms. When you post, I will ask you why you chose to adapt or write from your own creative mind.

Cherrye Vasquez, Ph.D.

My answer is adapt a book into a play, Glen? Why? The book is already written. All you have to do is work closely with the author. That's me (smile). As the author, I'd get a percentage of the royalties and get to market my book, and of course as the adapter of the play, you'd get your fair percentage. The audience is already there - school children all over. School buses rolling into the theatre. Imagine that, Glen. Here goes -- I have just the right book for you titled, "Clique, Clique, STOP" I can just see this as a stage play OR a traveling play into the schools. Teachers are looking for thematic lessons centered on diversity and bullying issues for social skills lessons. With so much in the news about bullying, this would be a great work. You can go on my website to learn more about my book AND watch the book trailer. Interesting book if I have to say so myself (smile). Here's my website address: http://www.BooksThatSow.com Let me know what you think, okay?

Peter Bilodeau

Since I'm largely a non-fiction kind of guy, my idea of an original story is one's own story. As a writer, you can take someone else's real story and can be sure it's original. Chances are, if you create a fictional original story, either someone else has already thought of it (you may have been the first to put it in writing, so you can take credit for it), or it is such pure fantasy that no one else could have possibly thought of it. I have my doubts that such fantasy would sell well. In my area, I like to report on others' ideas and add my own spin. So that must make me a very adaptable guy.

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