On Writing : Advice to Author Client seeking Literary Agent? by David M. Adler

David M. Adler

Advice to Author Client seeking Literary Agent?

Hi All, not sure if this is the best place to post. I have a client who has written several novels and seeks the assistance of a literary agent. The genre is generally "action thriller." Any directions/resources/referrals are greatly appreciated!

Jed Power

David, Have they already been indie-published? I have a similar issue-- I have adapted the first novel in my 8-book Dan Marlowe/Hampton Beach ,NH Crime Series into a completed 0ne-hour Pilot (easily adapted into a feature.) I would like to find representation for this and other completed works I have. Good Luck. /I'm sure you will get good tips here. Best, Jed.

D.E. White

Hi David, your client would need to submit to any literary agents he is interested it. Best place to start is Googling and checking out their websites. Curtis Brown maybe? My own agency reps a few action thrillers: The Kate Nash Literary Agency I think the action thrillers are Justin Nash.

David M. Adler

Good advice. Thanks for the comments.

Sam Sokolow

I recommend this Stage 32 class taught by literary agent Audrey Knox - this can helpful in figuring out how to navigate this process: https://www.stage32.com/classes/Stage-32-Screenwriting-Class-How-to-Bett...

D.E. White

That's a really good point Sam Sokolow - David is your client looking for a literary agent or a literary manager?

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